Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 1

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 1

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Shikkakumon chap 1

Page 1:

3 kingdoms were destroyed, by the most powerful dragon in the world

The “Godslayer Dragon” in legend…


Page 2:

27 seconds 42”

Not good…

Page 3:


Too slow

This is apparently useless, this mark

My growth rate has reached its limit

Higher than the sky, the area called “Universe” by the scientists

There must exist even more powerful monsters

Not just 2 or 3 times, their stamina and defense must be 100 times stronger, and their attack is 1000 times stronger than this

Page 4:

If it took me 27s for monsters at this level, then I can’t beat those yet

Even if I practice like crazy

I still can’t reach those universe’s monsters

All because of

This [Mark]

Page 5:

The mark I’m bearing is not meant to be used in battles

Regardless, I’m still headed for the most powerful magic in this world

That magic was known as the magic of the scholars and god of war

Despite bearing this weakest mark, I mustered all my efforts to reach this stage

But now

There’s no longer any space for development

A human’s [Mark] is already decided at the moment he was born, you just can’t change it afterwards

What should I do then?

There’s only one answer, reincarnation

If I use reincarnation magic, then I can change this!

Page 6:

And one day, I can challenge that universe

Page 7:

The faraway lands that nobody’s set foot on

…Beside getting stronger…

I also need to find powerful companions, to practice magic that involves more people

Shouldn’t be a lonewolf like this

Need to fix all my current problems…

Page 8:

The Strongest Sage with a Disqualified Crest

The World’s Strongest Sage Reincarnated Himself to Become Even Stronger

His aim is to become the strongest being

Page 9:

This world, this universe, I will become number 1.

Page 11:

A quaternary mark


In this world, my name is Matthias Hildesheim

I am the 3rd son of the duke Hildesheim family

It might take a while to recall all my memories from the previous life, but the reincarnation went well

Matthias is currently 6, the age of learning and practicing.  But I have to collect more info first.

Page 12:

Since this is a noble family, they have lots of books

It seems like there are many useful books here…

Yaa, Matthy

What are you looking for?


Page 13:

I was wondering what kind of books you were looking for

So you want books about magic!

Lemme read it to you

But I can read it myself


I can’t read it!?

How can a guy who has fought through hundreds of years, been to countless kingdoms and knows 27 languages like me,

Not understand even a single letter in this??

Page 14:

What era did I reincarnate into!?

Please read it for me

Ahaha leave it to me

Magic…? Matty is more suitable with a sword



The magic element [Mark]

So Lake-niisan is the second type…

Based on the nature of it, there are 4 kinds

Page 15:

The first kind: A mark specialized in production

Can’t be used for fighting, I had this mark in my previous life

The second kind: A mark specialized in might

Basically, it doesn’t have many typical features, but through heavy practice over time, the bearer can use high level fire magic

The third type: A mark specialized in rapid casting of magic

Basically, weak in magic, but through practice over time. The rapid fire damage will increase, best suited to cleaning up battles

The fourth type: A mark specialized in close combat

Short range, can use both fire magic and rapid firing magic of the second and third type, a high level magic

Page 16:

Thought I’d have to reincarnate a few times

Can’t believe I got the fourth type on my first try!

Matty!? Is this story book that touching!?

In the end this book is just a fictional adventure; it is not really useful to me

But by reading and listening, I’ve managed to somewhat understand the alphabet

Ok, I’m back to farming

Matty is all by yourself, so don’t be sad, ok?

Do I really have to get used to being treated like a kid…

If I can’t read then I have to leave the information collecting for later

Have to practice first

Improving stamina and magic day by day is more important

Page 17:

Is that the lord’s son…

Hello everyone

I just realized

This place is quite different from my previous place

Hi guys

There is no magical equipment for daily life

Could it be that magic is not popular here?

No agricultural plane, no artificial robot, no molecule acceleration equipment, not even construction machines

This place possibly goes back by 12,700 years according to the mages’ calendar

…but well, whatever

I have the fourth mark now

Page 18:

Kora! Matthias!

Why are you out here?


I can’t be out here?

We already said no!

You are a disgrace to this family!

Page 19:

A weak mark bearer like you

Once I inherit this place, I will kick you out

Weak… mark bearer?

You don’t even know this? That’s why you are so useless!

