Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 6

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 6

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Shikkaku mon chap 6:

Page 1

This is the underground medium-sized dungeon, Eslato.

Let’s go!!

Page 2:

Team Dungeon Conquest

Chapter 6: The strongest sage, Party Established

Page 4:

Passing the test to enter the dungeon

is such a fortune for us.

It’s been a week since they started practicing magic without chanting.

You two are already quite familiar to magic without chanting.



Ruri Arvento Roth and Alma Repsius,

Qualified for the dungeon.



It’s my turn, isn’t it?


You passed, no need to test!

Whether it’s swordsmanship or magic, Matthias kun doesn’t need testing, you passed!

I’m a bit uncomfortable but…

Page 6:

Anyway, Matthy-kun,

Ruri is good, but is it okay to choose me?

Matthy-kun can team up with someone who has a stronger crest type.

Me as well,

My crest is magic prone, I’m not suitable for close combat…

It’s okay.

The mark of honor is useless in combat anyway.

It’s better for magic augmentation, we only need one person with that mark in a team.


Well, unfortunately, yes.

Page 7:

The mark of honor, even in combat or for improvement, is limited to a certain extent…

It’s specialized in casting magic.

In contrast, when it comes to magic augmentation, it is unparalleled.

I don’t regret anything!

It is so cool!

…Ruri, you

Want to specialize in augmentation instead of combat?

Page 8:

Yeah! If I can specialize in augmentation,

I’m okay with no combat!

You like augmentation that much, huh?

Well, I even reincarnated to get this fourth crest….

Whatever, I will instruct those bearing the first type crest how to augment weapons anyway.

This is a good chance for me.

Alma has the second type…

It’s just a normal crest, isn’t it?

Well, maybe,

But do you want to try out a bow?

Page 9:

I used to do so well in archery. But I don’t use a bow any more.



It’s useless without arrows.

And those arrows cannot fly straight like magic…

It’s okay for hunting, but not for combat.

Everybody said so, that’s why I ditched it.

Whoever said that is stupid…

Actually, for Alma’s crest, a bow is the best choice.

Huh!? Seriously?

Page 10:

The second crest is specialized in power. If you pour enough magic in the bow, it will hold great power.

My fourth crest is specialized in close combat, a perfect combination.

I will be in front, Alma will shoot from a distance.

Ruri’s first type crest will assist the whole team.

It’s balanced.

We are a perfect team!!

Page 11:

I should have brought my bow,

Such a shame.

Give me that sword, I will make it into a bow for you.

Is it possible!?

We have no other choice…

Okay, for you,

Check it out.

You… can actually do it…

About its function…

One shot one kill… she surely has practiced a lot.

Page 12:

She doesn’t like it?

I made a small-sized bow to suit the dungeon’s condition, does she like it?

How could a small bow like this hold such power!?


This is too much!

It’s just a little bit

better than those sold at the market…

I don’t really know the quality of the bows in this world…

But as long as she is happy..?

Page 13:


Let’s keep moving.

We will surely die if there is a sudden attack.

Keep your “scouting” skill on alert!


There may not be strong beasts in this kind of dungeon…

Page 14:


There is one already.

What? Where is it?

Is my “scouting” skill that bad!?

I can’t sense anything as well.

Me too….

You just haven’t sensed it yet.

That turn in front of us.

I should have taught them “Passive search” before getting inside the dungeon.

I will catch it.


Wha… wait, Matthy-kun !?

Page 15:



A demon beastttttttttt!?

Page 16:


No matter how weak the beast looks, it is way stronger than normal animals.

Therefore, even with demon beasts this size, they can still cause injuries for us.

Except for Matthy-kun,

No one else is allowed to catch it with their bare hands.

Like hell we can.


We can use it for practice.

Alma, try shooting it with your bow.


Its skin is rock hard, my bow and arrows won’t do any damage.

Page 17:

It’s okay

Well then…




Page 18:


Okay okay.

Now pour in some mana.


Like when you strike magic,

You need to focus your mana on your arrows.

What are you talking about!?

