Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu Chapter 1

Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu Chapter 1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1
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1 This is…
remember that…
while I was looking for a job
I crossed the street
and then…
ah, right, mobile phone
2 reply
3 how to cheat goddesses to become superior!?
4 I am going to an interview, Kusunoki
hey, brother
tonight, we will have hamburger
even if you fail to get the job, you must go home right away. Don’t be disappointed
why do you say that right before I go to the interview?
in heaven, our parents will pray for you
oh man…
5 3 years ago, my parents passed away due to a traffic accident, we had to live by ourselves since then. Although the living condition is harsh
my little sister always supported and cared for me
not only so, she has invested on stocks under my name on my behalf, when I turned 20
stock market chart
make a lot of money
I keep a blind eye because I hope that she’d be successful and become a millionaire
it is better to quit school, and look for a job. Isn’t it?
… no. because of looking for a job that made she worry more. that is why she participated in stock market
no, that won’t do
I have to…
I have to stop thinking
After all, I have to find a permanent job
brother, go beat your record (100 times being turned down in a row) ==> changed it a bit to make it more understandable that the sister is referring to him always getting turned down
by the way
6 remember to buy Sukiyaki ice-cream for me
in case there is no more Sukiyaki, buy fresh pudding tofu with seaweed is fine
those are hot, so they will run out of stock soon
are you kidding me, those things are so weird
no one wants to buy them, that is the reason why they don’t stock those products
I have to go
yup, 5 minutes before the interview
honk honk honkkkk
7 !
8 bloody hell
almost died!!
if I died because of a truck running me over, I’d become such a waste.
oh sh*t, I forgot the driver!?
oh no, the horses are running out of the truck
9 oh right, I was going to an interview
and then, I was stomped
where am I?
is this heaven…?
uhm, you have just died
while the horse thief was escaping, he crashed
unfortunately, you were stomped down by those horses
I am really dead
because of that?
Mily, I am so sorry
hey, young boy
Huhu, my family seems to die in the same way, always because of traffic accident
hey, young boy
10 you dare ignore me? I am talking to you!?
ah ah ?
who is an oak.. I’m a goddess
oh right!
hey what!
did you just read my mind!?
you are a goddess for real?
oh man…
of course, that is the reason why I’m meeting you
when the tenth million person dies, that one person is granted an opportunity to come to new world ==> (rephrased to make it more understandable that the dead dude is the 10th mill winner)
do you want to be revived into the new world
or do you simply want to die
hic, how about returning to my old world
11 that cannot be
you want to die straight away
…if I do not want to die, I can only go to the new world
it means I will be reborn
nope, you will certainly die again if I let you be reborn with this human condition, thus
I will give you a special ability
this new world has tons of monsters and magic. In short, it’s just like a RPG  game
hunt the monsters down to gain exp and loots in order to level up, that is what the new world is meant to be
therefore, I will give you the ability. Which one do you pefer? I encourage you to become a knight immediately
I don’t want to be a knight
cheating ability or evil domination ability are also unatractive ==> interchanged domination and evil to put more sense into it
is there any ability that’s handy for surviving
here are some recommendations, let me show you
The recommendations
Steal skill
…so on.
after all, the ultimate goal is to defeat monsters
12 is there any way for me to boost my exp bar 100 times safely
100 times is too high, the maximum is 20
20 times… it means that if I fight for 5 years, I will accumulate the exp of a normal person who fights for 100 years
it is a good deal
it looks like a good ability in the new world
I have decided, I choose the ability to mutiply my exp by 20 times
you have chosen your ability
what the heck
I thought there would be something special than that
you want me to kiss you? You are so gullible
no no no, thanks you, lots
oh, there is one thing you should bear in mind
13 there is no real misson for you in this new world. there are not many differences compared to the old world, so
so, enjoy your new normal life here
bye bye
oh man, I should not have asked to stay here
I got the ability to gain 20 times exp
that was my decision, I have to live with that!
hey Goddess-sama, I’m not ready to get in the new world
14 Goddess-samaaa
I am starting to get nervous
so noisy…!
