Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 4

Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 4

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+Page 2

With this, I can finally continue to make holy stakes again.

After that time, we’ve yet to encounter any further robbery.

*curing with healing magic

*adventurer’s certification

*gathering loots

*undamaged weapon


So we successfully delivered all of the requested items.

You were the one who accepted the bodyguard request, am I right?

*currently checking the items


Because the number of people in our group increased, I had also decided to take on those 2nd and 3rd request.

*I’ll take these, please


It was so convenient.

+Page 3

The holy lake

Objects emerged inside this lake for a period of time will be imbued with holy attribute.

Why don’t you make the stakes from the wood in this forest?

The trees here are light and crunchy, we need something hard and heavy like these rosewoods!

I see…..

High quality rosewood

Sharpness: 0

Thrust: 350

Smash: 1000

Price: 120 silver coins

Why is it so powerful!?

+Page 4

A normal log is already strong, but this thing is in a whole new level…

Piece of log

Sharpness: 0

Thrust: 200

Smash: 590

Price: 20 silver coins

Why don’t you get some cool weapons? Like a sword or something.

A sword will turn dull once you dip it into this lake.


The God who made this lake extremely hates weapons.

So we can’t use any kind of weaponry-related object here.            *swords and spears and things like that*

I see.

Okay. We’re done here!

Let’s go and rest for tonight, then we can come back tomorrow morning.

Luan Tavern

+Page 5


Can’t sleep.

The bed is pretty big so it’s fine for 3 people to sleep in it, but….

Isn’t this a little too close…?



Please stay quiet…

+Page 6


What’s the matter?

Well… You look like you were suffering quite a bit…

It’s… Well…


If it’s okay with you.

+Page 7

You can…

Use my mouth…


You don’t…

…want me to do it?

It’s not that I don’t want to.

+Page 8

I’m just happy that you’re willing to do this for me…


It’s my first time, but…

I’ll try my best.


I go.

+Page 9



Enjoying everything by yourselves like that…

…is so unfair.

I want… To do it too.

+Page 10

You don’t have to force yourself like that!

Please let me serve you!

I understand…

Then you can do whatever you want.

+Page 11

Good morning, Jake.

Morning, Boss Makot-

What the hell happened to you!?


Those girls squeezed the living soul out of me seven times last night…

It’s nothing!

He must be practicing really hard!?

Let’s go and retrieve those pieces of wood.

+Page 12

That’s all of them.

Now we can finally make those artistic holy stakes!

+Page 13

Artistic, eh…

If I remember correctly, you guys also took the vampire subjugation request, right?

That’s true.

The items will be finished by tonight, so be patient and wait a bit!

Thank you very much.

But to be honest…

I still don’t have any clues on how to do this…

Vampires of this world.

+Page 14

The kind that can cause difficulties for even skilled adventurers.

And the vampires gathering in that ancient city had already killed dozens of parties…

If there’s any excessive risk, should I consider backing out?

If we get bitten by those things, there’s a chance that we might turn into low-class vampires too…

Get lost, you bastard!!

What happened?

+Page 15

What’s wrong, Jake?

Boss Makoto!

That guy treated us like some kind of fools.

And I thought I’d been kind enough to give you some advice.

For such trash adventurers like yourselves, you got guts trying to hunt those vampires.

Trash adventurers, eh…

Wait, what!?

+Page 16

You will definitely turn into low-life vampires.

Abel. Rainstein Hero Lv 49

A Hero!?

And I don’t want that filthy blood of yours to stain my holy blade.

Enough of this, get lost or I’ll kick your ass!


+Page 17

This is getting quite annoying.

If you won’t stop pointing at me in 5 seconds, I will break that finger of yours.

Hah, I dare you to do it, come at me!

Hold on a second, Jake.

This guy…

He doesn’t seem to move at all.

Is he just joking around?


+Page 18



I’ve made it quite difficult for it to return to its normal state.

You reap what you sow, I guess…

I couldn’t see anything even when I had the God’s Eyes.

I am a follower of Astena – Goddess of Space and Time.

That is the cost of ignoring my words.

+Page 19

Get out of my sight, you worthless being.

Goddess Astena’s follower!?

Consider yourself lucky since I was just breaking a small piece of bone.

Don’t you think that I could have easily finished you off right from the beginning?

It’s possible… since he’s a follower of that woman…

How about I give you some more demonstrations.

+Page 20


I’m sorry! That was my fault!!

Please forgive me!

+Page 21


I’ll let it pass this time, killing a worthless person like you is just wasting my time.

Is something wrong, Makoto-sama?

…Well, some stuff happened.

Can I take a look at his stats from this distance?

Name: Abel Rainstein

Race: Human

Age: 18

Class: Hero Lv 49

Strength: 25       Weapon usage: 28           Clarity: 29

Intelligence: 25  Health point: 26               Mana point: 21

Magic: 27

His stats are much higher than mine…

+Page 22

Abilities: Time Freeze (received from Goddess Astena)

Rank: S+

Activation speed: A (Cooldown decreases with every efficiency point earned)

Effect radius: SSS (global)

Efficiency point: 115

Usage time: 5 times a day (rely on efficiency point)

Delay: 1 minute (decreases with every efficiency point earned)

I got it!

Time Freeze!?

So this explains what happened earlier.

About its weakness…

Here it is!

The time to reactivate that skill in combat.

If I can take advantage of this weakness, then I can…

+Page 23


What the hell happened!?

That eye.

So you’re a follower of Goddess Liana – Eye of the Gods.

+Page 24

You dared looking at my information without my permission.

You really are brave, I can tell you that.


If you want to hurt Makoto-sama,

You will have to go through us…



+Page 25

Killing that piece of garbage isn’t worth my time.


He’s turning his back to me… It will be a perfect chance to strike now…

No… If he activates that ability,

Both Miria and Katua will get involved too.

+Page 26

Astena, the Goddess who summoned me here then abandoned me like a piece of trash.

And that Hero follower of hers.


+Page 27

I will fully repay this debt to you all…

Mark my words…!


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