Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 2

Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 2

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+Page 1

Thank you for saving us.

But why did you end up in that well?


So these 3 worked for a lord in this region?

They accidentally broke a valuable object.

As a punishment, they were forced to walk around the town naked

And spend a night in the well to think about their mistake.


Can we go back to the mansion to get some clothes?


+Page 2

Oh sorry.

You go on ahead.

Umm…. By the way….

Hm? What’s the matter?

Ah…. I see….

Then let me come along, and I’ll protect you.

Yes…. Thank you so much…..

+Page 3

Maria Raslian

Race: Human

Class: Slave Lv.10

Weapon: Farming scythe

Katua Raslian

Race: Human

Class: Slave Lv.5

Weapon: Large Pitchfork

Marie Raslian

Race: Human

Class: Slave Lv.3

Weapon: Knife

+Page 4

Sorry to keep you waiting.

So what do you want us to do……?

Well, there are still survivors left in this town.

Living survivors?!


I’ve used “God’s Eyes” to check again, but the number remains the same.

I want to save them if possible.

Do you want to help me…?

We’ve got it!

+Page 5

Is anyone there!?

Anybody alive!?

I killed all the zombies!

You can come out now!

Ah…. There’s someone-



There’s still some left!?

Don’t go near us…..


+Page 6

It seems to take less to kill them than earlier….

Did something change?


My stats raised a bit.

Skill: God’s Eyes

Stamina: 22

Agility: 18

Vitality: 21


+Page 7

Soul rank?

*The light of soul source represents the hero’s power. It will grow according to the amount of experience earned.


*Class: Barbarian Warrior

Barbarian Warrior?

Like this?

Do I look that savage?

+Page 8

That was amazing……

Onii-chan is so cool!

You looked like a hero…..

Me… A hero?


My hero….

Sis always takes the good ones first….

So strong, it’s good to have onii-chan here.

I have nothing to be afraid of!!

That dialogue is a death flag!!


+Page 9

We’ve been searching for a long time and we haven’t found anyone.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone left…


There’re two.

I’m sure there are still two people alive.


We haven’t searched the square yet, right?

+Page 10

All those zombies, yet you just….


Onii-chan is awesome!


My lady!?


She’s the lord’s wife.

It was almost time for her to give birth.

Then the survivors…..

Could it be…..

Marie, hand me the knife.


+Page 11

You want to open her belly?



This reaction….

Was she trying to protect her child……?


+Page 12


She was protecting them.

What a strong motherly instinct.


+Page 13

There aren’t any zombies.

How about we come back to the mansion and take a rest?


This will be fine….

I’ve prepared your breakfast.

Thank you.

All the villagers are dead.

We shouldn’t stay here long.

What a shame, this mansion would be perfect……

+Page 14

I think we should go to another town.

Another…… town?

You can have a better life there.


We want to follow Makoto-sama.

If possible….

Is that okay?


Then I appreciate your help.

But I think we should send these twins somewhere safe.

+Page 15

We aren’t allowed to keep them?

But we want to raise the babies!

Marie also wants to take care of them!

But we don’t have any money…

To take care of them….

*No money*

How about we sell the valuable stuffs in this mansion?

Is that okay?

You killed all the monsters here so it’s obvious that the loots belong to you!

How could you call your previous master a monster?

*He’s a zombie to be precise….

… Now then.

After breakfast, we will look for something valuable worth selling.


+Page 16


That sword looks high-class.

I can check its stats through “God’s Eyes”, eh?

Decorative dual-blade sword

Slash: 90

Thrust: 60

Smash: 40

Value: 20 gold coins

I wonder how much damage does this wooden log have?

Wooden log

Slash: 0

Thrust: 200

Smash: 590

Value: 20 gold coins

It’s so powerful!!

+Page 17

Using this log to fight turns out to be a good choice…..

*Then I’ll sell the sword…

We’ve collected everything.

We’re lucky that Marie and Katua can control a carriage.

I’m glad we can be somewhat useful to you.

Let’s go to the next town!


Crap, I automatically gained the “Thief” class.

*Class: Barbaric Warrior

Thief Lv.1

+Page 18

We’ve arrived at the Great Maze Lana!

There are big cities inside this ancient maze.

Adventurers tend to come here in search of treasures or magical equipment.

Since there are so many rare materials, merchants gather here and they’ve created a town.

