Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 2

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 2

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Page 1:

“The Mark” was set when you were born.

The attribute of “The Mark” will have a big impact on your magic ability.

The person that obtained the highest level of attacking magic,

also known as “The Sage”,

bearing “The First Kind” mark, he knew that his growth had reached its limit.

Wishing to become even stronger,

he traded his soul to use reincarnation magic which had him reborn into another distant future.


Page 2:

After successfully being reincarnated, I am now Matthias Hildesheim.

In my possession is the strongest melee Mark, “The Fourth Type”.

However, the world that I came to is too underdeveloped in both swordsmanship and magic.

And sadly, “The Fourth Type” seems to be looked down upon here.

Is this the way this world operates…?

Still, our Matthias continued to practice both swordsmanship and magic as usual

while he looked like a different person to them, his family was surprised at first but they gradually got used to it.

And so, three years have passed-


Page 3:

The mystery

That is wrapping this world is…


Page 5:

Help, it’s urgent-!!

Matthias, 9 years old

Magic Beasts…!!

In the forest!!


Page 6:


It’s difficult…

Currently, my father isn’t at home…

It’s fine.

Master Viv Gel is here!!

That Demon Beast dared to violate my territory!

I will punish it with my own hands!!


Page 7:

Master Viv Gel…!? Aren’t you only the second son?

Then I will also…


Stay X5


Today, you are not allowed to go through the door!

This the Master’s order!!

Got it!?


Page 8:

Let’s move out!

Demon Beast, beware of me!

What a show off…

“Passive search”!!


Page 9:

This reaction…

is bad!!


Page 10:

You don’t want to me to go through the door? How about the window then?

I don’t care whether Viv Gel is alive or not,

but Lake and the villagers are also there.

I cannot leave them.


Page 11:


Where is that Demon Beast?

I’m sure that it was here before…

Maybe it has wandered around…

Tch! You are useless.

Can you at least keep a look out for the enemy…

What a stupid plan…


Page 12:

Well… Viv Gel-sama,

maybe we should split up and search?

That is a good idea, Villager-san!!

You idiot!! What if something happens to me!?

All of you must stay around to protect me!

What’s with that logic you coward!!?

Wait a minute,

Viv Gel.

The sun is setting.

We may not see the road back in night time .

For everyone’s safety,

we should get out of here and…

Shut up, Lake.


Page 13:

The only person that can give orders here is me!

Everyone must obey my order!

Find that Beast!

No one can leave until we find it!


Page 14:

Lake Nii-san …


Page 15:

Ah, that…

That sound…

Everyone be careful!

You appear at last, eh?


Page 18:

It’s the Demon Beast!

The Demon Beast is here!


Page 19:

That thing…

Even dad may have a hard time fighting it…

Viv Gel-sama!

Don’t interfere!

It’s my prey!

That is our Master!

Show us the magic from your Mark!


I also want to see the power of his Mark.

Overflowing inside my body,

is the power of fire!


Page 20:

Become arrows and kill the enemy in front of me!


Page 21:


Viv Gel-sama……

His magic is not effective!?

It’s not a normal Demon Beast!

That is a high level one!

No no…

That type of fire magic can’t even scratch it.

And what with that embarrassing chant!? A spell!?

If I’m not wrong then that obsolete thing has been dropped for a long time…


Page 22:


Don’t come any closer!

You filthy Demon Beast,

don’t you know who I am!

I am the owner of the Mark of Honor!!


Page 23:

Run away, Viv Gel.

Let me stop him!


Page 24:

Come here!

By the name of Hildesheim, I will not let anyone die!


Page 25:

You are a brave man, Lake Nii-san,

but you can’t do much on your own.

This is the blind spot of the Demon Beast.

Activate Provoke Magic “Forced Attack”!


Page 26:

Matthy, what are you doing here!

Run away!

The results of 3 years of training

Allow me to test it on you!