when did I oversleep
I’m a goddess
how about the previous goddess
haiz,  you need not know. I want to tell you
you have just died. But in 10 million deaths, there wil be one person who gets a big opportunity
as to what you have heard…
15 I will grant you an ability
oh,.. Well.. I already have an ability to mutiply the exp gain by 20 times
I see, I do not have that type of ability, but I have a similar one ==> changed ok ok to I see to have a smooth flow of the conversation
bye bye
I’m going back to sleep, enjoy your new world
bye bye
wait… I have just got…
16 ahhh
this is…
read the book…
read the book…
what is in that book
I am Japanese
17 oh, of course I’m Japanese
Aza world
I’m Daijiro
I live in the new world
this world called Aza world
I fell into this new world and now it will become a legacy
there are others in this world
you can check your statistics
open status?
18 woaa
Name: Ichinojou / Job : N/a  / Lv1
Race:  human
HP 10/10
MP: 8/8
Attack: 9  Defend: 7
Magic Attack: 4  Magic Defend: 3
Speed: 4  Luck: 10
Equipment: vest E , leather shoes: E
Skill: N/a
Achivement: N/a   other form: civilian LV1
my name is Ichinosuke, not Ichiojou
Why are there so many bugs in this world? Those goddesses are irresponsible
HP is similar to RPG, easy to understand
no job
there are jobs in this world
if I complete the quests, my job level will go up
civilian needs to pay tax. Mage can use magic. Hunter can hunt monsters
oh, the abilities
19 exp is mutiplied by 20 times
only need 1/20 required exp
this is what I got from the second goddess
it has similar meaning with the first ability
so, my exp will be mutiplied by around 40 times
wait a second
this is the mutiplayer
it multiplies 20 times faster which requires 1/20 = 400 times
holy crap, that is so awesome
Oh oh oh
wait wait wait
I gain exp faster than normal people 400 times
he he he
20 but, I have got no job
in this world, it should be better if I had a job
because having “no job” gives me neither extra status nor skill
I have to find a job, and then I should level up
this area has rabbits, I can use them as food or I can sell it to traders
that is
I can use this one as a food bag
this one…
how much food can I store here…?
it’s just a cloth bag
amazingly, the bag is unlimited
21 in the game, the description for the achievements will be written here
with this cloth bag, I can discover the entire world easily
moreover, I have been granted some coins
you are able to change the job in the northen city…
current location
finally, there’s a notice about changing jobs
suppose that you commit a  serious crime, you will be automatically changed into a criminal. In that case, you will be pursued like a criminal
piece of advice: do not let yourself in that situation
I do not think I would want to be a criminal
it seems the map can be taken with me
firstly, let’s go to the northen city
oh right
22 *rustle
that door room
all of this is magic, isn’t it?
23 ehhh. What did I step on
what is this
You win
defeated Slime
there is slime in this world?
this is so identical to a RPG
so, I have to try my best in this world
what… what is that!? What is that sound
leveled up
24 defeating just one slime
oh oh
Ichinojou / updating information
reached level 3
Status  confirmed
exp is mutiplied by 20 times
only need 1/20 required exp
this is awesome
with this pace
Nom nom nom
25 leveled up
it’s okay to kill those, but it certainly requires a bit of bravery
no job skill N/a
changing job
sub-job option
Civilian unlocked
Farmer unlocked
Hunter unlocked
Lumberjack unlocked
let’s put the rabbits in the cloth bag
unlocking jobs is definitely RPG style
wait, if I have no job, I will not be able to acquire skills
open status
26 the statusc is rocketing
I have just killed 2 rabits
as my exp bar increases faster, 400 times the rate of a normal person, it’s equalivent to 800 rabbits dead
when people appear in this world, they are immediately civilians
therefore, nobody wants to hold that “no job” status to level 20
maybe, they also do not know that having no job can acquire skill
why do we have many slot for jobs
let’s set no job as a sub-job
when you delete ” no job” out of innital job slot, you cannot set it back. Are you sure?
