Re:Monster Chapter 31

Re:Monster Chapter 31

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 31
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Page 1


Day 82


Part 1A: Having received an invitation from father Elf, I decided to pay a visit to the Elven Village today.

Part 1B: We have been expecting you, Sir Ogarou

Part 1C: Please, this way

Part 1D: RedHead and Female Knight followed me as guards in name its just a normal sightseeing trip

Part 2A: Since I have notified them I was bringing along some humans there isn’t much of an issue…….

Part 2B: But still, there are some irritating glares from the elves aimed toward the girls


Page 2


SFX: *Glare*

Part 1A: Should…..Should I not be here ?

Part 1B: Heh…..Dont worry !

Part 1C:  Unlike them, Father Elf is quite polite…….

Part 2A: We were led into the waiting room, while waiting we were offered some tea

Part 2B: Using this free time, I quickly gathered information from my clones scattered around the forest.

Part 2C: Sorry for the waiting, Sir Ogarou

Part 2D: And welcome to my village, ladies


Page 3


Part 1A: Allow me to pour the first drink

Part 1B: I have prepared quite a bit of food

Part 1C: Please, make yourself at home.

Part 2A:  And so I feasted on delicious wines and foods

Part 2B:  Not drunk but feeling the air slightly

Part 2C: These fried mushrooms are wonderful !

Part 2D: Its Raguu Mashu mushroom with butter

Part 2E: We often prepare it on important occasions

Part 2F: Next I’ll learn to cook if I have the chance…..

Part 3A: After some casual talking, we moved to the primary part of the meeting

Part 3B: Thanks to your victories, the Human Alliance Army has been put up against the wall

Part 3C: If the war continues, there are few benefits for anyone


Page 4


Part 1A: So this time…….

Part 1B: I think we should strike them in one swoop with my army and your elite troops……..

Part 1C: We will end this war quickly

Part 2A: Currently, the relations between the Kingdom, Empire and the neighboring nations are tense.

Part 2B: About the Elves, while not losing as much as the Human, there are still casualties.

Part 2C: If this keeps up, both the enemy and the Elves are in danger of being invaded

Part 3A: Ehhm, So we are not much different from mercenaries so I can ignore customer requests

Part 3B: Moreover, all of our requests have been approved

Part 3C: The only problem left is time

Part 3D: After carefully discussing the plan, the Elves throw us another feast


Page 5


Part 1A: So sorry, Sir Ogarou

Part 1B: I have something to say…….

Part 1C: Although I have sworn my loyalty to you

Part 1D: But as a citizen of the Kingdom, I want to request something……

Part 1E: To treat our sick princess………

Part 1F: The Elixir you received from the Elf, please give it to the Kingdom

Part 2A: Hmm, this request must be considered carefully……

Part 2B: If I give the Elixir to the Kingdom, they will be reluctantly in my debt. I can use that as excuse to demand whatever I want from the Kingdom next time.

Part 2C: But that would also be a bit problematic…….


Page 6


Part 1A: In this world, the “Faith of the Five Supreme Gods” is the largest religion with many followers

Part 1B: Holding an ultimate power is a double edged sword since it will also bring forth lots of problems

Part 1C: The First Queen of the Kingdom is under the influence of the Cult

Part 2A: With that in mind, there is little to be expected.

Part 2B: In addition, I don’t fancy the idea of delivering the Elixir to them

Part 2C: Lets see……

Part 2D: Wait……..

Part 2E: About this, I will give it some thoughts and decide later……

Part 2F: Uhm, I will not put the kingdom into a tough spot

Part 2G: Really ?

Part 2L: Thanks……..Thanks a lot, sir…….


Page 7


Day 83


Part 1A: The agreed upon time for the decisive battle is a bit before dusk…….

Part 1B: Just as expected, only the main force remains in the camp……

Part 1C: Estimated to be around 2,000. The enemy troops remain in high alert.

Part 2A: Our army including 500 Elf troops is just 650……

Part 2B: Although I could summon Black Skeletons, the enemy may use slave units

Part 2C: Even with a surprise raid, we hardly have a chance of victory


Page 8


Part 1A: Yesterday while in the Elven Village, I sent my clones to collect information in the Empire camp.

Part 1B: Looks like the “Eight Great Knights” will go into battle

Part 1C: If that’s true

Part 1D: The Elves won’t have even the slightest chance of victory

Part 2A: Since I didn’t have a firm grasp on the situation, I went and asked around a bit

Part 2B: If that is true then the situation is grim, Chief

Part 2C: Cant believe the “Brave Heroes” are joining the fight……

Part 2D: “Brave Heroes” ?

