Re:Monster Chapter 29.1

Re:Monster Chapter 29.1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 29.1
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Page 1


P1A: Suddenly, Rusty wants to leave the Knight and join our mercenary group

P1B: Look like his loyalty to the Empire is not very strong

P2A: In the place he grew up, fighting was a daily hobby. The reason why he served the Empire is….

P2B: Because the previous Leader of the Knight was strong and Rusty lost to that guy

P2C: Yet that Leader of the Knight has died in battle long ago.

P2D: Serving the strong is nothing new…

P3A: But the new Leader of the Knight is a useless noble. He got this position simply because of his connections.

P3B: Funnily, that new guy has passed away due to an irrelevant cause. He was crushed by a rock.

P3C: The army was reformed. Promotion was given to nobles because of this new Leader of the Knight.


Page 2


P1A: Rusty comrades was transferred to other units

P1B: He still remained here. Due to his strength, he was promoted to Deputy Commander

P2A: At that position, he cant simply walk away. So he trained his troops hard

P2B: The men under him was competent even if they served the Empire

P2C: Rusty worked hard, training the new nobles and subordinates

P2D: But he is just a commoner in the end. As if the nobles are willing to obey him

P3A: Anyway, I really don’t want to stay in the Knight anymore

P3B: So when I met you guys, I already thought about quitting


Page 2


P1A: So fate has brought me to you

P1B: I will not be a burden so use me as you see first

P2A: With the “Slave Collar” on, you cant lie

P2B: Everything he said must be honest

P2C: And there is nothing be discussed about his strength

P3: Human or Elf, I can always use some strong subordinates


Page 3


P1A: Orgarou, are we going to hunt this afternoon ?

P1B: Wonder what should we hunt ?

P1C: No, I will go hunt alone this time.

P1D: In that time, I want you to train more.

P2A: Which mean Rusty will be your sparring partner from now

P2B: Train well, there are things I cannot teach you myself

P2C: Eh, Ex – Empire troop ?

P2D: Should a guy this good waste his time on me ?

P2E: This guy will be my direct subordinate from now on.

P2F: His first job is to train Redhead


Page 4


P1A: What I cant teach is Combat Arts

P1B: In this world, Combat Arts….

P2A: And Jobs are relate to each other. There are skills that can and cannot be used with different Job

P2B: Redhead can use 6 Combat Arts now.

P2C: She still flee a lot though


“Job – Warrior”


  • Slash
  • Shield Bash
  • Stab
  • Rush


“Job – Noire Soldier”


  • Fall
  • Versatile


P3A: With “Warrior”, “Knight:, “Monk” and “Templar Knight”, Rusty got over 70 Combat Arts

P3B: Redhead is also a “Warrior” so this training may bring some good results

P3C: I heard about you through Orgarou, try your best

P3D: Sure, I will

P3E: I ay even ask Rusty to teach me some Combat Arts later


Page 5


Day 76


P1A: This place got lots minerals, Asue – chan

P1B: Really ?

P1C: Minerals in here ? How strange…

P2A: Uhm…

P2B: This feeling…

P2C: Where is it…


Page 6



P2A: What happen, Asue ?

P2B: Intruders ?

P2C: That is a loud bang

P2D: I don’t know what to tell you guys

P3A: I don’t understand…From the rock…

P3B: How water keep pouring in


Page 7


P1A: Hot spring ?

P1B: Great, a hot spring deep in a cave will be fun

P1C: Have you check the water quality ?

P2A: Asue hit a hot spring in this morning dig which attract lots of attention

P2B: Not to mention to other people

P2C: Even some of my friends didn’t know this a gift from God

P3A: With the hot spring, showering is much easier

P3B: The hot spring may even heal us

P3C: Well who care it’s the geography or the mineral

P3D: What with that get up ?

P3E: You are building a house ?

P3F: Asue chan, me and some Black Skeleton are about to build something big


Page 8


P1A: Using the excess personnel, we have achieved very high efficiency

P1B: And the place is done that night

P2A: This is hot spring with appropriate facilities as promised

P2B: Its name the “Bathhouse”

P2C: Everybody please use it according to the rules

P3A: There are the mix bath, male – female separated bath and the top brass bath

P3B: There are some openings though, especially toward the mountain surface

P3C: But there are obscuring boulders and very steep cliff

P3D: As a precaution, we have set traps at possible approaches


Page 9


P1A: After a long day and dinner is the relaxing time in the bathhouse

P1B: Ah hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

P1C: Wonder what other people think ?

P2A: Hey you still there ?

P2B: This guy mind totally in the clouds


Page 10


P1A: Talking about the spring

P1B: After we have dig through it, we drank and checked the water

P1C: Healing, improving recovery rate, regeneration,…….Astonishing effects to any human

P2: There is a lot sulphur but with the air circulation system, its offer little problem

P3A: Look like I still not fully exploit this spring usefulness.

P3B: Better think about how to set up a feet dibbing section or a bath under a fall.

P3C: Its truly a treasure from the ground so many thanks to Asue chan

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