27 Wait, so if I delete “no job” now, I am unable to to have “no job” again
well, I guess there are some benefits for “no job”
even though it’s sure to have nobody wanting to keep no job
just let it be for a period of time and see what will happen
In this world, I am still unemployed
shorter than I thought
28 I can’t read it
what is it saying?
welcome to Floarans, the maze city
oh, yes
may I enter the city?
yes, you must put your hand into this crystal ball
…into this?
yes, just for chekcing your current job status
that is so convenient
if it knows my job status…
29 “no job” seems shameful
job.. Oh well… my job is rather specific.. How can I explain it to you..?
oh, the specific jobs will not show up
we just want to make sure that you are not a criminal
if you are a criminal, the crystal will become black, trade will turn it into green, and aristocrats will turn it into gold. Based on the colour, the tax is also calculated ==> changed gentlemen to aristocrats so its more understandable since the rpg isn’t really using gentlemen
I see, that is convenient
it seems you have no problem entering this city
the amount of the entrance tax is….
the money I received from Daijiro-san
this is the amount
yup, you have just enough
civilian leveled up
30 so,  different jobs have different quests to fulfil
I will check it again later
woa.. The new world
this is the trade market for explorers that she pointed out
before that…
I have to do something with this vest
Th is is definitely the new world, they keep looking at me like I am a newbie
31 come in
ah… handsome boy
what do you want today?
oh, well.. I need casual clothes
and, I also want to sell this one
oh. I see. I will evaluate yours, but first, please choose from the new cloths
luckily, they argeed to rebuy my vest
this vest
is it priceless?
32 huh?
3 golden coins
is its worth
generally, when I hear the term “golden”, I get a bit hyped
the new clothes fit you
did you know that this price equals the revenue of my shop in one year. When I was just an explorer, it was even more than the amount that I save for a year
that is a good price
you aren’t used to being a explorer
that is why you are so honest
why is the price of this vest so high
because this is rare stuff
stuff from different worlds are rare,  so that researchers are willing to buy them with a high price. That is the reason
they know about the old world
darling, do you want to sell it?
oh yes, yes. Rebuy it, please
33 I cannot prepare that amount of money now, can you return to our shop tomorrow?
I didn’t know that the vest I wear to impress interviewers would fetch such a price
Luckily, I don’t have much expenses on this trip
well, let’s move to the food stores
34 people are talking
the environment is so scary
excuse me, I want to sell rabbits
welcome to our stores. Yes, please show us your explorer ID card
exlorer ID card?
35 if I do not change my “no job” status I cannot purchase anything in this store
I supposed I could survive here without a need to change my “no job” status, but if I want to survive
is there any trouble?
oh, Mr. Matias
the sales in the food stores are irrelevant to your business
I have heard the story, why do you want to register in this
I have this idea for you
martias- san is
firstly, we should go outside
36 there are many types of stores in this area
if you want to enter them, you need to have the required job
however, there is a way to get in without matching the job status
that is, to start your own wholesale
I see. But, doesn’t it violate…
no no, it is allowed, but the store unions will charge you some indirect fee
so, Mr. Matias. Can you do it for me?
no, I cannot do it. I’m not an explorer
a slave trader
37 *jump
although I mentioned being a slave trader, we are not bad guys. We feed slaves, we provide them with accommodation. In addtion, if we treat them badly, we will be punished
well, but when I heard “slaver trader”
I felt uncomfortable
I don’t only sell them, i  also have them for rent
all the actions that can hurt or are cruel to slaves are prohibited here.
slave protection rights
no abuse   no oppression
Izumi’s white wolf
the host: Matias
to put it simple, we treat them as our representatives
by the way,how much for a slave
it depends on the race
38 if the slave is a human, it costs from 1 to 3 golden coins
besides, if the slave has special skills, the price should be higher
it’s obvious that it is not easy to buy since the price is high and we have to include the tax per capita
welcome, this is my store
woah.. It is so big
this business guarantees bringing sound profit, doesn’t it?
this way
you can wait here
I will bring the slave suitable with your condition
39 sorry for having you wait so long
this slaver is…..
40 My name is Haruwatat of the white wolf clan
nice to meet you


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