Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 3

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 3

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+Page 1




+Page 3

Thanks for the training lesson, Father, Nii-san!

Matthias              12 years old

Matty is amazing.

I couldn’t find any weaknesses.

It was fun to be able to fight this hard.

Having a sparring partner like this is incredible.

+Page 4

Father, it seems like I’m not capable of being your partner, sorry to disappoint you…..

It’s not like that, Lake. The fact that you got accepted into the Knight Academy is outstanding.

Remember, don’t compare yourself to someone as unusual as Matty.

Even though I’m used to being called that, but could you please stop…..

Oh that reminds me.

You said that you will let me go outside once I learned how to use a sword.

Is it okay now, Father?


It’s been 6 years…… I’ve learned everything I could here.

I have to quickly move onto the next stage…..

Matty wait, even though you’re very good with a sword…..

You’re still a 12 years old child, you can’t do things on your own….


+Page 5


If you really want to, then go to that place.


The Second Royal School.

Find an entrance certificate and study there if you can!

+Page 6,7

Chapter 3: The Strongest Sage, Start of a Journey!

It’s time for an adventure…..

+Page 8

Entrance examination…… and certificate?

Exams, huh….? That’s annoying, I’m extremely bad in history too…..

This is not like my previous life at all.

Scared of the exam, aren’t ya? Don’t worry!

There’s also a hand-to-hand combat section!

Let me teach you a few tricks.


So Father had graduated here……. This can be interesting.

In the swordsmanship test, you’ll have to fight one of the judges.


Then, when the first one come…..

Beat the shit out of him.


What the….. you can even beat up a judge?

+Page 9

If you defeat the first judge without any effort, the second judge will appear.

I see, if I’m acknowledged by a powerful being then I can…..

Then you beat the crap outta him too.

Successful strategy!

Successful my ass, I knew I couldn’t count on you.

Don’t worry!

The total points will be 50,

Each part of the swordsmanship test will be worth 10 points, I got 30 points in that test alone.

Plus all of my knowledge tests , I got 35 points, just what I needed to pass.

So that means you only got 5 points in your other tests, that’s pathetic…..

But….. Maybe it’s worth a try!

+Page 10

My sword and luggage are ready.

Magic stones and materials enough for several years use……


I have everything I need.

+Page 11


+Page 12

Is it really going to be okay?

Do you need me to hire some bodyguards….?

Don’t even worry about it!

He’ll beat up any monsters that dare come near him

A bodyguard would be a drag for me, so that’s a no.

No matter how strong the judges are, beat them all up!

Use your full strength and break their bones!


I’m not sure what he did in the past, but I think it’s best for me to hide the name Hill De Heimer.

I’ve been waiting for this day to come!

Get out of my sight, punk!


I should have guessed.

I would be shocked if he said something nice to me.

Matty, I promise you, I will protect this place.

So, come home anytime you want.

+Page 13

I wish you good luck!

Of course, the same goes for you, Lake nii-san.

+Page 14,15

I’m off!

+Page 16

Several hundred years I’ve spent…..

In search of a way to obtain the ultimate power.

Even after I reincarnated, I still wanted to leave as fast as I could to become stronger.


This place…. Is not that bad……

+Page 17

Eh? I sense something!

Hey mister.

Are there any monsters in a 3km radius?!


Haha, even if there is any, I won’t be able to know for certain.

I spotted one, it’s pretty big.

About 4 meters tall.

Haha, there aren’t any powerful monsters like that around the area, you must be joking.

So he doesn’t believe me….

Meh, it’s not that important to be honest….

+Page 20

There’s really a monster here!!!!

I’m not quite sure about its level….

But it’s called “war tiger”, if I remember correctly!

War tiger is a beast-type monster that walks on 2 legs.

Bigger than I thought……

I really have to improve my scouting skills.

Why didn’t you tell me earlier!?

I just did…..

+Page 21

We’re doomed…..

He’s spotted us….