Page 27:

4 seconds till confrontation-

More time than I need-


Page 28:

First is the Body Art-


Next is to use magic to apply pressure-…


Page 29:

Right at its heart!!

This is not enough-

But still sufficient to restrict its movements.


Activate “Body Enhancement” and “Magic Attack Power” at the highest level-


Page 32:

Dammed Demon Beast, don’t you dare hurt Matthy!?



Page 33:

Lake Nii-san!

Did you beat it alread… ??

Only Lake knows that I have defeated the Beast.



Page 34:

Lake Sama has killed the Beast!


Lake Sama-?

Lake Sama defeated the beast!



Matthy, what do you mean by doing this?

I sneaked out, remember. It will be annoying if someone else knows.

Besides, I have no need for fame and prestige.

In fact, I didn’t come here at all.

And the Demon Beast has been killed by you, Lake Nii-san.


But this, I cannot simply-


Page 35:

See ya!



Got a minute?


Page 36:

Lake Nii-san!

The person that killed the Beast is you,

so this reward belongs to you.

Oh come on,

I don’t need any money. And our house is not lacking anything either…


Honestly! Lake Nii-san is the one who defeated the Beast.

Why don’t you just accept the reward already!


Ok, I get it Matthy…


Page 37:

I will take it, but…!

At least, you should keep this.

A Magic Stone eh …

That can be used to make Magic Tool. Grind it down and it becomes medicine.

You can even sell the Stone for money, it’s very handy…

Thank you then.

By the way, there is one thing that I’m a bit curious about-

Lake Nii-san

Can I ask you a question?


Page 38:

Why is Viv Gel the heir?

You are the eldest son, right?

Ah… about that

It was decided through an inheritance exam.

Kingdom of Ace – The inheritance exam

The heirs of each noble family must meet the following criteria. The person with the highest score will be the heir. However, in some cases, there will additional conditions.

[Eldest Son] 5 points

[Besides the Eldest Son] If the candidate is younger than the eldest son, 1 point will be deducted for each year of the age gap

[Mark of Honor] 5 points

[Magic skill] The stronger person will receive 3 points

[Female] Minus 2 points

[Inferior Mark] Minus 200 points

…This is the way to calculate points…?


Page 39:

What is this?

[Inferior Mark] minus 200 points

Inferior Mark… My Fourth Type is even condemned in here

If the world follows this standard

*chữ nhỏ bên phải: Eldest Son +5

*chữ nhỏ bên trái:: Besides the Eldest Son: -1, Mark of Honor: +5

Everything depends on your magic ability.

At magic, Viv Gel is better than me,

so it’s impossible that I will be the heir.

What… if it isn’t impossible?


Page 40:

If you practice magic seriously and frequently, you can definitely beat Viv Gel.

Furthermore, I can show you some effective training methods.

That is if you really want to…


Page 41:

The First Kind Mark that Viv Gel has can use magic power sooner, but is also more limited.

I struggled a lot with it in my previous life.

No need for any chant, just remember how to activate your magic.

That will be enough to pass over Viv Gel.


please teach me!

I want to defeat Viv Gel

and… be able to protect the villagers!


Page 42:


Leave it to me.

Can I be very strict then?

Is that OK?

Just don’t get too extreme.

If you are the heir then the villager will have a happy and peaceful life.


Page 43:

1 week later

Haha! You really got the nerve to confront

Viv Gel-sama and his Mark of Honor eh…?

Page 45:

Lake Nii-san can use magic hundreds of times stronger than Viv Gel.

And that rumor has spread all over the land.

But this world is weird.

Here, if you want to start the magic, read the mantra.

Although it is true that chanting will help you activate magic easier,

but it will also reduce the effectiveness of the power – the magic transforming process.

Someone must have set up this nonsense technique system in this world,

but for what purpose?

Did that person want to interfere with the development of magic…?


Page 46:

Three years later, Lake Nii-san has officially become the heir of the family-

And also the start of my journey as a 12 year old-


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