Re:Monster Chapter 30.1

Re:Monster Chapter 30.1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 30.1
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Day 78


Part 1A: The Bathhouse that was previously built by me with enough dept so that Orge can fully submerged

Part 1B: Has leaded to several cases of Goblin drowning.

Part 1C: While I know this is unavoidable since these guys never learn to swim, this may be problematic


Part 2A: If this keep up and all of them ends up drowning in a water skirmish, its would be disastrous.

Part 2B: So I canceled this morning training and held a swimming lesson in the river below the waterfall that I have visited before

Part 2C: It’s was a rare chance to I decided to bring along the human girls that usually didn’t go out often

Part 2D : For a change of mood




Part 1A: While teaching the Goblin how to swim, I sent out some of my clones to scout the surrounding area. Part 1B: Turn out that the road above the fall lead to the Green Lizard lair.

Part 1C: They seem delicious so I kind of expected that they would come here but in the end, they didn’t.

Part 1D: But anyway, its looked like everyone is happy.

Part 2A: Ehhm

Part 2B: So in this period, many Goblin have successfully evolved to Hobgoblin.

Part 2C: But look like that is it

Part 2D: The remaining 15 Goblin cant evolve to Hobgoblin even when they have reached level 100.




Part 1A: You guys don’t need to be sulking.

Part 1B: While evolution is indeed the fastest way to increase your power

Part 1C: But if you cant evolve then just keep training down here

Part 2A: All the trainings from before to now will not let you down.

Part 2B: Even if your appearance is Goblin or not, always train yourself

Part 2C: And overcome normal Goblin to become Elite Goblin

Part 3A: I promise to help you all the way

Part 3B: So lets try our best !

Part 3C: Please support us

Part 3B: After the encouragement, they have regained their spirits. Well, that is one thing off the list




Part 1A:  In this side, the Kobold was still on the growth.

Part 1B:  Two Kobold Footman joined the rank today

Part 1C:  There was also a extra new Kobold called Kobold Ninja

Part 2A: Kobold Ninja main weapon is Organic Sword.

Part 2B: And its seem that he can use magic, a skill called Ninjutsu
Part 2C: Thanks to that, I known this guy is very suitable for scouting with a high level of stealth

Part 3A: Chances are I’m going to need him to conduct secret operations so I instructed him to hide his present

Part 3B: About the Human Army, there was no major progress so we went all out on the swimming lesson


Day 80




Part 1A: I canceled all trainings for today and turned it into a full break day.

Part 1B: In these times, people need to take a break once in a while.

Part 1C: Studying is fine, self – training is fine, hanging out with girl is fine, hunting is fine.

Part 1D: I let them to decide for themselves.

Part 1E: So that I also have a day for myself

Part 2A: First I picked these four spirited people as the opponent in a fight

Part 2B: To shed some sweats




Part 1: First strike was the heavy and sustained attack from Orge kichi

Part 2: Quickly jumped in from the back with a lighting and accurate attack was the Iron Knight

Part 3: Consistently aimed for the eyes and weak points on my body trying to break the stalemate was Redhead




Part 1A: Not to miss any chance, Female Knight charged in.

Part 1B: The situation was grim but did bring meaning to the fight

Part 1C: After a relaxing time in the Bathhouse, I played with the pets and had lunch

Part 2: In the after noon, to proposed ideas for new weapons, I held a meeting to exchange people thoughts

Part 3: After that, I relaxingly watched the Burst Seed slowly increased in number in the late afternoon




Part 1A: And finally in the night, I had some personal time with Dhammi.

Part 1B: Dhampir can fly so we had a nice date in the air.




Part 1A: Hey, that is hurt

Part 1B: After flying around for sometime, I got cold by chilly air

Part 1C: So I paid a visit to the Bathhouse to warm up and get a good sweat with people before bed

Part 2A: Its nice that the Female Knight has finally adjusted to this life.

Part 2B: I….I did feel sad a bit in the beginning but……

Part 2C: ….Now I feel that staying with you is ……..not that bad

Part 2C: What a wonderful break day.

Part 2D: To be continue.

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