Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 2

Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 2

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Page 1

Alusu’s private room, research lab, Murokane…

Can the strongest Magician live a normal life!?

It has been 3 weeks since classes started…

It’s about time I go or I won’t have enough days of attendancem

Damn, that is so annoying, but it’s the rule set by the governor and

he did prepare this place.

Can’t help it. I guess, I’ll go.

Page 2

Magic department N°2, first year students’ classroom

Good morning, we met before the entrance ceremony right…?

Nice to meet you again. I am Alice Tylake and you are Alusu-san?


Page 3

It was about 3 weeks ago?

Were you perhaps not feeling too well…? Anyway, the most important thing is that you were able to recover.

No, I was just skipping and it didn’t seem like there was going to be a proper lecture.

That aside, I’m sorry. I’ll get distracted so I would appreciate it if you were not too concerned about me.

…!! I’m sorry…

Page 4

Hey you, who do you think you are?!!


Don’t “What” me.

Even though Alice was worried about you and decided to call out to you, don’t you think you have too much attitude?

Did I deal with it poorly? If it continues like this, it looks like it will straight off be troublesome… Then…

Page 5

I’m sorry, it’s just…

From now on, don’t mind me please…

I’d like to avoid any collusion…

This should be correct (Confident).

I’m sorry as well, for calling you out so suddenly.

Wha-… collusion…

Page 6

Alice has nothing to apologize about.

I am Tesfia Fehbel.

Page 7


Can you give me my book back?

I, a noble, gave you my name!!

Isn’t it courtesy to give your name too!?

You’re going to push your own courtesy on me? It seems Nobles are pretty tyrannical.

Actually, that’s exactly what a Noble is right?

Page 8


Thank you for returning my book, I’m Alusu Reigin.

I gave you my name, so it should be enough.

I’m not interested in you anymore.

I would appreciate it if you could go somewhere else.


Page 9

Not… Not interested!?


How dare you use such an aggressive language.

He has no idea how painful my everyday was in order to join this school and to not dirty the name of my family.

He leisurely skipped for 3 weeks!?

I can’t believe it.

If you’re not serious about it, why… why are you here!?

Sensei is here.

The only people allowed to be here are the ones who are seriously aiming to become a Magician.

Page 10

The first period is a lecture about the license.

You most likely received a Magician’s license when you joined the school.

That is used to be able to work as a Magician inside our country.

Using magic like this… you’ll be able to display your rank which is the most important thing for a Magician.

This is calculated by how strong your magic power is and your individual capacity, your combat efficiency will affect your rank.

Most people will have 5 or 6 digits but…

(outside box) Oh it works.

(outside box) Amazing.

Your rank will vary constantly according to the results of your trainings and missions.

Everyone, spend every day with a lot of ambition in order to raise your rank.

Page 11



Alice and Tesfia have 4 digits.

If I remember correctly, Alice-kun was outstanding in her group during the admission test.

Tesfia is from that Fehbel family…4521, huh.

I see, I understand those ranks. I heard those two even gave a hard time to the examiners during the test.

Don’t be too prideful about it and keep on improving your talent.

Yes, I’ll do my best.

Thank you very much, Sensei.

Page 12

Though, your rank was only determined with the admission test nothing else, even if other persons have 6 digits, it’s not something to despair about.

In the future, depending on your efforts, you will be able to raise your rank.

From now on, guide humanity’s current of fate and work hard while being aware of your own abilities.

Hm? You over there, what happened to your license?

Sorry, I lost it.

L- Lost it!?

What’s wrong with this guy…

Earlier, his attitude towards Alice-san and Tesfia-san was bad too…

Page 13

He’s probably embarrassed to show it, isn’t he?

Even 6 digits, it’s not a shame at the moment.

Sure… So foolish.

Are you a bad loser? If you’re vexed, what about showing me your rank?

Sensei, don’t mind me and continue the lesson please.

Haa-, he completely ignored me!!


[He], himself, said that caring about someone unmotivated will only bother the lesson so, continue please.

Seriously what’s going on?

Didn’t he come here to become a Magician capable of saving humanity!?

What’s wrong with that guy!?

Page 14

Second period: Training under the form of mock battles

Mock battles make me so nervous…

Me too, my heart’s beating really fast.

Page 15

The second period will be mock battles.

A training including the use of martial arts and magical weapons.

