Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 5

Shingan no Yuusha Chapter 5

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+Page 1

Killing that piece of garbage isn’t worth my time.

We have to take down those vampires before that guy!

Chapter 5: Vampires of the ancient city

Then let’s go to the workshop!

*Those holy stakes should be finished by now.


You’re right, let’s go!

All right.


+Page 2

*Geese Rudolph

*Wood Master Lv.85

Wood Master!!?

His level is incredibly high!!

+Page 3

He’s walking toward us!!?

Yet…. What’s this pressure coming from his aura!?

This time…..

I will be the one protecting you!


So you can still move while facing my aura head-on, huh.

+Page 4

The pressure is gone?

Young man…. do you know where I can find lodging and the wooden workshop?

Ah, there’s a tavern that way….

We were about to head to the workshop too, do you want me to show you the way there?

Thank you very much.

Don’t mention it.


Who the hell is this guy?

Hey, idiot! Quit your peeping!

+Page 5

That eye….. You are a follower of Liana Goddess, am I right!?

You were planning to peek at my father’s abilities, weren’t you!?

You disrespectful piece of shit!


+Page 6

You promised me that you won’t leave my shadow when we’re in town, remember!?


That guy was trying to look at your stats…

I’ve already noticed that.


But I really don’t mind, so go ahead and look all you want!!

He’s so cool….

Milla, hurry up and return to my shadow.

+Page 7



….I understand.

*Carmilla Shelya Le Fahanir

*Vampire Lv.38


Young man.

+Page 8

Can you keep this a secret between us?

Ah… of course.

And you two, young mistresses.


I won’t say anything.

I appreciate it.

It’s not that Milla is causing me trouble or anything like that.

It’s just that humanity will not allow a pure-blood vampire like herself to exist…

+Page 9

We’re really sorry, we haven’t finished making the holy stakes yet.

I understand….

What are those?

Ah… Those are just test samples.

I can give you some if you want….

If I remember correctly, there’s also a “thrust” attribute in the weapon status bar….

Then I’ll take some!

+Page 10

You’re pretty good.

It’s you….

Who’s your master? Since how long have you been learning these kinds of moves?

Well, it’s just been 1 week… and I don’t have any master.

That’s right, he’s also a Wood Master….


I didn’t think that I would encounter such a talent when I received this quest…

Maybe you have what it takes to fully learn.

The ultimate skill of our staff-wielding combat technique of Yggdrasil.

+Page 11

Combat… staff?

What a shame.

If you’re just by yourself, you will hit your limit soon….

Give me that log of yours.


Here you go.

Hmm…. Very good.

Everyone… please back off for a bit.

+Page 12

The Death Dance of Five Moons – thrust.

A consecutive range of thrusts with extremely high speed!?

[If there isn’t enough space-  ‘High speed consecutive thrusts!?’. Otherwise ignore]

I can barely see his movements….

Light-speed thrust!!!

+Page 13

This speed….

All I could see were glimmers of light….

If you really want it, I can teach this technique to you…

How about it?

Now I can finally hope to defeat that Avel guy….

Please teach me!

+Page 14

That’s it for today!

Next time, we’ll meet again at the Maze City – Lana.



….So you won’t help us defeating those vampires?

The only vampires I slay are Milla’s enemies….

I’m in a neutral position, so I can’t kill them directly, not in plain sight.

Sorry about that.

So what I learnt from master last night is…

+Page 15

He is a half-breed of a human and a vampire.

*Mother: Human             *Her ancestor is of the Giant race

*Father: Vampire

Even though he’s more on the demon side, his achievements to humanity are still unparalleled.

To maintain his honor and pride as a human, he chose to stay neutral.

A few days later—

All that time and only 2 holy stakes are made….

*Take this!

*Why is it so small!?

Although I have a lot of normal wooden logs, but….

It’s fortunate that Jake’s party agreed to help me on this request….

I want to find and take revenge on that arrogant bastard too!



+Page 16


+Page 17


That jerk…. I feel so disgusted now.

Another bad future…..

That guy…. He uses his ability to do this kind of thing….

As if I’ll let that happen….!

Milia! Katua!

+Page 18

Ma… Makoto….









+Page 19

I’m really sorry, you two.

I saw a future where Avel was planning to violate you so….

It’s okay…. I wouldn’t mind that.


Makoto-sama, come with me for a second!


I guess she’s really mad now….

It’s not fair.


I want you to kiss me too…..


Got it.

+Page 20

So this is the ancient city.

I’ve heard a lot of rumors about the previous lord of this place.


+Page 21

Some says he was a follower of dark magic.

And he used to kidnap little girls.

In fact, some girls were reported to be mysteriously missing around this area.

And he is also a vampire.

I heard that many women between the age of 30 – 40 also went missing.


So I guess this guy has a wide taste after all.

Boss, we’re all set.


Okay everyone, prepare your stakes!!

Let’s move!!

+Page 22

Where are those vampires…?

The door just shut by itself!!

Damnit, this thing won’t move!!

Stand back!

+Page 23

Shadow Strike!!!

He busted a steel door off with just one blow….

You’re incredible….

Now our escape route is secured.

How dare you make a mess inside my castle.

+Page 24

You are one of those rude guests that came to kill me, I assume?

I would like to see you try.


*Vampire Lv.45

*Noble Vampire

We can use those stairs over there.

Did he set up any traps?

I have to be cautious….

My my….

Such a waste of time….

+Page 25

That’s what you get for being too wary!!

What will you do now, my beloved guests?

Or should I say, you sneaky little rats!!?

+Page 26

*Low – level vampires (minor vampires)

I’ll handle the ones from above! You two use your spells to cover us!

Got it.

You guys will be in charge of dealing with those down there.

Wait for them to come close, then throw the stakes at them.

Not yet.

Not yet…..

+Page 27



We did it! Just as Boss planned!

Makoto-sama, behind you!

+Page 28

Get out of my sight!!!

Take this!!

To be able to strike down all of my vampire minions!

Who the hell are you!?

+Page 29

And how can you swing that giant wooden logs without any effort!?

Which monstrous barbarian tribe are you in!?

Shut up!

*Class: Barbarian Warrior


Doesn’t matter.

If that’s the case, then I’ll just use the new one I’ve just collected.

Come out.

What the….

+Page 30



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