Just do it.

Page 19:

Let me try…

Like this?

Yes! Do it.

Here we go—


Page 20:


Are you kidding me……

Page 21:


As expected of Alma.

It’s a kind of magic augmentation called “Basic Magic Augmentation”.

Ruri’s sword is “toughened” and “sharpened”.

It can easily penetrate a Yadokari crab’s shell.

If you know it, you can fight with just a normal sword anywhere, any time.

This one does well in combat.

Page 22:

Come on


Now augment all these arrows. It’s basic magic so as long as you use it frequently, you will get used to it.

…Humph? Where did you get these?

My magic storage.

Are you talking about the mythical storing magic…?

What myth, it exists

Page 23:

On the way to the capital, I defeated a War Tiger and left it in inside my magic storage, which took half of my mana.

Such unbearably inconvenient magic.


War Tiger .

But it’s a disaster-level demon beast…

Uhm, sorry.

My fault, for expecting something normal from Matthy-kun.

Alma can do it, too.

You can quickly defeat a demon beast of the same level as a War Tiger.


Page 24:


Actually, there’s a good room for us.


It’s the monster house.



Page 25:

Monster House.

In this dungeon, there’s a particular place with high density of mana.

If a person or something enters that place, or even a mana strike,

The mana forms magic stones and creates demon beasts.

Let’s get it started?

Start what!





It’s safe since Matthias-kun is here, and challenging a Monster House would be an interesting experience.

Page 26:

Okay, so it’s decided.

Are you two ready?

Wait, Matthy-kun!

Are we doing it for real?

Wait a minute!

My heart is not ready!!

Page 27:



It’s coming.

Page 29:


There are more than I thought.

It’s lucky to encounter such a big Monster House right after getting inside the dungeon.

Will it be okay…? Well we have Matthias…

Page 30:


We can only fight as Matthy-kun told us.


Page 31:

My bow can only take one down at a time! I can’t keep up!!

Calm down.

Step back as you shoot, focus on the pioneers.

Even if I do as you say…

No matter how many we take down, there are still lots of them.

They get so close already!

Page 32:

Well, with our current status, to encounter this kind of Monster House

Is normal.


Stop talking nonsense, come and help us.

Okay, coming—

Page 35:


Page 36:

Subjugation complete.

Page 37:


One hit…

This kid is truly a monster…!

Page 38:

Basically, like this.

Now, until next month, the two of you have to practice hard in order to easily handle these demon beasts!

You think we can?

With our abilities…

If for only one month…

Perfectly possible.

Page 39:

When we’ve finished,

We will start learning basic magic augmentation.

I will try my best!

I will become a great magic augmenting mage!

I will do my best, too.

If my magic bow can get stronger, I will do anything!


Now let’s get going.


Page 40:

Since then we’ve been practicing magic without chanting

In order to start improving our combat magic.

And one month later—

Monster House…

Just the two of us can take it down.

Page 41:


I will announce our school’s representatives for the fighting tournament!

Page 42:

The leader will be, a freshman from Class A,


Members, a freshman from Class A, Ruri!

A freshman from Class A, Alma!

These three will be our school’s representatives for this year tournament.

Page 43:

They are all freshmen!?

Mr. Principal, how could it be!

Moreover, one of them bearing the fourth crest, the other two are female!

Are we giving up after 33 failures?

If it’s so, let us do it!

Me too!


Page 44:

I have no intention of giving up the tournament.

In contrast, I believe we will win this year!

Just let the kids show off their ability first.

Yagato Sensei, target 1!


Page 45:

You, come here !

Page 47:

Is this for real…?

She may be at the same level as those with marks of honor at the first school…?

That’s not all.



Page 50:

What kind of power is this…!?

What kind of magic bow is this!?

I heard the school recently opened a new class, but

Why are all the freshmen such monsters!?

Page 51:

These kids

Who are they!?

Page 52:

Any complaint?

Matthias-kun’s power is the best part,

But it’s no fun showing it here, isn’t it?

This year’s fighting tournament,

We will be the champions!!


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