14 years old

Is that how to talk to a 6-year-old kid…

But is it true that this stupid guy is going inherit the place?

But he’s not the firstborn

This is not working

Lemme show you the person who bears this mark of honor

Have a look!

Page 20:

This is the god’s magic for the chosen one

The Mark of honor!


The god’s magic…?

But no matter how you look, that’s the first mark?

Page 21:

The scholar’s institutions always required that the minimum condition for enrollment is [not a bearer of the first mark]

And I even had to reincarnate because of that, didn’t I?

That’s why your mark is just trash

Can barely use any kind of magic!

…hurts, my head hurts…

This guy must have been so desperate that he’s bending the truth

Page 22:

What the heck is that look for your older brother? You jerk? Damned jerk!

This guy is pathetically stupid

No need to fight with this idiot…

[Body enhancement] – Leg power!

Dammit, stop right there!

Pae 23:

…Goddammit, I can’t catch him!


God’s chosen one my ass!

You don’t even know simple “body enhancement magic” that even “trash” can cast

All the past life memories are in my head!

What’s the point of wasting my time with that Vivgel?

Just run first!

Page 24:

The fourth kind is really different!

Using even less stamina and magic than I’d have thought

Regardless, the fourth type is the body enhancement type, so the effect is more than expected

Reincarnation is the best!

Page 25:

Lemme try my power

[Passive Search]

[Passive Search] is specifically useful to discover magic by magical equipment and living things

In my previous life, I could search in the range of a few hundred kilometers, but it’s limited to about 1 km now

Page 26:

There’s a bird!!

Distance… about 5 meters

The range of the fourth type is quite short

It might not reach now

If that’s the case…

First, with this body and this amount of magic…

[Body enhancement] max power…

Page 27:

Legs first…



And finally hands…!

Page 29:


Here here

Monsters and animals have the same points

Once they are defeated, their magic power can be absorbed, and the one absorbing will get stronger

This seems to be my first real combat?

Once the bird is dead, we gotta chop its head off and drain the blood

Nutrition is valuable

Protein is necessary to improve stamina

Page 30:

Such a feast tonight!

What’s the occasion?

Page 31:

It’s Matthy’s 6th birthday today

We should celebrate that

Oh yeah, it’s about time for Vivgel ceremony of adulthood

It seems like 15 years old is when you’re considered a grown up

Oh true, it’s that jerk’s birthday today!

Such a cursed day!


Shut up!

Father: Castor

Page 32:

Vivgel, this meat was all hunted by Matthy

If you have a problem with it, don’t eat it

Mother: Camilla

Matthy hunted?

How did you do that?

In a land that magic has not quite developed, a 6-year-old kid says he went hunting using magic

If I tell the truth, it might be troublesome

And I want to avoid all possible troubles

Then the answer should be…

Page 33:

I’m just lucky

The bird hit the tree and died in front of me~

So before it died, it even chopped its own head off and drained its blood for you~?


…I just took a sharp rock nearby to do that

All 5 of them?

Yeah? Yeah

Is that enough to trick her?

How to act like a 6-year-old…

Page 34:

… Really, there’s no arrow mark

Such a strange rare incident that I’ve never heard of

True, birds smashing their heads into trees and dying, amazing


Oh by the way Matthy, you are 6 years old now, aren’t you?

Yep, just today

Page 35:

Then I will teach you some swordsmanship tomorrow ok?

If you ever get off of this continent, swordsmanship is necessary

I can get out of this land?

It’s still early for Matthy, but since you are the youngest child

You can stay here to do farm works too, but if you know swordsmanship, then you can choose to go live outside

It’ll be interesting


More than great!

All hail youngest child!


Page 36:

Can’t I use magic?

Of course you can

But I think a sword is more suited for you

I find it strange at that time but…

If good swordsmanship means that I can go outside

I just wanna grow up fast to be able to use magic of the fourth mark!

Page 37:

Good morning, dad

Matthy is up early, are you really eager to learn swordsmanship?

He’s not even using enhancement magic, but dad’s skill and speed is amazing

Page 38:

I want to quickly become an adventurer!

Is that so? People normally prefer to be knights! But adventurers are not so bad either!


Fight me, if you can touch me then you win!


Is this a legit way to train a 6-year-old?

