Seirei Gensouki Chapter 4

Seirei Gensouki Chapter 4

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Page 1:

Charles: A sturdy brat, ain’t you?

Charles: It would be better for you to spill the beans!

Box: How… did I

Box: end up in this…

Rio: You… got…

Rio: the wrong…

Box: In this situation…

Writing on the side: Rio, being suspected to have kidnapped the princess, is being…


Page 2:

Box: Why is nobody helping me?

Chapter 4: Royalty


Page 3:

Seria: It doesn’t look like somebody used magic on her.

Seria: It seems she is only dehydrated.

Seria: If she gets some rest she should recover easily.

Vanessa: Oh… That is good news.

Vanessa: Seria, I couldn’t tell you how grateful we are for the number of times you aided us.

Seria: Oh, no. I am just grateful that I can be of help.


Page 4:

Seria: This kid named Rio, wouldn’t it be better to help him?

Vanessa: This kid lied right to our faces, therefore…

Vanessa: He is from the slums. We can’t be too careful with such people.

Seria: I… I don’t think that he looked like a bad kid.

Vanessa: If a teacher from the Royal Academy, like you, says that…

Seria: Oh dear, I am but a freshling.

Loli: Nnnn….


Page 5:

Seria: Oh, Flora-Sama. You regained consciousness.

Flora: This… is?

Seria: This is your bedroom, Flora-sama.

Flora: And you are…?


Page 6:

Seria: My name is Seria Claire.

Seria: I am a teacher who is in charge of Christina-sama’s education.

Flora: I see, so you are the rumored tutor of my sister. I heard a lot of good things about you.

Seria: Oh my, I am not worthy of your praise.

Flora: Anyways… What exactly happened?

Vanessa: I shall explain the whole situation.

Flora: I see, so that’s how it was.

Flora: I was saved by that black-haired boy…


Page 7:

Vanessa: So it is true that you were saved by that boy?

Flora: Yes.

Flora: I want to express my gratitude to him. Where can I find him?

Vanessa: He is currently being interrogated.

Flora: So he is in the castle!

Flora: I want to meet him as fast as possible. Could you please call him immediately?

Vanessa: An orphan from the slums visiting the royal rooms is a bit…

Flora: Vanessa!


Page 8:

Seria: Well, can’t you do anything about it?

Vanessa: Ehh…

Vanessa: Understood.

Vanessa: BUT!

Vanessa: I will have to get the permission of the king as well. In the meanwhile, you get changed.

Seria: I shall be of assistance for that.

Flora: Thank you very much.

Flora: Hehe.

Vanessa: *sigh*


Page 9:


Alfred: HOW WAS THAT? You ready to tell us everything?

Rio: A…

Rio: As …

Rio: As I said… I didn’t do anything…

Rio: I don’t… know anything…

Writing: It… hurts


Page 10:

Charles: What a sturdy brat. He still doesn’t talk, despite all this.

Writing: If I could … use the enhancing power from before…

Writing: Why can’t I use it?

Writing: Can I not use it since I am still not used to it?

Writing: Or is there another reason for it…?

Charles: I, Charles Arbeau, am the vice leader of the royal guard

Charles: and you still refuse to answer my questions, despite me interrogating you personally?

Writing: An interrogation… this?

Charles: You are the kidnapper.

Charles: It doesn’t even matter if you really are or not.


Page 11:

Charles: If we don’t get the kidnapper in this whole situation, the royal guard… No,

Charles: my standing will suffer severe damage, got it?

Rio: What a …

Rio: Ridiculous thing… to be worried about.

Charles: If a worthless slum orphan like you dies, nobody would care nor complain.

Charles: No, if anything, they would welcome your end.

Charles: WHICH IS WHY…

Charles: SAY IT!



Page 12:

Rio: It… wasn’t me.

Charles: This son of a… He is still not giving in.

Charles: Hey!

Charles: Go and bring me a slave neck ring.

Soldier: But sir…

Soldier: The slave neck ring is only used on convicted criminals and is not supposed to be used on innocent…



Soldier: But still…

Vanessa: Arbeau-Dono. What is the meaning of this?!


Page 13:

Vanessa: As far as I know, I entrusted the interrogation of the boy to one of my footmen.

Charles: Oh dear, it’s Vanessa.

Charles: As if that matter. You can’t leave such matter to some useless footmen.

Vanessa: Even if that is so, this is no interrogation.

Vanessa: This is nothing but torture.

Charles: This brat went against the royal family.

Charles: So just turn a blind eye to it, won’t you?


Page 14:

Vanessa: We had to use magic-sealing handcuffs when we brought him here.

Vanessa: Although I don’t believe that a person from the slums is able to use magic.

Charles: True, that really is impossible.

