Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 3

Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 3

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Page 1

Chairman’s room

So this is why I’d like to reserve the entire training ground, please.

I don’t mind but spare me the worst situation, don’t act rashly.

Of course. Actually, that was vexing. There’s no way I would become serious against a child.

A child, huh…

So? Who is the idiot who made you angry?

(Outside box) The strongest magician, troubles are inevitable !?

(Outside box) Chapter 3: Mock battle

I think it was something like “Tesfia”


Isn’t she the daughter of Fehbel family!?

Is it possible to… stop?

Page 2

Impossible. She’s the one who is bothering me.

That’s something I wish you would tell her.

I was noticed during the students’ mock battle.

If the chairman comes in to mediate, it would be even more troublesome.

It has already reduced the little time I have, so I’d rather finish it with this.

The academy’s training ground has low settings compared to the army, so don’t misjudge your strength, please.

If a single digit Magician were to misjudge it, severe after-effects could remain.

I know.

Page 3

May I take this?

I don’t mind but what are you going to do with it?

I will obviously use it as a weapon for the mock battle.

No matter how you look at it, that is…

This is enough since I understand her ability.

This is the first time I see such a perfect and beautiful magic endowment.

It looks like I don’t need to worry about that.

Page 4

Thank you,

If I lower the ability of my weapon this much, there shouldn’t be any problem.

I guess so.


Now that I think about it, during the mock battle I noticed the sharp presence of a Magician around 3-digit, do you have any idea who it was?


Hmm, I have no idea.

…I see.

Page 5

Alusu’s research lab, Murokane, private room

The 3-digit presence during the mock battle… The chairman said she didn’t know, but…

Well, I guess it’s fine.

There was no sign of terrorism or assassination so for now, let’s wait and see, I guess…


Page 6

My AWR, Night Mist…

My partner who fought with me on the front line…

I’m glad that I won’t need to use it that often, though.

But, even though I decided to retire from the front line…

In the end, I couldn’t separate from it.

Well then, it’s about time for the dual!

Page 7

Mock training ground

The chairman is secretly watching from the second floor…

Besides her presence, I also sense the one from before.

If it’s the chairman’s instigation then…

does she really think I’d make a mistake?

Tesfia’s house, the Fehbel family, they hold so much power.

She shows her rank as a way to back up her family.

If I think that she charged at me because of her pride and self-confidence then…


Page 8

Did I keep you waiting?

It’s so rare that nobody is here.


What are you doing with that?


…don’t worry about it.

Page 9

He’s completely looking down on me…

Before starting, I have a condition.

If I win, never be concerned with me again.

Sure, if you win.

If you want I could pay for your studies.

No, it’s fine.

So? If you win?

Of course, I’ll have you apologize to me.


Page 10

Haaaaaa !!


No way!!

Not even a scratch!?

Page 11

You’re lying right …!? That can’t be mere paper!

No, it is mere paper, you received it too, right? The academy’s pamphlet.

Lies! There’s no way you could defend yourself merely with paper!

I just did.

That’s impossible!

Page 12

(outside box) Full of openings, huh

Fia !!

Page 13

Eh !?

What on earth happened …?

Page 14

Are you ok, Fia?


What did you do?

I just hit you with this.

Stop joking around, what I felt just now wasn’t paper.

It felt like I was hit by something sturdy…

Are you giving up?


Page 15

I don’t know what you did but, don’t be too full of yourself just because you hit me once

Fia! It’s fine already, right?

Page 16

(Outside box) [Icy Cool Sword]

Wow, that’s amazing

It’s dangerous, Alusu-kun, dodge!!

Page 17

Page 18

…!! He just…

My [Icy Cool Sword] was completely cut in two…!?


What the hell did he do…?

… Will I… to him…


Page 19

I was wrong,

I didn’t mean to insult you, so, if it looked that way I’m really sorry.

…Is- Is that so?

Me too, I’m sorry for getting mad.

Well then, I’ll take my leave now.

Page 20

(Outside box) Clap Clap Clap


As expected from the Fehbel’s daughter, I had the pleasure to watch a high level mock battle.

For a new student to have mastered such a higher tier spell.

…Thank you very much, but more importantly, why is the chairman…?

Because Alusu-kun asked me to reserve the training ground, since I came here I thought I’d observe…

Page 21

Alusu Reigin, was it? Who are you?

In defiance of my [Icy Cool Sword], you sliced it in two…

That kind of thing is easy for him.

