Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu Chapter 2

Seichou Cheat de Nandemo Dekiru you ni Natta ga, Mushoku dake wa Yamerarenai you desu Chapter 2

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1 I dropped by the guild to sell the rabbits
Chapter 2 “Newcomer maze conquest”
Unexpectedly but thankfully, I am now able to do everything. However, the title “No Job” hasn’t left me
Why am I out here now?
Because I have no job, I can’t get into that guild
However, luckily, I could use a slave who can go inside instead, without violating the law
Haruwatat sold the rabbits for me
However …
Why does she take so long …
Did she escape…?
But she has a slave collar, she should be obedient…
Made you wait long
2 Ha…Haru-san!?
Yes, master?
Eh Ehhhhh You took a little long
Slicing Skill
Well, you told me to try to make the most out of it so I asked to use their kitchen to cut the rabbits into parts
Oh, that’s why it took so long
This is your money
1 silver
3 Huh? I thought the overall price was 10 cent/rabbit, isn’t this three times the money?
Cutting them up is truly advantageous
Ah, Haru-san
I’m sorry
Eh? It’s okay, but what are you apologizing for?
Well, being able to get into that guild is good
It’s better to ne a freelance swordman (better than no job)
Then why don’t you try? Luckily, there is a maze in this city
If you survive for more than 3 years in the maze, you will become a swordman
3 years huh (Then it’s 3 days for me?)
Yes, but it’s not easy!
4 There is a reason why I don’t change my job
But I still want to get inside the maze
If that’s so, please bring me, I’m familiar with the maze
The white wolf have better hearing and smelling senses than humans
I will be useful
Even if you get lost, I will follow your smell and find you
My smell!?
I can hear even the sound of your stomach?
Eh, stop, stop
Haru-san is certainly more interesting than I thought
Do you really mean that?
Uhm, let’s go get some BBQ pork
Eh I don’t..
It’s on the house, for the rabbits
….thank you, sir
5 Thank you
If I have you, Haru-san, I need no one else, because you can do everything
I’m not that good
But I will not block your way
She shows self-confidence by waving her tail?
Thanks for the meal
With Haru-san coming along
It will be an interesting trip
Sorry, but
The slave lending regulations said not to let the slave get into danger so…
It’s okay, I understand
6 You helped me so much today, thank you
I should be the one thanking you
Being able to go out, even for a short period of time, it was fun
She looks well to me
Of course! You said so yourself, if anything happens to her, I will have to pay the hospital fee and compensation
Even though Haru-san seems very excited about the maze,
Not going to that kind of place will be better for her
She can’t go there
In this kingdom, slaves are not under any kind of strict regulations, they can set the conditions for their buyers to some extent
But that only applies to their first year
First year?
It’s the slave protection law. If a slave doesn’t want to be sold, the conditions will be harder to meet, and the buyers will give up eventually
7 Is there any condition for Haru-san?
She wants her buyer to be stronger than her
The white wolf will only be loyal to those stronger than themselves
Because being loyal to someone weaker means risking their own lives
I don’t really get it but I think that doesn’t explain why she can’t go to the maze
Actually, there’s one royal member that wants her, so…
And that one is the supporter of all stores for explorers. So… It’s hard to say anything
Royal member w
Adventurer’s Guild
….So it’s like that
If anyone pays special attention to Haru-san, that one might get in trouble with the guild
Money has the same power here
That royal member couldn’t defeat Haruwatat so he’s waiting for that 1 year to end
So after 1 year, the conditions will no longer be in effect and you can buy a slave as long as you have enough money
8 When is the end of that 1 year though?
10 days from today
I’m very sorry. Because you are not an adventurer and not under the influence of that royal member, I introduced her to you
I wanted her to go out, even for a short period of time. Because a slave cannot go out without a master.
Even though there are some benefits, they are treated no differently
Last question, how much is Haru-san?
100 000 normally. But if you can meet her conditions, only 30 000*

*TLN: The 30 000 is probably not in gold coins but in a lesser currency not mentioned here

