Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 5

Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 5

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Original Page Title           : 最強の魔法師の隠遁計画 第05話 – 理想と現実と


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[Page 01]

Panel 01

!Ars’ Research and Personal Room

!Saikyou Mahoushi no Inton Keikaku Chapter 05 – Ideal and Reality

!Manga: Uonuma Yuu Story: Izushiro Character Design: Miyuki Ruria

What is this!?

Well, Research Room? It also serves as my Personal Room


Panel 02


!The Strongest Magician Training Plan, Begins!?


[Page 02]

Panel 01

Why does this guy have this while we struggle in Dorm Rooms?

Fia, Ars is…

If you think about my achievements, isn’t it obvious? This much is nothing


Panel 02

!How irritating


Panel 03

Ars, we thought we will receive our lesson at the Mock Battle Arena


Panel 04

Even if we don’t use the Mock Battle Arena, this is good enough


[Page 03]

Panel 01

You don’t have to bring your AWR.

Keep it quiet,

What do you think you’ll do in my Research Room?



Panel 02

I will only teach you how to fight against Demon Beasts,

As the result, your rank will raise up a little. After that, it’ll be faster if you teach yourselves.


[Page 04]

Panel 01

Only methods to fight against Demon Beasts?


For raising our ranks, isn’t it faster if we do it by ourselves?


Panel 02



Panel 03

What are you doing?

@Rub Rub


Panel 04

Are you an idiot?

In the first place, what do you think the criteria for raising your rank is?


Panel 05

Magic Quantities, High-Speed Magic Enchanting, Demon Beasts Subjugation Rate, Mission and Request Completion Rate, isn’t it?

Depending on the Demon Beasts Danger Rate, it will have different evaluations right?

Well, that’s about it


[Page 05]

Panel 01

You managed to summarized it

Now then, which one of them do you think is the most important during an evaluation?

Our Magic Quantities and Enchanting, I think.


Panel 02

Nope, it’s Demon Beasts Subjugation Rate and their Danger Rating.


[Page 06]

Panel 01

!That being said, defeating small-fries will only mark you as a notification,

!However, defeating higher Danger Rate Demon Beasts will change your rank greatly


Panel 02

Then, we can’t raise our ranks at this rate.


Panel 03

Well, it’s not completely impossible but you won’t catch up with a real Magician in the battlefield.


@That’s exactly why even if they’re four digits, they can be called excellent students.

@Leaving subjugation aside, if we raised their ranks based only on Magic Quantities and High Speed Enchants, looking with their current rank we can expect something in the future.

@I can somehow understand the Principal’s expectation


[Page 07]

Panel 01

In short, I will teach you the method to subjugate Demon Beasts and raise your ranks in the future

For now, raise your ranks no matter how little. If you want to practice without my teachings, that’s fine too.

Bring it on! Basically we have to raise our ranks, no?


Panel 02

Look at this



Panel 03

What is this? So pretty

Magic Reinforcement!?


Panel 04

Needless to say, I’ve imbued this with a little Magic Reinforcement,

Without it, there’s no way a paper pamphlet could hold out against a short-sword.


[Page 08]

Panel 01

Let me say this first, this is training for beginners

People who can’t do this won’t be able to defeat Demon Beasts.

They will be eaten and meet their death.


Panel 02

Shall I begin? Then…


Panel 05


What did you do!?


[Page 09]

Panel 01

This is an application of Magic Reinforcement

You’re lying!

I can’t see any Magic

Well, I can’t call myself as Single Digit if it can be seen by you girls.


Panel 02

Hey, how did you do it?


Panel 03

Lend me your AWR


Panel 04

We have proper names you know


Panel 05

What is it?


[Page 10]

Panel 01

As I thought! This guy!!

Fia, stop it!


Panel 02

Ah, that’s it. Trash Fia, isn’t it? Thank you, Alice.


Panel 03

That’s wrong!!


[Page 11]

Panel 01

If you won’t lend it to me, you’re wasting your precious time. Is it OK with you, Tesfia?


Panel 02



Panel 03

As I thought, it’s a short-sword. Its magic sequence is properly engraved

With this, I can approve choosing this AWR


Panel 04

In a state like this, it certainly can cut paper with both sides. Have you wondered why?

That’s right. Even though the blade is clad with Magic Power, why can it do that? It’s because the magic is properly imagined as blade.


[Page 12]

Panel 01



Panel 02

It was clad in very thin Magic Power!


Panel 03

Of course, this kind of thing isn’t even worth mentioning

It already is a blade so giving it magic is only going to make it better

Hey, isn’t that amazing already?


Panel 04

Using this theory, I wasn’t only making the magic reinforce in my hand to make a blade

Imagining my Magic Power, I manipulated it to make a Magic Sword.

So that’s why…

I can’t do it at all


[Page 13]

Panel 01

Well, if you can do this, it will be straight to Double Digits


But for you guys who can’t do basic Magic Reinforcements, I’ll say it’s impossible


Panel 02

That’s why


This is made using a corpse of a Demon Beast I defeated previously


Panel 03



Panel 04


This precious article is one of a kind in the world


@I lost myself for a moment because it felt the same as when I subjugated a Demon Beast…


[Page 14]

Panel 01

Calm down,

Even I trained with that myself for years. Nothing will happen.


