Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 3

Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 3

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+Page 1

Civil Defense Office.

….Huh? Innocent?

We actually knew all along that Gard was the culprit of those women abusive act recently.

But after we examined his body, we found the crucial evidence to convict him.

We really appreciate what you did.

*The next day, an envelope containing money arrived at my place.

+Page 2

I’m glad that Makoto-san is not considered guilty.


We should thank Jake for coming with us as a witness….

Jake, huh….

That kid did remind me of some old memories….

My name is Jake, thank you for accepting me, Boss…..

I’m honored.


No…. I didn’t mean that…..

You’ve earnt my respect.

Well, I guess I won’t meet him again in the future….

Oh, it’s the Mage Academy.

+Page 3

Mage Academy?

It’s a school for people who enjoy learning magic.

If you have enough money, you will be able to use magic spells.


Hey Onii-chan.


The babies……

Did something happen with the babies!?

+Page 4

After they were born, I used God’s Eye to make sure they were both fine.

And there were no problems at all.

*This looks good

Could it be…..?

They’re turning into zombies now!?

+Page 5

I am the overlord of this world!!


+Page 6

You can call me Lanaria. Raymill. Amarylis.

What’s wrong with him?

*I am the absolute, the ultimate being of all realms, I was destined to be the god that rules over this world.

He just became like that all of a sudden.

Did something happen to him?

I am a Dark Knight Witch!!

Lanaria. Raymill. Amarylis.

Race: human

Age: 0

Job: none (lv0)

Strength: 1

Weapon capability: 1

Clairvoyance: 1

Intelligence: 39

Health point: 3

Mana point: 39

Magic: 40

Skill: Physical growth and transformation enhancement. Also 998 items owned (sealed)

Current Abilites: Dark magic – All (Forgotten)

Spirit magic – All (Forgotten)

Dragon magic – All (Forgotten)

Ancient magic – All (Forgotten)

Lanaria skillset:

The ultimate almighty extreme dark magic of Gods (Forgotten)

*Lanaria. Raymill. Amaryllis has created an original of extreme magic

Soul rank: 91


+Page 7

His stats and skills are unbelievable!!

And this soul rank….

What is this kid….?

Makoto-san, your eyes….!?

The God’s Eyes are still…..!?


+Page 8


You’re a…. reincarnator?

Yep, that is correct!

It was the effect of an ancient forbidden technique that I used.



Hey, can I ask you something?

According to his words.

+Page 9

A few hours ago.

Is when his previous memories merged with this body.

A baby?

And it seems all of his stats and skills are unavailable due to the side effect of the reincarnation.

Why are you feeding cow milk to the babies!?

But this is the specialized magic milk for infants?

But wouldn’t it be best for children to drink mother’s milk!?

And I don’t like cow milk at all…..

If that’s the case, then why don’t we hire a foster mother?


That is…..

Not necessary!

+Page 10

Gahh, my chest!?

What was that!?

It’s just a spell of mine….

Physical growth and transformation enhancement!

Now we have enough milk for everyone!

So you can cast this on anyone!?

Of course!


+Page 11

Use it on me!


But this won’t work on a fully-developed body, you know!

Then I can finally reach the 170cm milestone….

My breasts will finally…..

And they didn’t change at all…..

I had always wanted large breast….

+Page 12

To change the atmosphere, I come to the guild to receive some quests.

Quests for beginners, huh…..


Quest 1: There’s a carpenter named Gaston in the nearby town Rouen who needs a large amount of wood.                 Quest giver: Keynes carpentry workshop.               Payment: 50 silver coins.

Quest 2: A large amount of purified wood needed for the making of holy stakes to kill the vampires. Bodyguards are required to assist the wood cleansing process inside the holy lake.            Quest giver: carpenter Gaston of Rouen.               Payment: 2 gold coins.

Quest 3: There are vampires that usually gather at an ancient city nearby. Request for subjugation immediately, “Holy Stake” and “Holy Wood” will be available. Quest giver: Rouen village’s chief – Enrique. Payment: 50 gold coins, a 1 year charge-free of staying in the village and a huge supply of pork soup.

Why are these all related to woods!?

And what the hell is “Holy Wood”!!         *I’m so curious!

*Holy wood


Let’s just take one of them for now….

+Page 13

Someone already took that quest!?

I came here as fast as I can……

I haven’t contacted your Guild yet…..

But it seems there will be new quest available a few days later.

I will contact you when they arrive.

*Sign your name here….

Sorry to bother you.

Eh? Boss?

+Page 14


What a coincidence.

So you and me both want the same mission.

Then I’ll give you guys this one.

We’ll find another quest.



This mission seems to have little threat, but….

It’s still my first quest, it’s better to have someone experienced accompanying me…..

If that’s the case.

Why don’t we do this together?


+Page 15

This is a part of a chain mission.

And I was about to receive another transporting quest from him.

So we’ll just split the payment, but if you’re not into it….

Ah, no! That’s fine by me.

It’s the same for you too, right?


With Boss Makoto here, we will have the power of a hundred men!!

Jake seems to overestimate me a little bit….

+Page 16

A few days later.

The road is so bumpy, it’s really a good idea to leave Mary and those 2 boys at home.

I guess you’re right.

….And Miria’s breasts are also bouncing too.

+Page 17


What’s wrong? Are you sick?

Sorry…. I think you should stop the wagon for a bit.


That was a vision of the future….

That way….

+Page 18

Is this…. Clairvoyance!?

There’s 7 of them….

If we continue forward, that vision will happen in real life….

And I definitely wouldn’t want that….

I learnt a few magic spells in the Mage Academy a few days agao.

*I will form a contract with you…

So now I’m able to use a few tricks….


[Explosive stone]


+Page 19


How could they discover us!?

Shut up! Hurry and finish them off!


You 2 go and hide.


They’re much weaker than us, so their numbers mean nothing! Surround them!


To win this battle….

+Page 20

I have to take down the leader!!



That hurts, you little brat.


+Page 21

Be careful, Boss!

You annoying pest!!


Take this.


I have to find a better weapon…

+Page 22

Just like that time, huh…..


He’s running away.

It can’t be….

+Page 23

After I’m done with you, it will be his turn…..



+Page 24

You’re incredible, Boss…..


+Page 25

Whoa, look at this beauty.

The one with a bow next to her is also not bad at all.

Are we allowed to have a little fun first….


You bastard, how dare you kill the Chief!

We must avenge him!

+Page 26

You guys are so annoying!



One blow…..

+Page 27

The wooden log is still the best!


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