The same price as my vest…
If 1 gold equals to 1 million yen
Then the normal price will be 10 million yen…
If I meet her conditions, it will be 3 million yen…
I can actually buy her with all the money I have now
9 But, I certainly will not buy her
Oh… quite a price huh
Her situation is pitiful, but it’s legal in this world. If I keep getting emotional like this, I will buy every slave I meet
Well, I’ll be leaving now
See you again…
I don’t gain any merit from doing it
If I need to use the guild, I can just rent one. With my ability, the only one I truly need is myself
Moreover, If I buy a slave, I will have to pay tax and other kinds of money
Tsk, I shouldn’t have mixed thoughts
Before I was trying to stick with the rational decision, consider how others look at me…
Should I keep pushing myself?
I’ve revived in this world
Multiply the exp by 20 times
Only need 1/20 required exp
I even have this kind of special skill
10 That goddess also said
Enjoy your new life here
Yes, how can I let her be bought by someone she doesn’t like, how can I walk away from that…
This is my chance to do what I want!
I …
Want to buy Haru
11 If that royal member buys her, she might be happier than when she was all by herself
But I will not regret what I decided to do
10 days until the year end… Tsk
After 9 days, I have to challenge Haru and defeat her
Until then, I must prepare myself in order to be stronger
I don’t know anything since I’m new to this world
But with what I already have, to make myself stronger
…it’s this person
12 Oh, so it’s like that
I understand now
You cannot go to the guild belonging to the royal family
And you can’t get any information on the slaves there, either
That’s why you came to an ex-adventurer like me, is that right?
What an adventurer thinks and does is what matters the most
What to do if you’re weak, if you can’t get information from anywhere
Those speaking mere words are all bullshit
Ichi-kun seems cut out to be an adventurer
And since you so desperately want to help a slave like that
It’s decided
13 If the white wolf has to obey someone weaker than them, it’s worse than death, so if possible, they will choose to die
But once worn the slave collar, they can’t decide for themselves. A slave must follow orders.
If something that is worse than death continues for a long time, they certainly cannot be happy
So I want to confirm something, what do you want to do now, Ichi-kun?
I will become stronger than her
I want to buy her
…Well it depends on your actual state, but anyway, I don’t want to dissuade a young boy’s determination so
I will support those with high spirit
Wait a minute
  14 It suits you
All this for me?
In this city, you can only buy weapons at the guild
You can’t let those stores know, can you?
Maganet-san, thank you so much
It fits perfectly
I don’t think these are your old stuff, right?
They once belonged to my best friend when I was an adventurer
  15 He was cute, like Ichi-kun, I liked him a lot
But a monster killed him. I didn’t want to party with anyone else other than him
So I also quit exploring
And being a man as well
It’s very touching, but giving up being a man is…
But these are your memories
They are important to you
Items should be used true to their functions. I think he will be happy if Ichi-kun uses them
I will try my best
Okay, do your best
You can drop by my house tonight
16 Before going to the maze, I should check my status
Maganet-san said if I have a sword, I will be a swordsman trainee, starting from lv 2
Status  2/5
Armor Chest armor, Shoulder armor, Boots
She also said it doesn’t count just holding the sword, I have to use it according to its main function
Is that right?
I must quickly learn sword skills
17 You are the gate guard from the other day?
Oh onii-san, you came for the maze?
I swapped shift, I am now guarding the maze gate
If you want to get inside, be careful, even though this one is said to be for beginners, some have died there
There were even reports of thieves recently
There sure are lots of rumors
Hehe, but we guard here, so don’t worry
From time to time I will go on a patrol in there so if there’s a chance, let’s meet inside
My pleasure
Be careful
18 Inside the maze
At this level
There are werewolves everywhere
The rabbit-killing stone…
Since I can’t use the sword for now, I will use this for the moment, to kill them one by one
Oh, is it a monster
It hasn’t sensed me yet
Okay, let’s get it. Just be calm, just be calm. Don’t freak out, just one hit and I’m done… Okay…
19 There are two of them, I’m done for!
Even those who have great skills will lose in this situation
The only way to win is running away, to separate them
Gahhh, they are behind me, too
Help, a newcomer here is in danger
20 You’re right, he has got a sword but doesn’t use it, is he a LV 1 swordsman trainee?
Should we help him?
Let’s make a bet, Alice. Werewolves Vs That newcomer, who will win
Is this a bet to you? He is fighting with just a stone
The key is to do your best
We also level up by continuously fighting
That’s right
Don’t you want to help?
Explorers are rivals, even though I won’t help, I will support you. Fight, newcomer!
Damn! If they pay attention to that side…
21 Don’t come here
I need to kill one werewolf, just one, to level up
Then I can use the sword to get out of this
There’s no other way…
22 Just keep running
Trick to them to chase me
Take them down with one hit
Just be calm, I just need to be calm and strike once, like when I killed the rabbits
The weak spot is at the neck
23 Ah ah ah ah ah ah
Oh, he is bitten
God, he can’t even escape that low level monsters
Shit, that hurts. Let me go
You stupid dogggggg
24 Haaa…
25 How’s my level!?
Still the same!?
No new notification
Is it because I’m in the middle of the fight so I can’t level up!?
They seem to be more aware
I cannot let three of them block my escape. Right now, this is the chance to separate them.
26 Ichinojou’s levelled up
As expected of a RPG
Skill Swordsman Trainee Sword Equipped
Skill Swordsman Trainee “Slash” received
Job Swordsman Trainee Unlocked
Skill No Job  Skill setting job levelled up from rank 2 to rank 3
Skill No Job “Job Checker” received
Setting automatically change a rank 3 job into civilian Lv15
After levelling up, my body feels lighter and full of energy
Now that I can use the sword…
27 This default skill given when the sword is equipped is good… My body adjusts better than I expected
I couldn’t move this fast before
Different world is awesome
I will try out the new skill
28 Slash
30 Thud


