Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 1

Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 1

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+Page 1

The morning of a carpenter.

Nakamura-san is a world-class carpenter…

You will waste your Sunday if you keep watching shows like this…

I’m jealous of you, Onii-chan…


Everyday is Sunday to you since you’re a Neet!

Maruta Makoto

But even if my poor brother is such a good-for-nothing nerd…

…I wouldn’t mind taking care of you!

Why you little…!

What do you mean “good for nothing”?

Oops, Onii-chan is angry, teehee.

+Page 2

(Sigh) That girl…


+Page 4

Base stats are quite remarkable.

But no extraordinary ability, and lack of fighting skills…

Even his soul source is dim…


Who are you?

+Page 5

I am the Goddess of Time and Space.

This world is called Manasthesia, I am the one who summoned you.


Manasthesia…? Summoned?

Is this…a dream?

To expand my power, I intended to summon some kinds of legendary heroes or invincible knights…

…But It looks like I have failed…


+Page 6

I have no intention to use…

…a worthless being like you.


Then send me back.

Unfortunately, I cannot do that.


Sending you back will cost me much more power than summoning.

+Page 7

I don’t want to waste my power on you.

Is this some kind of joke–…!?


Get out of my sight.

+Page 8

Is this really another world…?

What do I do now…?

First I have to find a village or town…

Even my shoes are here…

+Page 9

Excuse me, sir.

Can you give me something to eat?

I haven’t eaten anything for 2 days, at this rate I will starve to death…

Ugh, it stinks…

Food, huh…?

I still have some food left…

But I don’t even know how long it will take to get to the nearest town…

Should I give this valuable food to a stranger…?

+Page 10

This is really good.

Thank you so much.

Hey granny, I want to get to the nearest town…

…can I get there soon if I follow this road?

Walk for half a day and you will arrive at a small town named Rua.

Thanks a lot, I should get going…


+Page 11

I was going to Rua too.

But I injured my feet halfway there and it’s getting dark.

Can you carry me?

I won’t make it in half a day with extra weight like this…

I will die if I stay here.

Please, young man, have mercy…


I beg you…

+Page 12

I’m sorry for troubling you like this…

Oh, it’s nothing.

It will haunt me if I just let you die like that…

I actually came from Earth, after being summoned by Goddess Astena…

She said I was worthless so she pushed me down a prairie…

According to her story,

Gods and Goddesses are known to appear in human form.

They fight for power.

So they seduce the leaders of the human race, those who thirst for lust and power.

Just like the Ancient Greek Gods.

So that means Goddes Astena is…

“Get out of my sight, you worthless being…”

Damnit, she’s gonna pay.

How pitiful…

+Page 13

In fact, there are goddesses who have no choice, but to get corrupted.

Her followers are overwhelming, some of them hold incredible powers, but their personality is disgusting.

That despicable goddess took advantage of her followers

to summon help from other worlds.

That’s why…when the person being summoned shows no potential,

people like you will be thrown to different locations using “transportation” spells.

Personal grudge, eh?

But she doesn’t sound that angry…

By the way, you can put me down now.

Eh? Okay…

+Page 14

I am Goddes Liana, who controls the “Eye of Gods”.

Or you can call it “God’s Eye”.

I am currently in need of followers and I’ve been searching for good people like you.

+Page 15

To be my follower, you must be a good person with a kind heart.

Since my transfusion into a smelly old woman, there had been some people who gave me food…

But you are the only one who was willing to carry me.

You have such a warm and kind soul.

So as a goddess, I will lend you my power.


Are there any drawbacks…?

Well, it’s….

+Page 16

To become my follower or not will determine your power.

None – follower:

Far-distance sight


Can even see fast moving object clearly

A follower like myself, right?

Yes, then the power you receive will be significantly enhanced.

You can even use “God’s Eye”.

“God’s Eye”?

With this power, you can see other people’s information…


events that happened in the past or unpredictable results in the future…

…will be exposed before your eyes.

How about it? Feeling interested yet?

To say it suddenly like that…

So what exactly is a…


+Page 17:

It depends on different goddesses.

For example, I cannot force my follower to do anything they don’t want to.

Even I myself want to take advantage of my followers to gather power sometimes…

So there’s no downside for me, huh…

If you still can’t decide…

then how about this…

Why don’t you become my follower for 1 month?

+Page 18

I don’t want to decide based on my feelings,

so I will be watching you with my power.

Well, I guess it’s like an intern job.


It’s decided.

Now close your right eye.

From now on your right eye possesses the power of the “God’s Eye”.

First, try to think about yourself.

Myself, huh…?

+Page 19


Maruta Makoto

Race: Human

Age: 17

Will power: 16

Magic power: 22

Magic comprehension:

Battle soul

According to the data, 10 is average, 20 is quite rare. You have potential.

You can always search for detailed information about any skills.

That’s all, I will return to God’s Realm now.

Remember, the more you use “God’s Eye”…


Can’t you use your power to send me back to my world?

…I don’t have that kind of power.


+Page 20

Guess I’ll have to go to the town then…

Rua Town

The Holy Empire of Garp

Population: 5

Resources: Wood

Why do they only have 5 people, isn’t very few for a town?

Maybe they all moved away?

Whatever, I still have to find someone…


There’s a lot of wood!

I guess it’s true that their main resource is wood.

+Page 21

Oh, there’s someone.

Excuse me…

+Page 22

Zombie (regular)

Lvl : 1

Weakness: Light – Fire – Holy skills

Gah, I have to run!

+Page 23

There’s zombie here!!?

What the heck happened to this town?



*sfx: garuru


+Page 24

What was that? Is that the power of “God’s Eye”?

“Events that happened in the past or unpredictable results in the future…”

So it’s true…


You gotta be kidding me.

+Page 25

They’re everywhere…

If I don’t do something I’m gonna get eaten…

And become one of them!

Not good!

Time to run…

Argh…Impossible…I’m surrounded…

No way to run now.

I need to have a weapon at least.

+Page 26

In those shounen mangas…

There are some characters who use wooden logs to fight…


+Page 27


…They don’t stand up…?

No way…

It worked?

+Page 28

Are they all dead…?

+Page 29

It’s lucky I had this wooden log.

It’s hard for an amateur like me to use any kind of weapon.

They might get stuck in those bodies.

Swinging this log is way easier.


What now…?

The only thing I want to do now is to leave this town.


Population: 5

There may still be survivors left.

I want to save all of them if I can…


+Page 30

Is anyone there?

Guess I shouldn’t shout…

…But if they come out then I can just kill them all.

Did anyone survive!?

I’ve killed all the zombies.

They’re mostly gone now!

+Page 31

The zombies were killed?

Ah…what a relief…

Down that well…

It must be…

It looks like we’re saved…

…Katua, Marie.


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