Seirei Gensouki Chapter 5

Seirei Gensouki Chapter 5

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Page 1:

Chapter 5 Beltrams royal academy

Writing on the left:       After the misunderstanding concerning the kidnapping of the princess, kneeling in front of the king, Rio’s wish is …?


Page 2:

King:         Raise your head.

Rio:           Yes.


Page 3:

Rio:           So… those girls really were royal descendants

King:         So, you are the one they call Rio?

King:         Thanks for your effort in the kidnapping, you helped me quite a bit.

Rio:           These kind words are too much for somebody like me.

King:         Don’t be so modest. The reason I called you here today is to utter you personally my words of thanks for saving my daughters.

King:         With this, once more, thank you very much.

Rio:           Thank you for these words, your highness.


Page 4:

King:         Allow me to ask you something. You are a child of the slums, born there, or am I wrong?

Rio:           It is true that I was born in Beltram

Rio:           But my parents were both immigrants coming from the eastern countries, as far as I was told.

King:         FROM THE EAST?!

King:         Although it sounds reasonable! There’s a small country in the east, where apparently a lot of people had black hair.

King:         But tell me, why are you living in the slums?

Rio:           My father passed away when I was but a child, and my mother shortly after followed him to the other world.

King:         Oh, I am sorry for having asked for such a subtle matter


Page 5:

Rio:           No, it is but the truth, my lord.

King:         Despite him growing up in the slums, when he entered the hall he knew exactly what the right kind of behavior is

King:         Alright, let’s get straight down to business. I thought about giving you a reward for your service.

King:         I thought about letting you study at my royal academy. What do you think about that offer?

ザクザク:     Crunching

King:         Moreover, if you wish to pursue a higher form of education after that, this would also be allowed.

King:         I can even give you a recommendation from myself when you start working.


Page 6:

Rio:           To get my hands on education and work later on
Rio:           This is probably the best chance I’d ever get.

Rio:           But if we start talking about the ROYAL academy

Rio:           Then this place is full of kids and grown-ups like those I met in the slums


Rio:       Still…

King:         What’s wrong? Is that not to your liking?

Rio:           This is more than I ever deserve.

Rio:           I shall with uttermost gratefulness take on your offer.

King:         Haha! Alright!

King:         Also, don’t let the fees or the living over there bother you.

King:         I’ll take personally care of those.


Page 7:

Rio:           Thank you very much.

Royal:       An orphan from the slums in our glorious royal academy?

Royal:       This has to be a tasteless joke.

Royal:       ……………..

Royal:       I see, the imperial royal academy it is


Page 8:

Rio:           For a somebody like me, coming from the slums, this treatment back then was way to welcoming.

Rio:           And I can sense that this is a ruse. They just want to keep an eye on me because of the kidnapping.

Rio:           still…

Rio:           They really want to take care of my life despite of my unknown daily life in the slums

Seria:        RIO!


Page 9:

Seria:         How did it go?

Rio:           I got thanked and rewarded by his highness.

Rio:           Which was decided as

Rio:           an enrollment in the imperial royal academy

Seria:         You serious?

Seria:         Isn’t it great!?


Page 10:

Seria:         I am a teacher at the academy after all.

Seria:         I hope you get in my class, that would be great!

Rio:           Yeah, I really hope so too!

Seria:       Right?


Page 11:

Headmaster:        The kidnapping incident really caused some PR damage to the Huguenots and Fontaine

Headmaster:        Especially for the Albou family… Haha, those suckers.

Headmaster:        Well, King Felippe did punish them, so that’s ok with me

Headmaster:        And yet, as long as we don’t fully solve this we are but at the start of this case

Headmaster:        Well, it is still a case that will quiet down sooner or later, for everyone’s benefit Now (typo?)


Page 12:

Seria:                 Headmaster, you were asking me to come here?

Headmaster:        Ah, Seria! Thank you for coming.

Seria:                 Why me? I am not good dealing with the headmaster

Headmaster:        I called for you since you are the only person I can ask about this case

Headmaster:        The case with the orphan, that is.


Page 13:

Headmaster:        I decided to transfer him into your class.

Headmaster:        The reason is that you already are acquainted with him, as far as I know.

Seria:                 More or less….

Headmaster:        Also

Headmaster:        What do you think of him?

Seria:                 What I think of him?


Page 14:

Headmaster:        Haha, don’t be scared. Just your objective opinion of the boy.

Headmaster:        Just tell me how you truly feel about him.

Seria:                 That is a good question….

Seria:                 He is talking like a grown up

Seria:                 Also, he has a very smart personality.

Seria:                 In the most recent kidnapping case, he was taken to the castle for interrogation, was even tortured

Seria:                 And now he is enrolled here, and I don’t think that he is here solely because he wanted to

Headmaster:        Don’t you think it’s strange that he doesn’t bear nothing in terms of resentment?