Part 3A: “Eight Great Knights” includes eight characters from the Empire, commonly called “Brave Heroes”. A combination between “Brave” and “Heroes”

Part 3B: They are a unit with “Divine Protection”…….

Part 3C:  No matter what, they are strong opponents



Sternbild Kingdom

“Four Symbolic Heroes” Four strongest knights of the Kingdom


Kirika Empire

“Eight Great Knights”  Eight members of the “Brave Heroes “


Both of them are not suppose to join the battle.


Page 9


Part 1A: Each individuals strength is already scary. But their main strength is when……

Part 1B: They are in command……..

Part 1C: Both “Four Symbolic Heroes” and “Brave Heroes“ have the ability to increase their troops strength

Part 2A: “Brave Heroes“ and

Part 2B: “Four Symbolic Heroes” ?

Part 2C: I wonder what how they taste ?

Part 3A: So………

Part 3B: First is to neutralize the slave unit.

Part 3C: I entrust this to the clones, Kobold Ninjas and Black Skeleton Assassins to exploit the night and act accordingly…..

Part 3D: Now to distract the guards that keep watch on the slave unit

Part 3E: Then insert a clone in disguise as the guard and break all the slave locks

Part 3F: Then liquidate the guards as well when everything is finished

Part 3G: I though that everything would go smooth like that……..


Page 10


Part 1: From the disguise right up to the lock breaking, everything was fine, then…….

Part 2A: The Slave Beast quickly killed the troops near it and started a rampage

Part 2B: Turn out that the Slave Beast is a Chimera, controlled by the very troops he just killed.

Part 2C: With the death of its controller, he started attacking everything and everyone


Page 11:


Part 1A: Many of the liberated slave troops, some have considerable strength……..

Part 1B: Yet most were quickly slain by the Chimera

Part 2A: Found them, it’s the Elf !

Part 2B: And there is that black Ogre as reported

Part 2C: Unfortunately, the entire commotion has blown our cover

Part 3A: Haizzz….well I guess you cant predict everything………

Part 3B: So be it then………

Part 3C: Come on……..

Part 3D: Lets fight !


Page 12


Part 1A: Hmm ? We are going to summon the Black Skeletons ?

Part 1B: Its almost daytime, will it be ok ?

Part 1C: What’s with the worry ?

Part 1D: I have them all planned out.

Part 2A: At the start of the battle, Chimera has been killing everything.

Part 2B: If you cant improvise on the battlefield, only death awaits you

Page 13


Part 1A: Now…..

Part 1B: The time has come !

Part 2A: Ha Ha Ha ! The Sun is up.

Part 2B: Now the Black Skeletons are nothing more than rotten bones !

Part 2C: Finish them !

Part 2D: Sunlight is the Black Skeletons primary weakness, making it unwise to summon them during the daytime.

Part 2E: I know that well


Page 14


Part 1A: What is that ?

Part 1B: There is something inside……?


Page 15


Part 1A: No…….

Part 1B: No way in hell……..

Part 1C: They are supposed to be disintegrated by the sunlight

Part 1D: How can they recover ?

Part 2A: It’s a simple way to deal with the sun light

Part 2B: Let my clones become a fluid and cover the skeleton troops.

Part 2C: There is no shortage of blood here so sending out clones is not a problem.

Part 2D: This is the strategy to crush the enemy’s morale when they thought victory was in sight.

Part 2E: Thank to that, we have eliminated all of their advanced force


Page 16


Part 1: On the way to victory

Part 2: We kill without any mercy


Page 17


Part 1: Every moveable Black Skeleton, go and reinforce our troops

Part 2: Leave this place to me

Part 3A: Ah……

Part 3B: Ah Ah ……..

Part 3C: Nooooooooooo……….


Page 18


Part 1A: What ?

Part 1B: What is this……Blood……….From dead bodies ?

Part 1C: He is……..

Part 1D: Absorbing blood ?



Page 19


Part 1A: Ahh

Part 1B: Ah Ah

Part 2: What the hell are you ?


Page 20


Part 1A: Oh come on…….really…….

Part 1B: Why do I have to join this small meaningless battle ?

Part 2A: Really sorry to bother you like this when you’re on a vacation……..

Part 2B: But we need your “Brave Heroes” power to gain victory

Part 2C: Yes, indeed……..

Part 2D: But this is just a tiny battle, just sacrifice a few guys and you’ll win

Part 2E: Yes we know that but we need a leader……..

Part 3A: Uhm…….I changed my mind

Part 3B: That guy looks interesting

Part 3C: Playing with him will surely be fun

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