The reason I came here is that I was worried for you.

What do you mean!?


It’ll be faster if you see it.

A license?

Page 22

Yes. I was told to give it to Alusu-kun by the army, it arrived this morning.


No way!!


1st place!?

Do you get it now?

Page 23

…eh!? …eh, This guy is… but…

T- T- This guy is a single digit Magician !? Currently, the strongest Magician!? Magicians’ top, number 1!?

huhum… Interesting reaction.

I was surprised too when I saw his profile.

That’s right, even his past and his achievements…

Even for me, who was a single-digit for an hour, those were unimaginably heavy responsibilities.

Page 24

Eh, but we’re the same age…

Alice, you’re not that surprised.

…eh, yesh! What?

Don’t be so stiff, that would actually bother me.

…o- ok.

Interesting reaction

Alusu-kun is an exception.

Page 25

I don’t know the cause of this quarrel but he left great achievements in the front lines…

So maybe his sense of values is too different from yours.

More importantly, wasn’t it the chairman who told me to hide my position?

I changed my mind; I thought it’d be fine to tell these two.

This might be some kind of fate.

That is if the number of exceptions doesn’t increase further…

She’s splendidly ignoring me.

Page 26

You two, make sure you don’t tell anyone, teacher or students. I don’t want to sentence a punishment to a student of this academy.



Alusu-kun, why are you doing researches?

I want to take it easy.

…… !!!

As I thought

Page 27

Even if he fulfilled all the requirements if the current number 1 were to retire it would be a heavy blow to the army.

That’s why he’s treated as a student for now, but,

they’re also wondering if there’s another route to bring him back to the front line.

As a child they had him work for the army. The upper echelons are relying way too much on their unique, extremely capable Magician.

Well, I’m not in a position to blame the army.

The academy has been, in order to relieve the charge on the front line, forming capable successors, but,

nobody could replace Alusu-kun…

…That’s right.

Then now, should I make a proposal to fulfill Alusu-kun’s wish?

Page 28

Alusu-kun, instead of only doing your researches,

wouldn’t you be more at ease if these girls become strong?

So that was the actual reason behind revealing my ranking.

Even these capable girls won’t be able to replace Alusu-kun, but,

If the army is obstinate about sending him back to the front line then

If he can create slight [bonds] between a few companions and find a reason to fight, I guess it should be fine to train them, as well.

…[Bonds], huh. I did meet Alusu-kun 8 years ago but…

It doesn’t seem like Alusu-kun remembers about me… It wasn’t a good memory either after all…

Page 29

It won’t work, with these girls I won’t be able to take it easy.

Immediate answer

But that is if you are able to live normally in this academy and graduate right?

…What do you want me to do?

Teach these girls to fight through actual fighting!


Immediate answer…

Page 30

Things like training others, I don’t happen to have that kind of skill.

It’s fine when it comes to combat techniques, nobody is superior to you.


If the intervals between my researches are fine…

I knew you would say that for me

If I ignore the will of the chairman who holds authority over this academy…

even more of my precious time might go to waste…

Can I leave already?

For now, yes.

For now…

Page 31

[never be concerned with me again] I guess it’s obvious that condition is annulled.

To think, that he is number 1, it’s the end of the world.

Even though he has such talent, since he wants to take it easy at his age he’s fleeing from the front line… so negligent.

Page 32

Eh… Bloodlust… from the chairman? Why?

Did I say something wrong…!?

He too has A LOT going on.

You two, if you’re aiming for the top as Magicians, you should ask for his teachings.

I understand that he’s strong but…

…Ask for his teachings…?

Page 33

Oh? Is it really ok?

Alice!! We would be taught by that guy you know!

That’s amazing; we would be the only ones able to learn from the strongest Magician.

I won’t force you but there are definitely things to gain from him.

and those will certainly be really important as a Magician

Even though the chances to be taught by a two-digit… no, even by a 3-digit Magician aren’t many…

Number 1!! To be taught by the strongest Magician…

…I know, but…

Page 34

Is it possible to be taught by the chairman, instead?

Even though I may appear like this, I’m a busy person.

Furthermore, if you accept this proposition, only you two would become special.

That’s…right, I guess.

This child, can she throw away her useless pride and be able to ask for his teachings so that she can become a real Magician…

As a Magician, in order to know the important parts, learning from Alusu-kun has to be the best after all.

Now, how will Alusu-kun change?

I’m looking forward to it!


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