Seria:                 I wouldn’t go as far as to say that he doesn’t, but more that he is keeping his composure


Page 15:

Headmaster:        Don’t ya’ think he is not behaving like he should as a kid?

Seria:                 …….………….

Headmaster:        For his current state of affairs, he couldn’t do much even if he was a grown up.

Headmaster:        Don’t you think he has to be happy how things are now?

Seria:                 But…. uhm

Seria:                 What exactly are you implying, headmaster?


Page 16:

Headmaster:        He grew up in slums, the boy could be troublesome for us

Seria:                 Why

Seria:                 Am I thinking he is mocking Rio

Seria:                 Yeeeees? AND?

Headmaster:        Ah, nothing! I mean that his everyday life, how he lived up until now, is about to get turned upside down.

Headmaster:        Which is why it could cause you a struggle with him getting used to the school.

Headmaster:        If there is anything, tell me right away, ‘aight?

Headmaster:        Even if it only is trivialities, don’t hesitate to ask for my assistance.

Seria:                 Yes, I understand

Headmaster:        Then I shall leave further matters to you, Seria.


Page 17:

Seria:                 Nnh… Just what is he hiding?

Seria:                 I have no clue what he could possibly be thinking

Seria:                 This is why I have problems dealing with the headmaster

Headmaster:        Well then…

Headmaster:        Lets keep the status Quo for now


Page 18:

Dude: ……….

Dude:        The guy with the mask had imprints of a strong strike on his body

Dude:        But the imprint could not have been enough to cause him to lose to solely the residents of that cottage

Dude:        The assassin was a normal human being… but that wound could not have been caused solely by getting hit by a palm

Dude:        Also, the reports said that the kid took care of him


Page 19:

Dude:      Charles!

Dude:        That last incident was a barrel of trouble

Charles:     You fuckin’ want some?

Charles:     You seem to be in a lot better mood than ever before, Alfred, Leader of the Royal Brigade.

Alfred:      How about you? Already got used to your new allocation?

Charles:        SHUT IT!



Page 20:

Charles:     This lil’ shit

Alfred:      Wasn’t the boy recomme—

Charles:     ENOUGH

Charles:     This disgrace… Don’t you dare thinking I’ll let it end this way, you son of a


Page 21:

Seria:         Ok Rio, this here is my classroom

Rio:           So this is where I’ll start studying from today on

Seria:         Uhm, Rio?

Seria:         Since a lot of my students are boys from royal families will you be ok?

Rio:           Oh yeah I was originally not a student of this

Rio:           No, I am not even a human of this world to begin with

Rio:        Still

Rio:          Its alright.


Page 22:

Rio:                   Considering my standing

Rio:                   and what type of academy this place is… I shall be careful to not cross the line.

Seria:                 That’s not what I meant

Rio:                   Thank you very much for your concern.

Rio:                   Please don’t make such a face.

Seria:                 Just why are you like this

Headmaster:        Don’t ya’ think he is behaving not behaving like he should as a kid?


Page 23:

Seria:         Oh yeah! I don’t know about your educability.

Seria:         Can you read and write?

Rio:           No, I never had any possibility to study reading or writing.

Seria:         I see Alright!

Seria:         Then I’ll give you private lessons!

Seria:         When class is over, please come to my faculty lounge.

Seria:         It’s below the library.

Rio:           Thank you very much.

Seria:         Alright, let’s get in the classroom.


Page 24:

Seria:         Alright everybody, good morning.

Seria:         Today I shall introduce you a new student in our class.

Seria:         Rio, please tell us a bit about yourself.


Page 25:

Kid1:         So, this is the rumored orphan from the slums…

Kid2:         Why is somebody like him in this academy, the royal academy!

Kid3:         Apparently he did something incredible which is why he is allowed to be here

Kid2:         As said, a nobody, an orphan from the slums, has no right to be here in the first place.

Rio:           Well figures. I knew it would turn out like this.

Seria:         Please quiet down. I want him to introduce himself to us.


Page 26:

Rio:           My name is Rio.

Rio:           Due to the travails that his majesty was so kind to go through for me, I am allowed to enroll here as a new student.

Rio:           I am here, a place I never thought I ‘d reach.

Rio:           Also, I am not yet accustomed to the school, so if I should happened to tread on somebody toes, I am very sorry in advance.

Lady1:       Oh my, I did not expect him to be so versatile with his manners.

Lady2:       Also, don’t you think he has a cute face? This is a pure win for us.


Page 27:

Seria:         Alrighty! Which is why

Seria:         I hope that we all will get along with Rio.

Seria:         Phew

Seria:         Well Rio, please find an empty space and take a seat there.

Seria:         My recommendation would be in the far front.

Rio:           Understood.

Rio:           Well, this looks like that there may be trouble brewing with me being here


Page 28:

Rio:           Well, if I don’t get involved with people here I should be good

Rio:           This girl isn’t she the princesses

Writing:     With this, Rios life in this yet unfamiliar world is about to take on a new dimension


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