We need to run…..

It will kill us….

+Page 22

Young master?

Just in time, I’m in the mood for practice.

Young master!

Please don’t

How can you fight with a Disqualified Crest like that!?

Come back!

+Page 23

Young masterrrrrr…….

+Page 25

Such strong attack power.

Glad I dodged it.

But, strength is useless without agility.

+Page 26

It’s too easy to read.

+Page 28

Is that all you got?

Then it’s my turn!

+Page 29

Physical Reinforcement.

Mana Strike.

Magic control capability improved.

Triple magic spells used!!

+Page 30

“Iron Slash”

“Iron Slash” is a spell used to enhance a sword sharpness and hardness.

Even though it’s inferior to “Mana Strike”.

However, if used together with other swordsmanship – related magic buffs….

+Page 31

It could deal a devastating blow!!

+Page 35

Subjugation completed!


It can’t be….

+Page 36


No way….

To be able to defeat such a powerful monster in an instant….

Are you a reincarnation of Holy Swordsman Reuter!?

Well no…. That monster ain’t that big of a deal.

But Holy Swordsman Reuter, eh….?

In my previous life, I knew a dumb swordsman that had the same name.

It must be a coincidence…..

+Page 37


What do we do with this?

I’ll take the Magic stone, then burn the rest…..

Hold up!!

Don’t’ burn such a high-class materials like that!


If you don’t want those, then let me sell it!! These things are very valuable!!

Oh, got it…..

+Page 38


How are we able to carry it…..

Wait a moment.

What? You found a way?

Let’s use this.

+Page 39

What the heck…..?

Storing Magic!?

Well yeah…..

You’re that surprised? This was pretty normal in my previous life…..

We’re so lucky…..

I’ll sell the monster and share the money with you!

I wish we could encounter another one?

This guy…..

+Page 40

Oh, that’s right….!

After you’re done here, you’ll return to Hill De Heimer, right?

Um…. Yeah.

Then I’ll ask you a favor…..

Please give my share of money to them, and also this letter for me.

The words I couldn’t say that day……

+Page 41

Thank you for taking care of me.

+Page 42,43

A week later.

We arrived at the Capital!

+Page 44

So, tomorrow is the examination.

You should get some rest.

I want to go for a short walk.

And also buy a sword for the examination.

In the notification, candidates were told to bring their own weapons.

My current sword is made for practice and is not fit for combat.

With such an important exam coming, I should be well-prepared to avoid unnecessary troubles.

+Page 45

Then let me give you some info!

The city below the castle is known for its crowded business.

There’s also plenty of blacksmiths, they call it the city of metallurgy.

But the prices are very expensive.

They’re pretty famous for rip-offs too.

Is that information supposed to be useful?

That’s why I’ll introduce you to Base-san smithy.

It’s a small shop but it’s good.

+Page 46

That shop is in a poor location, and pretty old too.

But their quality is top-tier.

Welcome to our shop.


Not bad at all.

+Page 47

I’ve never seen weapons with such quality.

And they are equally well made.

So i don’t have to worry about rip-offs.

Is that….. a magic sword….?

+Page 48

What’s this? Is Magic Augmentation in this world declined that much?

Even though I’m just a rookie blacksmith in the previous life, this is not normal.

Nevermind, let’s just pick a normal weapon for the exam.

I’m not sure if I can make one for myself!?

My fourth Crest is terrible for this kind of Magic Augmentation, but…..

No way!

Go to another shop!

+Page 49

Base-san! I beg of you!

This shop is my last hope!

It’s okay Alma.

I will be fine….

No, you’ve got to have a sword!

It’s impossible.

I can give you a normal sword, but a magic sword is not something a kid like you can handle.

We’ll figure it out.

Give me a break….

That won’t happen.


+Page 50,51

Ruri has to find a sword…..

Tomorrow is the Entrance examination day!

+Page 52

That boy!

Yeah you.

Can you perform a Magic Augmentation?



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