Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 4

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 4

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+Page 1

Boy over there!


Can you perform a Magic Augmentation?


+Page 2

Ah… well.

I guess I can, but….

Even if I can, with my Fourth Crest I wouldn’t be able to do it well.

But compared to the degraded magic in this world, it might……



Someone who can apply magic augmentation to a weapon

Won’t just appear magically out of nowhere.

She’s right.

You need to slow down a bit.


Oh yeah, my bad……




Did you just say that you can augment weapons??

+Page 3

Chapter 4: The Strongest Sage, participating in the Examination.

*When Matthias reaches the Capital, this coincidental encounter….

+Page 4

Give me 30 minutes and then I’ll give you your sword.

You must pay 40 gold coins in advance.

Thank you very much!!

But I was really surprised you said that you can do that.

Ehehe…. I was in a hurry.

I guess I’m lucky too.

Alma is a very energetic person like that.

+Page 5

Let me introduce myself.

I am Alma Repsius.

As you can guess from my name, I’m a noble.

But I’m the third daughter in a minor noble family, so I’m almost a commoner.

I didn’t want to marry a guy I know nothing about.

I left home and came to this place.

My name is Matthias Hill de Heimer.

I’m also the third son in a minor noble family.

Because I didn’t want to work in a farm, I traveled here.

+Page 6




Did I say something strange?

Calm down Matty.

They just didn’t hear me clearly, that’s all.


It’s probably not because I said something weird.

Then I’ll just introduce myself again.

My name is Matthias Hill de Heimer.

I’m the third son in a minor family.

Because I don’t want to work in a farm, I traveled here.

…..You’ve said that already.

She heard what I said!?

+Page 7

Then what’s with that reaction earlier?

Did someone use a mind-control spell to attack us?

Hey cut it out.

It’s your turn, Ruri.




I am Ruri Arvento Roth.

Nice to meet you.

+Page 8


So cute…!!

Now hold on a minute.

She’s just in her early teens compared to an old man like me

Wait, what about my age? In this world, I’m 12 right now.

This would be completely normal, right?

Crap…. What should I do now?

If it was me in the previous life…….

My previous life…

I didn’t even have a girlfriend!!!

+Page 9

On my way here, I was attacked by a monster.

While saving me, Ruri’s sword broke.

Because it was my fault

I have to find her a new one.






+Page 10


Why do I sense such a strange atmosphere here….?



I still-

Haven’t been engaged or had a boyfriend yet!

Hey, hey Ruri!?

Isn’t that a little bit too fast!?

So that means she’s still single…


+Page 11

Here you go.

Your sword and

Magic stones.

With a sword that only weights 300g like this one…. We used to call it the “lightweight longsword”.

Enhancing all its stats would be impossible, but

If I only use [Toughening] and [Iron Slash] …

+Page 12

First is….

Adjusting the magic flow!

Then I will merge the mana sources of this weapon and the Magic stones into one.

This is the core theory of Magic Augmentation.

+Page 13

Those magic augmenters and blacksmiths seem to lack knowledge in this field.

Maybe that’s why equipment here is of such bad quality.

… Good!

Now I can move to the main phase.


[Iron Slash]

There we go!

+Page 14

It’s finished.


Just like that?

That was unbelievably fast.


I can feel strong magic flowing within this sword!

Then ma’am,

Why don’t you try it out?


+Page 15

Here I come!


Careful, it’s really sharp now….

+Page 16


+Page 17

I didn’t even feel it contact the wood.

I’ve never seen this before….

Eh? Eh?

It fell right through the floor?

Matty/ Matty-kun/ Young man.

In what way did you augment that sword!?


I used [Toughening] and [Iron Slash], that’s all….

+Page 18

A Double Augmentation!?

That is a national-class augmentation skill.

How could you even……

I will pay your fees!

Please just augment all the equipment in my shop!

It’s normal for a good augmenter in my previous life to put 10-20 augments onto one piece of equipment…..

How degraded can magic in this world be!?

+Page 19

Eventually, I was paid 1000 gold coins to augment one more sword.

That was pretty tiresome but no matter what

My exam day has come.

The Second Royal Academy – Entrance examination day.

You will have 60 minutes.

Let’s begin the exam!

+Page 20

It seems I haven’t studied enough.