Page 39:


You can use any hand, fight me!

Hill De Heimer’s family’s way of teaching swordsmanship is quite different

Just by the look of it I guess dad’s ability is not to be looked down on

Not mentioning the skill, just the stamina is a huge difference

But, I have to test my limits

I’m coming!


Page 40:



Page 41:

[Body enhancement] – leg power!!

This is not enough apparently

Well then…

Page 42:




Page 43:

[Teleportation] is magic that attacks the opponent’s blind spot, making them think that the user disappeared in a quick moment

I could also use that magic in my past life, but it takes 10 times more magic now

The close combat fourth type is apparently different, just amazing!

Reincarnation is definitely not a mistake!

It used to take me hundreds of years to figure this out

…it’s not done yet

This is the final blow

Victory is within my reach

[Attacking Magical Power]

Page 45:

Matthy beat dad…?

I’ve always thought that you were a talented swordsmanship but aren’t you a monster…?

Hehe, just pure luck

You were careless

Damn, they were scared

If this was a real battle then I might not have had a chance to touch him

I exposed his weak spot after the first strike so that I could create a distance to reach him

What are those strikes?

I’ve never seen them before…

[Body enhancement], then [Teleportation] and the last one is well…

It’s [attacking magical power]…

Page 46:

This is unusual!!


How can Matthy use magic?

…Through practice?

No, no, this is not logical at all

What now!?

But if you practice regularly then anybody can do that…

Page 47

Fine! I temporarily accept your reasoning!

What did I even practice swordsmanship for the last 7 years for…

Then it’s time to teach you some common sense

Common sense?

…But I’m not your mentor

It’s him!

Page 48:

Hey VivGel!

You’re late!

If you were in the army, then you would be punished!

I was just a little late, not much…

Really, this kid…

Page 49:


Still as dumb as ever…

Today should have been a normal sword practice session, but today you’re lucky

Do you want to do 2000 push-ups as punishment or practice combat with Matthy?


I wanna fight with Matthy


Fight until one of you surrenders

I will be the referee

Page 50:


What if you’re more favorable toward Matthias?

Oh true

He was afraid dad would have a more favorable decision towards me

This guy doesn’t understand dad at all

He should have known what he said was nonsense

Fine, then we won’t need a referee

No referee…

Then how can you decide who’s the winner…

What’s dad planning…?

Page 51:

By the way, one fight is not enough, let’s do five

Ok, five fights then

Lemme tell you this

I’m not going easy on him, ok?

Do whatever you want

Page 52:

Are you ready?

Don’t worry, trash. I won’t be so hard on you

Page 53:

The fight

Starts now!



Page 54:

Bad swordsmanship skill, his strength can’t even be compared to dads

Well then, let’s knock him out

First break the balance…

Might not be as easy as I thought…

Page 55:


How come it’s so easy…?

Wait a sec

Could it be…

Page 56:

This is a trap?

Creating a distance for me to push forward, then he’ll activate some secret magic?

Well, if you wanted that then I’ll do as you want

I already know your plan by heart…

Page 57:


Show me your trap

Page 58:

0.3s until knocked out

Not activated yet?

If it’s a trap then it should have been activated…?

0.2s left

He closed his eyes…!?

Could it be that he was so scared that he closed his eyes?

But why?

0.1s left

Page 59:

No… trap?




His reaction is strange, like he doesn’t have any plan

Not good, I can’t read him!

…Oh wait

Page 60:

This fight only ends when one surrenders

Vivgel did not lose yet

He must be pretending to buy some time to activate magic!

Then I have to act now!

This is a bet to see if his magic is activated first

Or if I’ll make him surrender first

Page 61:

This is a battle!!

Matthy, you can stop now!!

Page 62:



Page 63:

But Vivgel was planning on something, wasn’t he?

Matthy, you won

But he’s pretending to place a trap?

He’s not pretending, he’s even frothing, can’t you see?

Could it be… Vivgel is that weak?

Not really

Page 64:

Vivgel is not weak

He’s better than many people of his age

The problem is your power

A kid easily beats a near 15-year-old is not normal at all

Is it…

Even if I carry all the knowledge from my past life, this body still belongs to a 6-year-old

Page 65:

Could it be that in this era…

Not only magic, but swordsmanship is really bad as well…?


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