Panel 02



Panel 03

Although I didn’t need to do it


Panel 04

First, channel your Magic Power




[Page 15]

Panel 01

That’s the characteristics of a Demon Beast

If you channel magic to the baton, it will be dispersed


Panel 02

Then how do you reinforce it with Magic?

It’s by suppressing your magic


Panel 03

Suppressing… my magic?


Panel 04

I’m surprised you can call yourselves excellent students.

We didn’t say it ourselves.


[Page 16]

Panel 01

Now they start acting up,

Self-confidence that borders on Pride is the first thing that will become a Demon Beast’s bait,

But this is the Principal’s request,


Panel 02

Just as I thought, I’m not fit to be an instructor


Panel 03

Both of you, show me your skins


Panel 04

Yo…You, that’s Sexual Harrasment!

What? Don’t be mistaken, are you an idiot?

Your arm is fine


[Page 17]

Panel 01




Panel 02


What are you doing!


With this, your magic power will be concentrated in your legs



Panel 03

With this part in pain, your Magic Power will be trained to subconsciously gather around ‘Other parts that isn’t in pain’

Magic Power that was normally running through your body will react to appear aggressively now in reflex.

With one part in constant pain, your mind will sub-consciously focus on that. Magic will react to that and will flow to that part.


Panel 04

What is that?

Control your Magic Power properly


[Page 18]

Panel 01

Looks like it’s no good

Are you girls truly Four Digits?

What do you mean?


Panel 02

I’m asking if you’re really four digits when you can’t do it even being guided this much.

@If Four Digits can only do this much, I’m worried about the future of mankind.


[Page 19]

Panel 01

Just look at us, we can master this on no time, you hear!

@Nod Nod


Panel 02

Now then, I will continue on my own research

If both of you persist, you’ll master it eventually. Call me when that happens.


Panel 03


Can you give us a hint…


Panel 04

Don’t hold yourself back


[Page 20]

Panel 02

It’s already this late,

I have to escort them back


Panel 03




Panel 04



Panel 05




[Page 21]

Panel 01

Hey, it’s already late. You girls should go back to the dorm for today.


Panel 02

Eh… It’s already this late?

I didn’t realize at all.


Panel 03

Now, prepare to go back

@Their concentration is so-so I guess.


Panel 05

Thanks for today

Thank you for bringing us back

Ah, quickly go back to your room


Panel 06

I guess I need to confirm it.


[Page 22]

Panel 01

!Principal’s room

I can only have bad premonition

My, I haven’t said anything so why do you show that face?

Ah, I get it. You said you haven’t said anything? Then it’ll be another troublesome request

Ara ara, having quick wits really help



Panel 02

It’s this one


Panel 03

What do you want me to do?

I don’t really want you to do anything but what do you think?


[Page 23]

Panel 01

!Effectively from this year, they will be introducing a new Curriculum to hold Extracurricular Lessons outside the Boundaries regarding Demon Beast Subjugation.


Panel 02

Before I answer you, can I ask you one thing?



Panel 03

Is this because of my retirement request?


However, this will increase casualty count

My guess is the same


Panel 04

Although in my opinion, I am quite late. First, Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Magic Academy have already introduced this Curriculum

@Fighting in real battles with Demon Beasts after graduation is only a matter of time. The problem for Students is how they haven’t trained enough to do so.

@Not only that, there’s the matter about their Psychology. There’s also a real chance where they can’t return to the battlefield because they were overcome by terror from a real battle experience.


[Page 24]

Panel 01

Basically, it’s the Higher Up’s instruction?

I think so. Because of gradual weakening of the Protection Border, they are saying ‘go quickly pile up real battlefield experience’, but…


Panel 02

As investors, maybe they want to utilize the merit of several Magic Education Institutions

The higher ups must be thinking so


Panel 03

Then, what’ll you do?

I’m mostly stuck with the Defensive Mission so you’re more informed about Demon Beasts than I am.

Ars-kun, can you do something about it?


[Page 25]

Panel 01

For example, working up through the Higher Ups…

It has to be an Overall Army Decision so it’s impossible

Then, Ars-kun, what about sweeping through strong Demon Beasts alone…


Panel 02

That’s impossible

How many students do you think will participate in this Extracurricular Study? I can’t make all of them go ‘Paa’

As I expected, another quick answer


Panel 03

Eh… Then is there anything we can try?


Panel 04

I can’t dismiss them all. I have to give an alternative… Huh…

Can I make a change in that instruction report?


[Page 26]

Panel 01

As long as it doesn’t result in the loss of objectives from this Extracurricular Lesson


Panel 03

There’s no mistake, it’s this Area right?



Panel 04

Then let’s hear the details



[Page 27]

Panel 01

This area has the lowest Rank of Demon Beasts that can appear. However, B-Rates can rarely appear too.

That being said, this area is further but I think…


[Page 28]

Panel 01

A Mysterious Girl enters the stage!!

!In 27 Jan 2018, Volume 1 will be printed! Wait for it!!

!New episode will unfold next Issue!


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