But what’s with this Reuter Swordsmanship?

Why does it keep reminding me of that brainless swordsman in my previous life?

I guess he’s really famous here.

I don’t know anything about this.

Never mind, I’ll just write down that fool’s tactic from before.

+Page 21

Next is Ruri Arveto Roth!

*Registration desk: Yakat.



Is that the magic sword of the Arveto Roth.

I’m excited for this fight.

*Judge: Lucas.

+Page 22


Do your best!!

Here I come.


+Page 23

That’s very good hand coordination.

Is it!? Ruri is so strong.

Both her magic and swordsmanship are amazing.

I’m proud to have her as a friend.

Nice work young miss!

Now it’s my turn!

How about this?

+Page 24




+Page 25


Facing a sword with the [Toughening] and [Iron Slash] augmentations

The outcome is obvious.

I give up.

Even though I heard that Arveto Roth’s sword is very well-made

But I never imagined it would be this strong.

+Page 26

Ah…. It’s…..

What!? A new item from Base-san’s shop?

Only 1 left?

Yakat! Please lend me some money!


I’m going to buy a swoooord!

Wait, Lucas!?

*complete silence*

+Page 27

Then…. What about our examination?

That fool….

I’m just a wizard…… how can I do a swordsmanship test…..

Let me help you.

+Page 28




Is that the real Gile……?

Who’s that?

This uncle……

Let’s see.

Who will come next?

Hill de Heimer!

Are you Castol’s son?

Yes, that’s me.

*sigh* I had a feeling it would turn out like this……

I still remember the day he took this test.

So, are you here to test your swordsmanship skill as well?

What if

I do?

Then I guess I’ll use a tactic that father told me!

+Page 30

I won’t go easy on you.

Are you prepared? Hill de Heimer!

+Page 31

I was prepared before I even arrived here.

[Physical Reinforcement] [Mana Strike] …

+Page 32


They’re so fast we couldn’t even see clearly!

This guy….

He’s even stronger than his father.

You’re more of a monster than your father, eh……


+Page 33

If you consider me the same as my father, you’re making a huge mistake.

+Page 34

I’ve coated the surface of this sword with magic.

[Mana Layer Lubrication]!!

All it takes is a little tilt…..



+Page 35


……I give up.

+Page 36

What a monster you are…..

Tell me your name.


Hill de Heimer.

Matthias, eh…… I’ll remember this name.

Wait a minute Gile-san!?

There’s an examination to do, remember!?


+Page 37

Fire power flowing through my body, become my arrow

And destroy the enemy in front of me!

Next is Matthias Hill de Heimer.

So they test our offensive magic abilities.

The distance is 30m…. It’s too far for me to attack, then…..

+Page 38

The weakest Crest, huh….. Don’t worry too much.

You have other tests to make up for this.

It’s fine.

With my Fourth Crest, I can only cast spells within the 10m distance.

If I can’t attack, then

I’ll use this….

Wh-what are you doing-

Sensei, you’d better step back a bit.

+Page 41


If I can’t shoot it out, then I’ll just blow it all up.


Are you okay?

He just turned pale all of a sudden!

…. did I overdo it?

But no one told me not to destroy the examination field…..

Maybe I’ll help fix it…..


Are you restoring the field!?


That’s just a normal restoration spell…. Why are you acting so terrified!?

+Page 42

A problem with a participating student?

His strength is formidable, his written test exceeds the curriculum.

To be able to deeply understand Reuter’s Swordsmanship like that…..

That’s just incredible….

+Page 43

In the magic algebra test….. there was a dilemma that troubled scholars from around the world for centuries.

They couldn’t even find a clue to any theory.

Yet he answered it perfectly!

I’ve never seen anyone like this since this Academy was founded.

Could it be that he is blessed by the Magic God Gaia.

Do you have any objection?

+Page 44

The results will come out today….

I’m pretty nervous…..

I hope I don’t fail this……

Even though I have no idea what I wrote in the test, I think I did pretty decent.


There you are!


Here it is!

The results!

+Page 45

My name…..

……I can’t see it.

I guess I failed……

It must be because I completely destroyed the schoolyard……


What are you talking about?

Your name is up there!

At the top!

+Page 46

We all passed the test!

We’re in the same school now!

Let’s help each other out!


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