Vanessa: Damn that man. He is just saying what seems to fit…

Vanessa: I can confirm from Flora-Sama that this boy did indeed save her.

Vanessa: With that being said, I think this interrogation doesn’t make any sense.

Page 15:

Charles: Oh my, how soothing that you could clear up this horrible misunderstanding. I am deliriously happy.

Vanessa: With this, I have your permission to take the boy with me, am I right?

Charles: Of course, I am leaving the aftermath to you.

Charles: I am a very busy person after all.


Page 16:

Vanessa: Hey, boy! Can you hear me?

Vanessa: HEY!

Rio: Y….Y….

Writing: This…

Writing: This is the house, where I lived with my mother…

Page 17:

Writing: My father and mother, who were both adventurers

Writing: settled down in this city called Beltram.

Writing: My father continued working as an adventurer, but didn’t return home anymore

Writing: My mother raised me all on her own.

Writing: We weren’t rich, but we lived a prudent life. And one day


Page 18:

Box: Mother was killed.

Murderer: Yo, Rio. Your mother was a real fine woman.

Murderer: Isn’t it regretful. Isn’t it painful, Rio?

Rio: Mother… mo… Mother…

Murderer: Now, listen closely to what I have to say to you.

Rio: AaaaAAAaaaaH


Murder: Tell me, Rio. Is it dreadful?

Murder: Do you detest the man who killed your beloved mother?


Page 19:

Blackwriting: Detest.

Blackwriting: I won’t die in a shithole like this.

Blackwriting: I will take revenge on the man who killed my mother.


Page 20

Rio: …………!!!

Seria: Oh, you’re awake!

Rio: Where… am I?

Seria: This is a general affairs room.


Page 21:

Writing: In short… inside the castle?

Seria: You look like you have been going through a lot

Rio: Sorry…

Rio: But why are you apologizing?

Writing: This person,

Writing: I met her before in the slums…

Seria: Well, I am also of royal blood.

Rio: But still…

Writing: The royals I’ve met up until now.

Writing: Were nothing but arrogant people.

Writing: Especially that one guy…

Writing: But…


Page 22:

Rio: It is not your fault, you didn’t partake in any of this.

Writing: She is different from the other royals…

Seria: You are a really kind boy.

Rio: Well, I have yet to utter my thanks to you.

Rio: I mean, you did patch me up again…

Seria: Oh my, I didn’t do anything but help as much as I was able to.

Rio: You still have my thanks for that.


Page 23:

Seria: Hehe… Thank you.

Writing: But why…

Writing: Why am I, when I am talking with her,

Writing: feeling so appeased…

Page 24:

Rio: Uhmm…

Rio: After this, what will happen to me?

Seria: Oh yeah! I have to tell you something.

Seria: Tomorrow, you will have an audience with his majesty.

Rio: An audience… with the king?

Rio: Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to refuse that

Seria: Yup, seems so.

Seria: You are a benevolent person to the second crown princess after all.

Seria: The king wants to thank you personally for saving her.


Page 25:

Seria: But you won’t be in trouble

Seria: If anything, you will receive a reward.

Rio: Oh… I see…

Seria: Aren’t you interested?

Rio: I am but an orphan.

Rio: I am in no position to get rewarded by his highness.

Seria: That is exactly why you will get rewarded!

Rio: I … see…


Page 26:

Box: Meanwhile, in a different place.

Royal: Arbeau-dono, this time you really made a grave mistake in this affair.

Royal2: As the leader of the royal bodyguard, how are you planning on taking responsibility?

Royal: The personal guards of the second crown princess also took a hammering.

Royal: In the end, an orphan from the slums saved her. What will the common people think?

Royal: Also, your righteous son, who is the vice-captain, was tasked with the task as well. What do you have to say for yourself?

Arbeau: Nn….

Royal: Still, I am not convinced that the boy is truly innocent.

Royal: We should intensify the interrogation more…

Royal: He didn’t even yield under torture. Do you think that will change anything?

Royal: But still, we didn’t get any answers to our questions…

King: Enough already!


Page 27:

King: We’ve heard what you all think of this situation,

King: but we have yet to find and present the gospel truth in this matter.

King: This is why there is partial truth in the words of Arbeau.

King: García, what would be the best way to deal with the boy, according to you?

Arbeau: If I, as the family patriarch, may utter something to your question, Sire.

King: Acknowledged. Speak up.

Arbeau: Instead of releasing him or of locking him up,

Arbeau: how about we keep him within range and observe the situation?


Page 28:

King: That sounds like a very good idea, indeed.

Arbeau: And since I am the headmaster of the royal academy,

Arbeau: how about we enlist him as a new student in said academy?

Writing on the left: The doubts are not fully lifted yet, so what kind of new life is waiting for Rio?


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