Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 7.2

Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 7.2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 7.2
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+Page 26

A defensive spell… As I expected.

Unfortunately for you, that attack was just a decoy.

Here’s the real deal…. [Destructive Strike]!

Now—show me your true form!!

+Page 27

What the hell’s going on!?

I don’t know!

Did that disqualified kid just attack Devilius….?

+Page 28

+Page 29

+Page 30


A Demon!?

That Demon is wearing Devilius’ armor!

It can’t be… Devilius is a Demon….?


what will you do?

You bastard….!!

+Page 31

Running away, huh?

There’s no sign of him using teleportation magic…is he trying to fly away?

Did my attack weaken him that much?

+Page 32

A Demon of this level, growing wings will take him 1.5 seconds.

A Demon’s flight speed depends on his magic source.

A human’s magic source can’t compare to a Demon’s, so if I let him get away, I’ll never catch up.

I have to take him down before he has the chance to fly up.

I’ll need a magic stone for this.

Augment it into my sword…

+Page 33

[Iron Slash]

[Impact Force]


[Hardness Reinforcement]

All of these spells will enhance the power of [Iron Slash].

0.7 seconds left.

+Page 34

With this much magic augmentation, the sword will disintegrate.

According to my calculations, that will be in about…2 seconds.

But that won’t be a problem, since I only have 0.7s left before he takes off.

That’s more than enough.


I’ve already used most of my strongest spells….

[Mana Strike]

[Iron Slash]


+Page 35

7 spells of 5 different magic types.

Shall we see how you handle this?

+Page 36

+Page 37

+Page 38

+Page 39

Is he…dead…?

It can’t be…. He single-handedly took down a Demon….

Is that the new student that also defeated the Captain of the royal guard…?

Your Majesty!!

Hurry and cover this up.

A Demon appearing in the Royal Capital…. This could cause a huge problem.

+Page 40

That Eduardo…

How is this a “small” surprise?

It seems using 7 spells simultaneously was a bit much.

That was an easy win.

But…. Demons hiding inside the Royal Academy, huh….

I guess the current situation of this world is quite serious.

I need to come up with a plan to make sure the human race doesn’t perish before i get stronger

Oh yeah…. There’re still other Demons like him in the Capital…..


+Page 41


Are you okay?

Were you hurt?

Hey, Ruri,

that’s way too bold….

+Page 42


I didn’t mean it like that!


I’m glad that everyone is okay.

+Page 43

A few days later.

The Principal of The Second Royal Academy, Eduardo, and

This time’s champion, Matthias, at your service, Your Majesty.

+Page 44

Eduardo, you and I are friends.

Don’t be so formal.

I can’t do that, since you are the ruler of this kingdom….

So this is the King….

I remember a lot of them visiting my house in my previous life….

Matthias, you’ve done this country a huge favor defeating that Demon.

Normally, I would grant you a fief of your own…

I don’t need a fief!

Absolutely not!

I reincarnated so I could fight!

No way I can just sit around and oversee a tiny piece of land!

+Page 45

But the news of Demons hiding amongst the humans might cause chaos…..

So I was thinking….

I don’t need any territory!

How about a new magic sword?

I’ve just received a high-quality magic sword augmented with two spells.

Two spells?

I found it in a swordsmith’s shop.

The owner said that it was made by a young boy….

Well, to be honest, that thing’s completely useless.

Rury will be able augment a much better weapon soon.

+Page 46

Not interested, huh?

Do you have any wish in particular, then?

A wish, huh…

If I remember correctly, the proper reply is “I appreciate your kindness, but….” and something along those lines, but

this time, I’ll take advantage of the situation.

Then, my wish is to be allowed free use of the resources in this country’s dungeons.

You mean the demon beasts and the magic stones from their nests?


Of course, I don’t plan to take all of them for myself.

+Page 47

The resources in dungeons are usually of extremely high quality, to the extent that they surpass even the finest gold mine.

And the magic stones and materials obtained from demon beasts are the main reason for most of the fights between countries

In my previous life, the answer to such a request was usually “not gonna happen”.

However, in this world, humanity’s knowledge of high level dungeons is practically zero.

So they don’t realize a dungeon‘s true value.

I don’t see why not.

I’ll allow it.


Thank you so much, Your Majesty!


There’s one more thing I wanted ask you about.

+Page 48

The four “children gifted with magic” have disappeared.

And among them is the former captain of the Magic Legion, Elhart.


“Children gifted with magic”

They appeared many years ago.

…Which means

the Demons snuck into this kingdom a long time ago.

+Page 49


I see.

Demons have an incredibly low birthrate, so in my previous life, humanity had nearly annihilated them all.

It seems that even after such a long time, they still haven’t been able to breed much.

Since they’re not strong enough, they decided to blend in with the humans.

And spread completely false information about magic and its usage….

That explains the current situation.


This is bad.

+Page 50

If those Demons have all escaped, then it can only mean one thing…..


They don’t think it’s necessary to deceive humanity anymore?


Then that means…

Yes, Your Majesty.

+Page 51

The Demons are gathering their forces

for all-out attack on this kingdom.


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