I want to try flying and fighting
It’d be so cool
Open status
Levelled up
Skill Swordsman Trainee  “Rotating slash” received
Skill Hunter   Bow and arrow received
Skill Hunter    “Slicing” received
This is the magic stone Maganet-san talked about? This can be sold at the guild so I have to collect this
The claws may be useful, too
I wonder what my status is now
31 The status is divided into different jobs… the sum will be my strength indexes
The more jobs I have, probably the higher the indexes will become
This world natives’ average HP is 50 but I have far beyond that
But my HP was 30, now it’s 11, that means if I’m biten 3 times then I’ll die for sure…
MP minus 2, probably because of that slash
That means I’m nearly in danger now
Come on, I have to fight to become stronger
32 Not bad, huh
As promised
Alice, your lips are mine now
My Joffre, I thought this time your lips would be mine
What the…?
Oops, I almost forgot the newly received “Job Checker”
Let’s try it on them
Job checker
Swordsman Trainee
Whip user
These two….
Just a swordsman trainee and a whip user
This skill is quite useful…
33 Lancer Trainee
The gate guard Onee-san
Oh, Onii-san from before
Are you okay? You’re injured
No problem at all
Here, take this potion
Uhm, but
This one is given to everyone, don’t worry.
It’s for times like this so don’t be shy
Well…thank you
Eh, this…
34 Too bitter
Ahaha. Although it’s not tasty
I think it’s good for your wound
I’m going to the 5th floor, I will return to the gate 3 hours later
Onii-san, don’t push yourself too hard
Okay thanks
As expected of someone who is not used to this, I’m getting tired already, both physically and mentally
My level is quite okay now, let’s stop here today
35 Welcome back, baby
I can see from your face that you’ve got something big today
Tired, aren’t you? My place has guesthouses
You can stay if you want, it’s okay
You want to help that slave girl, right? I promised to help you until the end of the one year
So don’t be shy
Thank you so much
You’ve helped me a lot, from my equipment to this special treatment
If I can do anything to pay it back
Nevermind. But if you insist, …
I will be very pleased if you use your body
36 Use your body to carry stuff for me
Don’t you like sleeping on a bed?
Let’s move this quickly!
Let’s move it together
Can this be considered as “moving it together”?
Lifted up
Thanks, it’s totally different when a man is helping
Everything is done in the blink of an eye
I didn’t help with anything though…
I’m going to cook dinner, just relax while you’re waiting
Oh, okay
Let’s use this spare time to classify what I’ve got
As I’m 400 faster than normal people, I’m not used to being this attentive to every little detail
37 Hah, all done. Swordsman Trainee lv 2, as expected of my amazing ability
I’m getting stronger. I will get much stronger in the future.
Isn’t Ichi-kun so determined
If only one part of that spirit can be for me instead
Stop joking
Dinner is done. Go clean yourself before it’s served
Oh, she prepared hot water for me, too
Put your dirty clothes into the basket by the bathroom, I will help you with the laundry
Thank you so much
I will check the smell before doing the laundry
I’m joking, change your clothes or you will get a cold
38 Surprisingly, Maganet-san is so caring
Like a brother? No, like a sister? Maybe?
I have to do something to return her favors
Maganet-san, what are you doing!
You want me to get mad?
I didn’t see anything, nothing at all!
You’re still looking?!
Kyaaaaaa kyaaaaa… Ichi-kun is a pervert
Why does she act like she’s the victim!!
39 Wow, this looks great
It’s all meat
Huh? 3 servings?
Oh, about that, there’s one more person staying here
Solun-chan. A lancer trainee, gate guard, she has a tan complexion
She helped me, too
Oh, I met her today, at the maze
She said she would return 3 hours later
Oh really? Normally she would have been back by now…
Knock knock
She must have lied and went somewhere. Okay, I’m coming
40 Oh, Mr. Security Chief?
Sorry for bothering you this late
What!? Solun-chan has not returned from the maze!?



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