Inside the training ground, physical damage will be replaced by mental damage.

Even if you were to faint your body won’t suffer any injury, so I want you to feel at ease.

I will have you use the AWR weapons, commonly called “Auras”.

As you all know, these weapons are the only ones capable of drawing out the true power of magic. Those are the only weapons who have an impact during your battles against demons.

But the numbers of newcomers who have their personal AWR is low.

At the academy different shapes of AWR were prepared, so I want you to test them individually.

Page 16

Amazing! As expected from Tesfia-san!

You already have your personal AWR!

Can I look a bit closer?

It’s a sharp sword passed down generation after generation. I’ve always been using it so it’s the weapon I’m the most familiar with.

A sword, again so primitive…

A personal AWR, couldn’t expect less from a noble-sama, huh.

…More important than that, it’s my turn next…

I want to overcome this in a peaceful way but…

Page 17

Well then… What should I do?

My first opponent is the unmotivated guy.

You don’t even have a weapon, are you underestimating me!?

You won’t be able to kill a demon with a book you know?

Page 18

I’ll send you back home!

(Outside box) [Burn Edge]

So close.

Page 19

For someone who has no motivation you sure move a lot, running is the only thing you’re good at, huh!!

I guess it’s about time…

Using magic on the book, coating…

Page 20


Page 21

!! Alusu-kun…

I overdid it a bit? It looks like I was bullying the weak.

(outside box)Hahaha

Page 22


Did it end a bit too fast? Losing can prove to be difficult.

Are you ok Alusu-kun? Any injuries?

In the training ground there’s no physical injuries, you know.

… Ah! That’s right.

Page 23

Another failure… Due to my habit, my body was still fully coated by magic…

Because of this my appearance isn’t one of a loser.

Surprisingly being a normal student is difficult.

hum… Next time, maybe like this?

More importantly, shouldn’t you worry about your friend?

Fia is fine, she is really strong.

Alice was it? It should be your turn soon.


I lost but give it your best… it’d be good if you were to win.

Of course! I won’t hold back because I don’t have that many opportunities to be a first year student.

Alusu-kun too, even if you don’t get hurt, don’t be too careless.

Page 24

It seems your friend already won.

(Outside box) So strong Tesfia.

(Outside box) fwaah


That’s great! I’ll give it my best as well!

I’m next so, see you later!

Yeah, break a leg.

Still, it’s been so long since I spoke so much.

…Haa, an ordinary life at the academy is pretty tiring.

It’s Alice next!!

4-digits are really impressive!!

What’s that!?

It’s not to thank her for worrying about me but I’ll watch her fight a bit.

Page 25

Huh, as expected she has what it takes to be a 4-digit.

Her opponent is a water attribute beginner…

Shit, this girl is too strong.

Then, how about this!

[Ice Arrow]

Page 26

It bounced back!?

Page 27

That was… [Reflection]…no, [Redirection], Light attribute…

Different from the common, earth, water, fire, wind, ice, lightning. A rare attribute…

To think that girl has a rare attribute…

Time is up.

Great, it ended fine in general. Use the remaining time to train by yourself.

Individually, give it your best.

(outside box) Let’s go one more time.

(outside box) Yeah

(outside box girls’s side)Let’s stop, Fia.

It finally calmed down, I should be able to read my book.

Page 28

Fia! Stop now!

Hey you, about earlier.


You’re really stubborn.

Seriously, you’re so annoying, could you stop bothering me?

Page 29

Don’t think lightly about what you did.

Um? What are you talking about?

Wh-! I won’t let you say that you forgot about insulting the Fehbel family!

So what?

Page 30

“So what” you say? Stop fooling around!

There’s no way you wouldn’t understand the meaning and the weight of that name.

It’s not something to be taken lightly!!

Page 31

I don’t care about that at all, but…

I was wrong, leave me alone please.

Page 32

Don’t look down on me!!

Page 33

Fight me!!


Page 34


Coming this far, “Peace idiots” are so disagreeable, huh…

That means there’s a need to make myself clear over white and black from now on too…

After school, I will seize this training ground. You have no complains right?

It’s fine.

Page 35

Plus, I will add a condition for that duel, don’t bring any outsider with you, only you and me.

Alice was it, I’m sorry but be the witness please.

That’s fine but…

After school, at the training ground I’ll accept your duel.


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