Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 4

Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 4

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Page 1

(Outside box) Alusu’s research lab, Murokane, private room

(Outside box) Haa…

Teaching magic…

I’m already tired of it…

(Outside box) Chapter 4 : Nickname

(Outside box)The strongest Magician’s disaster

I can teach magic

Although, I can’t teach them how to overcome the fear they would feel while facing a demon during combat

If you fall prey to your fear and your despair, you can’t activate your Magic

In order to raise Magicians who are able to move during a fight, we actually need them to fight against demons and gain experience, there’s no other way

Oh well, I give up

Page 2

N°2 Magic Academy, 1st year Classroom

Hey !

You, over there

Oh right, you’re Alusu-kun…

Let’s ask the regular skipper

Well then, shall we have Alusu-kun answer us ?

If you were paying attention in class, you should know

(Outside box) Smirk…

Page 3


I guess talking about the demons’ origin and their menace should do it



Demons appeared around one hundred years ago, we have various theories concerning the cause of their existence but using the technology and the knowledge we currently have, Humanity doesn’t have the means to confirm any of these. The technology of those days wasn’t enough to deal with the demons’ invasion. Although, In the recent years, thanks to the successful reconversion of the Army to magic, we finally managed to defend ourselves from the demons’ invasion. Concerning the strength and menace of the demons, they are classified in different ratings. There are 8 different level, from F to SS . In the past, the only time a SS-rated demon was identified was around 50 years ago.

Page 4

Even low rate demons would repeatedly feed on one another to gather magic power, raising their rating.

Against high rated demons we have to be cautious about the protective wall

Presently,  the protective wall is guarded, it is expanding from [Babel], which is towering from the center of the seven countries, including Alpha.

Although, according to the researchers’ main point of view the relative potency of the wall is weakening every year and…

Crap, I said too much…

Sensei, is it enough ?

…Y- Yes, sit down

Page 5

End of class


Where are you taking me ?

It’s fine, just come

Page 6

About earlier, what did you mean ?

Page 7

About what ?

You said that the protective wall of Babel was weakening

Did I say that ?

You did !!

Alusu-kun is it true ?


Page 8

What if it was ? It doesn’t concern you

It does concern us, we are aiming to become Magicians in order to fight against demons after all

Don’t say such a sad thing

So what ?

it’s not about what you guys can do or not right now

That’s true but…

Page 9

That’s different !!

If there’s no time, as a Magician it’s even more embarrassing to leisurely spend three years in the academy

Shouldn’t we prepare ourselves to be able to fight at any time ?

It’s the ideal of a student who has never seen a demon but…

Her eyes say she is serious…

That being said…

Page 10

Train us, so that we can fight against demons

…What’s that haughtiness about…?



Page 11

Alusu-kun, please

…I’ll think about it, the chairman did ask me to do it after all

…!! Wha- !?

Why is it fine with Alice !?

You might be a noble or whatever, I don’t care but, don’t you think there’s a proper way to make a request

To begin with, it’s such a waste for me, to spare time for people at your level !

Page 12

…but, the chairman said that you would look after us

Although it was the chairman who asked me, I accepted too fast, huh…


Indeed, I did say it… I think…

Then !

Well, ok

Page 13

So, what about you ?

Heh !?

This guy, he’s so irritating… irritating but he was really strong

Me too, I want to become strong…No, I have to become strong

Just a little bit faster ! Strong enough to protect people ! Especially since the protective wall is weakening.

For that…

Page 14


If you will…

Would it be possible to receive your teachings please…?

Page 15

Don’t you have any pride…?

I’m joking…

You’re such a…


I did say I would look after you, but I will prioritize my researches

In the first place, you guys might not be useful as Magicians anyway

Wha- !!

Page 16

About that, we won’t know unless we try !

We might become strong enough to match your strength…

you know…

That’s not what I mean… you two are excellent, right ?


Of course

Just being excellent magicians doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be useful in combat, you have yet to see a demon right ?

There are a lot of people who can’t use their magic when they stand in front of a demon, once it happens, as a magician they will find it difficult to externally manifest their magic

That’s why, even if I assist you with your training and raise your rank, that doesn’t mean I will be able to make you useful in actual combat.

Page 17

That also is something we won’t know until we try !

People who think, “I will be fine” and make light of the situation are troublesome but…

If someone, like Alice, wavers from the beginning, it will all be for nothing

Though, the former are still the ones who die early on the battlefield…

We will start today

You get to decide !?

My time will…

Page 18


Alusu and Alice…

…That’s confusing

It’s confusing so, change your name

What is this redhead saying?

Why me ? If we are renaming someone, it should be Alice, right ?

Tell me

(Outside box) Hmm…what would…


Then what about [Alu] ?

Alusu so


Page 19

Even if you ask me

Yes,  that’s good, Alu-kun is better, it’s friendlier


It’s decided then

(Outside box)  There was a time in the army where I was called by my number, hah…

Ignoring the person in question, oh well…


Alice you can drop the honorific with me, since I drop them too


You’re right, it would feel a bit distant

Page 20

Alu, huh…

Ah !!

It’s about time, we have to go back !!


Thanks … Alu…

For your time

Thanks, let’s meet after school

Alice, what are you doing ! We have to hurry or the lunch break will be over

I’m coming…

Page 21

What an egocentric person…

Lunch huh… I guess, I’ll go to the cafeteria today

There are too many menus

Good grief, it’s not a good thing when there are so many…

Hm ?

Page 22

Wai-Wait !! What are you doing !?

This thing seems broken, the ticket isn’t coming out
Hm ? Why are you… I have no choice

Have you never used a ticket vending machine ?

I know of their existence but I haven’t used one, is it possible that it refuses first-time customers ?


What kind of life have you had so far…

Your license ?

I don’t have it with me, in the first place, the moment I joined the academy, I had planned to throw it away with the garbage after all

Garbage !?

Throw it away !?

(Outside box) Wh- !?

Page 23

Haa… Unless you have the money card going with your license, you can’t buy anything

Any cash ?

I don’t even have any coins

Haa… What do you want to eat ?

What are you gonna do ?

I’ll go over there, Alice already bought something and is waiting for me in the classroom

A stall ?

You’re a noble but you don’t eat your lunch here ?

Lunch money isn’t a problem for you, right ?

Page 24


Just because I’m a noble doesn’t mean I’m rich

In order to join the school, I had to ask a big favor and had them pay for my school expenses, but besides that, I’m managing on my own.

Since she had the resolution to join the school of her own will, she bumped into me and then without regard for appearances, came to ask for my teachings, huh

So I guess she isn’t just a little princess with a lot of pride


Then, I’ll borrow the money for a meal, I might as well go to the stall too then.

It’s fine, I’m just paying back my [debt]…

[Debt] ?

Uh… I wonder if I’ll have enough money for this month…

Page 25

You know… I actually could tell.

You went easy on me during the mock battle, right ?

Hm…Well, that’s…

I may not look like it but I’m still a 4-digit…


That’s right, sorry

Oh well, that’s in exchange of your tuition fees, ok…?

Sure, let’s do that

Let’s go then




It’s a strange feeling but… it’s not bad


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