The sun is setting, let’s find a place to rest.


+Page 19


+Page 20


You have your own room!

After I went to the bathroom, I was sleepy

So I accidentally climbed on master’s bed…. I’m sorry

+Page 21

It’s not a big problem but……

I’m actually happy….

Is that so? Then….

Please let me sleep with you from now on.

This feeling of guilt….

Good morning!

Do you want to eat breakfast together?

What happened?

The kids from the next room were so noisy that I couldn’t sleep!

+Page 22

Those kids kept crying, and I could barely sleep.

I’m terribly sorry.

Next room?

They’re talking about crying babies so it must be us….

Give me back my money!

I’m the one from the next room, sorry to have kept you awake all night.

Let me pay you back instead….


I’m about to explore that maze.

And because of you, I won’t be able to work properly.

You must give me 5 gold coins to make up for it!

5 gold coins!?

That amount of money can pay for a VIP room in a month!

+Page 23

This guy…. he’s the kind of person

Who likes to pick on weaker beings, huh…?

You dare show me that attitude!

I’m gonna kill you!

These fists of mine killed a lot ignorant fools like you!

You think you can handle me?

+Page 24

I guess money won’t be enough to compensate for this.


Class: Fighter     Lv.21

He’s Lv.21….

I’m just a Barbaric Warrior Lv.2, Thief Lv.1, I’m no match for him….

Bow down and crawl under my legs.

With them here, I can’t lose my pride like that.

What are you staring at!?

+Page 25


…. Wait a minute.

It doesn’t hurt at all?

It seemed I went a bit easy on you.

Is he weaker than what he looks?

One more hit….

+Page 26


How dare you evade my blows!

I got him!

+Page 27

This is……

The power of “God’s Eye”….?

You bastard…..

I’ll kill you!

I’ll end you right here!!

No matter how I look at it, you lost.

Stop that attitude of yours.

+Page 28


What an annoying sight…

You even went out to flirt with beautiful girls in the tavern every night, am I correct?

I will not let you cause any more troubles.

You’re no longer a member of my party.

Just let me explain!

I’ve heard enough in those reports about you so that’s a no.


Just so you know

For someone who looks down on women like yourself.

Don’t you ever talk to me anymore. farewell.

+Page 29

Wait a minute Aria!

Those are harsh words coming out of the mouth of such a beautiful woman.





She’s dead already.

That’s what you get for ignoring me.

+Page 30

Is that the future….?

She will get attacked by Gard?

If that is true than this is terrible….

Whether it’s true or not, I must help her….?


I have a favor to ask……

+Page 31

It’s about……

Me being summoned from Earth by Goddess Astena.

Then when I received the “God’s Eye” Ability from Goddess Liana.

And the future I predicted.

+Page 32

Adventurer’s Guild.

I’m going to explore the maze.

We come here to register for the Guild, but…..

I need to find a way to gather more information….


Are you new here?


Race: Elf

Class: Civilian      Lv.15

An Elf!

It’s my first time seeing one.

If you want to register to the Guild, please write down your information on this piece of paper.

+Page 33

Do you know where Aria is?


I found her wallet, so I want to talk to her in person.

Hmm, I guess she’s in the Maze now.

Then about Gard….

Well never mind….


Thank you for your registration.

So, she also hates that Gard guy….

+Page 34

She’s in the Maze, so she’s fine by now.

Maybe we should do a mission to kill time….

I appreciate your offer, but….!

It’s okay, there’s a lot of dangerous people out there. Let me protect you.


I can manage on my own!

I heard that Anna-chan has a 5 year old sister, you have to be careful not to let her disappear mysteriously like those in the nearest town.


If anything happens to Lia, I will never forgive you for this.

Why can’t we find a strong adventurer at a time like this?

We have to stop them!

I think I can take on Gard….

+Page 35

Stop harassing that girl!

Who said that? You dare to interfere with my business….

It’s you!!

You were that little brat from yesterday!!

A sudden attack without warning!

But with my Eyes….


That light….

Did it want me to hit there….?

+Page 37


He struck down Gard with one hit….


Master is so cool….

That bastard Gard deserves it.

I’ve wanted to pay you back since I first joined.

I haven’t forgotten what you did….


Hey, he’s knocked out, don’t do that….

+Page 38

He’s dead!

……. What?


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