Re:Monster Chapter 32

Re:Monster Chapter 32

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 32
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Re: Monster Chap 32




Part 1: Hmm……is that it?

Part 2A: Uhh……what the hell is that?

Part 2B: That……That Ogre………He’s a demon!




Part 1: Hello there, Mr. Ogre

Part 2A: Sorry for bothering your meal

Part 2B: But if you are done eating, can you be my opponent?

Part 3: A kid? Wait……If I’m not mistaken, this is the enemy reinforcement. I’ve heard about this guy




Part 1A: Are you supposed to be Philip M. Eagesect The Insect Hero? Of the Brave Heroes?

Part 1B:  I’m surprised! How come Mr. Ogre knows my name?

Part 1C: I didn’t know that I was so famous around here. But I don’t like that nickname at all

Part 2: The name “Insect Hero” sounds like a fun one. To sum it up then that’s what other people call me

Part 3: Not that I thought of the name myself. The name was given to me by the world




Part 1: I’m angry. I’m frustrated. Very frustrated.

Part 2A: Is that so? Those eyes are the eyes of an insect

Part 2B: Haizz you notice my eyes, what a surprise. Normally no one pays any attention to my eyes




Part 1A: But how’d you get to know me?

Part 1B: Easy, capture a few prisoners and interrogate them.

Part 2A: Ah, so you truly are the culprit. The stubborn elves keep messing around lately and I don’t have any time to rest.

Part 2C: If I don’t receive any apology then I would feel very frustrated

Part 3A: Talking like a kid from the outside but still giving out an intimidating aura, this guy must have gone through a lot of battles.

Part 3B: By the way, Mr. Ogre also has “Divine Protection” right? Your body is black so guess you are a rare variant? Which God do you receive your blessing from?




Part 1A: Back then, you controlled blood of deceased soldiers as summoned black skeletons…….

Part 1B: So is it “God of Darkness” ………. or “God of Death?” Are any of my guesses correct?

Part 2: Haizz, as if you are going to tell the enemy that information

Part 3A: If I wasn’t that famous here then you probably would have spoken to me

Part 3B: But well, that is not important. See this?

Part 3C: These are the parasites that I created




Part 1A: *opens the capsule*

Part 1B: If you swing it around like this

Part 2A: It’s unbelievable!  All the dead bodies started moving.




Part 1A: Zombie? No, its probably not. They’re unaffected by the sun light

Part 1B: These parasites look like bio weapons of the insect control group

Part 2A: You are quite smart, Mr. Ogre. The things that differ “Heroes” from “Brave Heroes” are…….

Part 2B: Are the personal skills and the ability to increase troop?  Correct

Part 2C To put it in details: “Heroes” put more priority in personal strength, the number of troops that can be enhance is 4 – 6, 10 at most.

Part 2D: In contrast, “Brave Heroes” personal strength is unequal to “Heroes”, the enhance effect is also lower for each troop. But……




Part 1A: To us “Brave Heroes”, only when the number of enhanced troops reach over 100

Part 1B: Can we show our true power




Part 1A: Now, its play time

Part 1B: My corpse parasites

Part 2A: Great isn’t it? All you need are parasites and some fresh dead bodies. Now Mr. Ogre, let’s play together




Part 1: Huh?


Pg 14


Part 1A: Ha ha ha! Nice! Nice!  Very nice, Mr. Ogre!

Part 1B: You can annihilate my troops with ease

Part 2A: Even with these eyes I still can’t make out your attacks

Part 2B: What is that? What have you done?

Part 2C: Arggh………This is enough……. That Ogre is way stronger than us…………Please Sir Philip………. Save us………!

Part 2D:  Mr. Ogre, I like you now. I’m going to put you into my favorite collection.




Part 1A: Before, I let my troops act as they please. But now I’m going to control them directly.

Part 1B: Now, how long are you going to act that stubborn?


Pg 16


Part 1A: If you had been a normal Ogre then that attack would have surely killed you.

Part 1B: Check out that recovery skill. You really are amazing, Mr. Ogre.

Part 2: Let’s see………. How about this?




Part 1: What is that? Earthquake?  What is going on?




Part 1: What just happened………An insect scream can shake the earth?




Part 1: Damn, I can’t move.

Part 2A: Ha Ha Ha! You surely cannot block that. That is the Arutirumu, a mutated centipede. Its among my most prized possessions. Whenever it appears, calamities follow.

Part2B: Usually, I send it to undertake missions in other countries. Luckily for this time, the insect notified me early so I called it back.




Part 1A: In addition to that, inhaling its poison will completely numb your organs.

Part 1B: Surprisingly, Mr. Ogre here is still alive. You are very powerful indeed.

Part 2A: Hurry up and show me your God. Otherwise I’m going to examine your body myself after you die.

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