Re:Monster Chapter 30.2

Re:Monster Chapter 30.2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 30.2
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Pg 1:

B1: Hey Kumajiro, Kurosaburo.

B2: Eh? Where did they go?

B3: 81st Day.

B4: These pets often go find food on their own.

B5: I usually bring them in some battles with humans so they at least gain some experience in the field.

B6: This morning, the uncouth bear Kumajiro and the black wolf leader Kurosaburo evolved successfully.

B7: Wow wow, fantastic boys!

Pg 2:

B1: Kumajiro after experiencing an evolution is called Demon Bear, maybe.

B2: It is said that a demon bear with a strong temperament and good sense of territory can destroy an entire town.

B3: Even so, because it had already lost to me once, is why it now serves me as a mount.

B4: The horn on its forehead contains some kind of special power to increase its damage.

B5: But to have that power under control, it’ll need some time, won’t it?

B6: As for Kurosaburo, it has gained another head. It became a Two-headed Wolf which has the ability to manipulate thunder and fire.

B7: Maybe it comes from the race which lives in volcanoes, but …

B8: A two-headed wolf spitting black fire is a bit too strange, right?

B9: It should be spitting red fire!

B10: Maybe it was my affection?

Pg 3: 

B1: Let’s see after a night of monumental evolving, what has changed…

B2: So today I brought them with six members which had a second evolution and some magicians outside … 13 in total.

B3: The target today is the empire’s elite ground troops.

B4: In addition, using the minority to be the main attack is to raise the level of my force.

B5: Recently, to give priority to the development of our whole squad, we have to go hunting on our own so our levels have significantly risen up.

B6: At last, it was depending on myself. If I get too weak, I can’t protect my precious things.

B7: So I decided to accumulate good experiences from now on.

B8: I choose taking action at night to make use of the undead, and this is definitely the time for humans to stop operating and take rest.

Pg 4:

B1: The guard I need to pay the most attention to is this expert-looked old knight.

B2:Enemy: Human – Captain Aisen.

B3: According to [Strongest enemies from the empire information list] I noted from Iron-capped knight and female knight …

B4: This is the leader of the second brigade, called “White Snake Brigade”, one of the three main armies of the empire.

B5: “White Snake Brigade” is said to have honed their skills inside mazes in the empire’s territory.

B6: [Cursed Thorn Spear] Artifact : Ancient
The spear “Artìac” continuously applies curses based on the number of times an enemy is stabbed.

B7: [White Dragon Armor]

It’s made from the scale of the white dragon, protector of a certain dungeon in ancient times. The armor has high durability and magic resistance.

B8: Looks like all of his equipment came from ancient tier dungeons.

B9: It seems the other members are gonna have a hard fight.

B10: I absolutely have to steal that spear, his armor, and that old knight.

B11: In that case …

Pg 5:

B1: First target detected.

Pg 6:

B2: … What?

B3: Fantastic. It hit.

B4: It’s just a spear. Of course they can’t expect a sniper from 300 meters away.

B5: Dealing with such a strong enemy, I wouldn’t like to fight head-on.

B6: This is the beginning of our legendary surprise attack.

Pg 7:

B1: Those soldiers around can’t help but being surprised by their captain’s death.

B2: Ah … Sir Aisen?

B3: What was that …

B4: What the hell was that …

B5: Bored of looking at their dumb faces around a corpse.

B6: I used the power of [Bloody Shuyari] to kill them all.

B7: Although I could have killed the rest of them.

B8: But that is taking credit for action, so I left some.

Pg 8:

B1: Have gone this far, of course they can hardly counter.

B2: The rest are going hunting, mustn’t let anyone escape.

Pg 10:

B1: The battle ended.

B2: It has been 20 minutes since the first spear was thrown.

B3: As usual, I collected some usable items.

B4: And eat … no, absorb about 600 killed soldiers at once.

B5: This is such a horrific scene right?

B6: Saying its horrific but you are quite interested in it, aren’t ya Burasato?

B7: Sato’s comprehension is always weird and devious, don’t resent it.

Pg 11:

B1: And the main dish for today,

B2: Although the body’s missing a big part but it doesn’t matter if it’s just to eat.

B3: The White Dragon Armor has a really buoyant taste, but [Cursed Thorn Spear] is damn tough.

B4: Skills learnt: [Grand Cross], [Job Master Swordsman], [Job Dragon Slayer], [Create Dragon’s Scale], [Engrave Cursed Wounds]

B5: We finished! Let’s go back!

B6: What is it?

B7: You rarely call me.

B8: Ah … I’m really moved and fired up by your help till now …

B9: If you don’t mind, come by my place tomorrow. I’ll treat you to a hearty meal to express my gratitude.

B10: Great! Let’s make a toast!

B11: Why do I always feel like Ogarou is the most highly inspired in our squad …

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