Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 7.1

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 7.1

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+Page 1

Day of the Match.

The Capital’s Arena.

My bet is that The Second Academy will be wiped out, as usual…..

I have a feeling that that won’t be the case this year, will it?

Your Majesty?

+Page 2

The principal of the Second Academy, Eduardo, told me

That he has prepared a few small surprises for us.

There are so many people….

I’m starting to get nervous!

With Matty-kun here, there’s nothing to worry about!


I guess we’ll be okay as long as those “children gifted with magic” don’t show up…

“Children gifted with magic”?

That’s a strange title!

+Page 3

Until now, there were a few years when our academy came close to victory,

But then, the First Academy brought out some incredibly strong opponents…..

Their power was simply unbelievable. That’s why they’re called the “Children gifted with magic”.

I heard that the former Captain of the Capital’s Royal Magic Legion used to be one, too.


[Magic sense]!!


It looks like what you said is true….

The gifted children.

This kind of magic reaction….

Such monsters.

+Page 4

It’s coming from the First Academy’s waiting room?

So strong…. I can sense an unusual wave of power….


I can sense it too!

Compared to Matty, these guys are can truly be called “monsters”!!

After a month of training, these 2 have finally learned to use “magic sense”

And it seems they can also feel this unusual wave of magic.

These magic waves are at least 10 times stronger than mine.

So instead of calling them“monsters”…

The correct term would be….


+Page 5

Chapter 7: The strongest sage in the fighting tournament

+Page 6


Listen up, you two.


If what I’m thinking is correct, then the enemy team’s leader is extremely dangerous.

So after you defeat the other two opponents, run as far away as you can,

And leave the rest to me.

+Page 7

But this arena has a magic barrier, you know…..

There’s a high chance that the barrier will be broken during the fight.

That guy’s magic source is much stronger than mine,

That’s simply impossible…..

No human can reach that level….

Well, he’s not human.



The time has come!

Contestants, please enter the arena!

+Page 8

The hand-to-hand combat match is about to begin!

Contestants, please proceed to your assigned positions!

Hahaha, that guy has a Disqualified crest!

The Second Academy dared to send that piece of trash as a representative!?

Matthias! Rury! Alma!

Kick those First Academy guys’ butts!

+Page 9

Both teams,

Are you ready!?


There’s no need for that.

+Page 10

These honorable representatives of the First Academy

Can easily wipe out these weaklings out without even getting warmed up.

The 65th National Academy Combat Match…


+Page 11

The power of fire flowing inside me—

Rury! Alma!

Got it!

The 4th crest is a close-combat type…. Which means I have to close the gap.

I’ll hide my presence by using these two’s attacks as a diversion.

[Stealth] !!


+Page 12



+Page 13


What is this!?

Chantless magic!?

Instead of worrying about his teammates.

this guy is focusing on the chantless spells, huh….. Interesting.

Lychese and Jias are down!

Just 5 seconds after the match started, the First Academy’s team has already lost two of its members!

+Page 14








He’s getting serious now.

You guys have to stay focused and dodge his attacks.

+Page 15

Here it comes!


[Physical reinforcement]!!

+Page 16

As expected of Devilius! He’s a “child gifted with magic”.

Look at that damage!

He can easily win in a 1v3!

Good work!

Now leave the rest to me!

Let’s go, Rury!


+Page 17

Rury and Alma of the Second Academy

have left the combat zone! Disqualified!

Haha, look at them run!

It’s all on you now, Devilius!

We’re counting on you….



Where did that 4th crest bastard go!?

Where are you!?

Behind you.


+Page 18

+Page 19

Hey, why can’t I hear any spell chants coming from you, huh?



+Page 20

Oh, so you can use chantless magic too.


It all makes sense now…

The ones who popularized chanting magic are the Demons.

They want to weaken humanity,

and they also want to create extreme difficulties for those with the 4th crest.

They don’t want humanity to realize this crest’s power.

The reason is simple. Their biggest weakness is fighting against people with this “disqualified” crest.

Then, let’s see how strong the Demons of this world have become.

+Page 21

[Mana Strike]!!

What the….!

+Page 22




Devilius summoned a giant firestorm to surround Matthias!

He truly is a magic genius! Can Matthias overcome this?


+Page 23

So you want to contain me with fire?

You don’t want a 4th crest to close the gap on you, right?

That basic strategy is somewhat reliable.


All I have to do is spread my magic control to the surrounding area.

That way, I can take control of my opponent’s magic, too!

In my time, I had to be careful of an enemy baiting me in this sort of situation.

But considering how inexperienced my opponent is, that won’t be necessary.

What’s going on?!

Why is my fire wall vanishing?!

+Page 24

What a shame.

+Page 25


How is this happening!?

The only thing to blame…

Is your incompetence!!


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