Re:Monster Chapter 29.2

Re:Monster Chapter 29.2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 29.2
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Page 1


Part 1A: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Part 1B: Somebody, help us………..

Part 2A:…….Survivors ?

Part 2B: Being pursued by monsters……….All will be killed at this rate……….

Part 2C: They onto us! Try to hold them back!

Part 2D: Attention, the first line priority is to protect the survivors!


Page 2


Part 1A: The enemies have retreated, now………

Part 1B: Are you all ok? Report immediately is somebody is wounded………


Page 3


Part 1A: Dammit……another raid?

Part 1B: Don’t move. Calm down, you idiot!

Part 1C: How can we calm down at a time like this?

Part 1D: Good………..Everything is going smoothly

Part 1E: The objective of this time is to target their support unit.

Part 2A: The Human has begun to suspect a leak from the inside due to 2 surprised raids

Part 2B: So they retreated and re-planned their strategy

Part 2C: Because of numerous Elf traps, they only use the road

Part 2D: These are 10 male slaves of ours. Disguised as “Survivors being pursued”, they quickly sneaked in the enemy line




Subordinates: Human slaves x 10


Enemy: Human troops of the Supply Unit x 600


Part 3A: Those slaves are unnecessary to us, they were either jobless or outright useless

Part 3B: And that is how a “part” of our unit can snuck in, disturbed enemy movement and halted them completely. Quite a unique tactic


Page 4


Part 1: After we pinned them down, we kept attacking and ordering the slaves to sabotage from the inside

Part 2A: What……..

Part 2B: What is that?

Part 2C: What the hell is going on?

Part 2D: Ahhhhhh


Page 5


Part 1A: The survivors (Our slaves that snuck in) scattered the Burst Seed – a product from me and The Alchemist

Part 1B: Made from Oil Grass and Burst Fruit of this forest which contain explosive material inside

Part 1C: The smoke of the explosion may also cause the victim to be confused and disoriented if inhaled.

Part 2A: Creating a lethal explosion with hypnotizing smoke

Part 2B: The chance that the users can hurt themselves by this is high. So it’s a double edged sword

Part 2C: But no matter, the slaves are disposable pawns and we can still use their bodies anyway.

Part 2D: After about 300 explosions, I’ve instructed Asue-chan group to dig under the enemy……..

Part 2E: To collapse the ground and sow confusion among them so that they can’t retreat


Page 6


Part 1A: Between the smoke and the collapsing ground, obviously they can’t move around well

Part 1B: And then we quickly follow with a rain of arrow and magic, the job has been mostly done.

Part 2A: To this point there probably no need to be cautious of our enemies

Part 2B: I ordered the back line to come forward and fight which they did with all their hearts

Part 2C: I also used “Job – Minstrel” and “Red Crystal’s Tone”. The sound from voice and the instrument enhanced our troops and degraded the enemy


Abilities used: “Job – Minstrel”, “Red Crystal’s Tone”


Page 7


Part 1A: Before the enemy receives any form of support.……..

Part 1B: We must finish this quickly and decidedly……..

Part 1C: With no mercy till the very end, until the plan is done.

Part 2A: About the casualties on our side, of the 10 slaves, 3 were killed and 5 were wounded. That’s it.

Part 2B: To show the appreciation to the 3 slaves that died, we ate their dismembered bodies. The taste was awful though.

Part 2C: On the enemy side, treating the wounded would be problematic so I eat them all if I have the chance

Part 2D: You killed them then it’s your responsibility to eat them.

Part 2E: The lightly wounded were captured, about 100 males.


Learned abilities: “Continuous Thrusts”, “Helmet Splitter”, “Sneaking”, “Armor Pierce”, “Dance of the Sword Storm”, “Attack Force”, “Job – Ranger”, “Job – Supply Soldier”


Page 8


Part 1A: We still have some room in our cave but the newly captured are not very strong

Part 1B: Solving this problem is a difficult task………..

Part 1C: I’m listening

Part 1D: Sorry for the sudden call but can I come over there now?

Part 2A: So the best way to solve my prisoner problem is to give half of them to the Elf

Part 2B: I also exchanged new information and asked about the Elixir with Father Elf

Part 2C: Turn out the Elixir is an extremely rare item with a special way to produce it. It’s also mixed with the power of the “Demigod of Deep Green”

Part 2D: I don’t know a lot about the details but it’s said to be an all-purpose medicine with no side effect

Part 2E: So it’s the kind of medicine that can cure everything in a short time

Part 2F: It’s good to know some information about what the Human would desire.

Part 3A: Ah

Part 3B: I remember now………

Part 3C: I already have the medicine.


Page 9


Day 63


Part 1A: My country produces medicine,

Part 1B: And famous wine that can please everyone’s tastes

Part 1C: The wine impression is………awfully strong…..I have already forgotten it

Part 1D: So why did you give such an important item to the human instead of me?

Part 2A: No

Part 2B: Our law forbids delivering the Elixir to the Human

Part 2C: Giving it to the ogre that save my daughter is nothing to be opposed off though

Part 2D: Simple as that

Part 2E: Had the Empire messenger didn’t died, he would have got the Elixir

Part 2F:………Right ?


Learned abilities: “High Speed Regeneration”,”Blood Elixir”


Page 10


Part 1A: It said…….“Blood Elixir”….

Part 1B: Right?

Part 1C: To confirm what I’m thinking……….

Part 1D: I picked a heavy wounded slave

Part 2A: And let him drink a drop of my blood

Part 2B: This…..

Part 2C: Its incredible……

Part 2D: The wound, the hip pain and the long time sickness, all were cured


Page 11


Part 1A: What is this?

Part 1B: It’s scary

Part 1C: That is only one drop, if he drinks more………

Part 1D: Then none of them will ever fear being wounded or dead

Part 2A: Well at least I have raised my healing ability

Part 2B: If anyone knows about my ability then I will become the target of the world. The danger is real

Part 3A: The human is weak but in great number

Part 3B: The information about “Blood Elixir” must not be leaked to the enemy……

Part 3C: No, even if it was leaked, all I need to do is to kill anyone who find out………

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