Sono Mono. Nochi ni… Chapter 5

Sono Mono. Nochi ni… Chapter 5

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 5
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Page 1:
After running away from my hometown, I, Wazu lived on a mountain filled with S rank monster, and I don’t know since when… but I’ve become incredibly strong

Also on that mountain, I’ve fought dragon king Ragnirr and we became friends…

I was entrusted to show the dragon king’s daughter Mear the outside world

That’s when we started our journey around the world

And our first destination was the elven village. Because I saved the elven’s who were attacked by some humans, I was taken to their village…

There I helped the village guardian Sarona-san, now we’ve became more intimate. I just hope the relationship between us…will keep getting better…

Page 3:

One week later, at the elven village

Good morning Mear

Let us try our best to help protect this village!



What’s wrong Luluna?

This is bad

Wazu-san come down quickly!
What are you talking…

Page 4:

That’s                                                   Sarona-san


Sarona and Gazuna

With both of your approval, let’s proceed the match to decide who’s this village’s head guardian

Page 5:


He fell down!?


Hah? What’s the meaning of this?

Mear let’s go



What is this!
What’s going on?

As you can see

Gazuna challenged Sarona to a duel

Page 6:
The winner will become the head guardian while the loser has to leave the village

Gazuna has always been jealous of Sarona’s strength…

Leaving the village…?

So that’s why…

Page 7:
Is there any objections?



Then a barrier will be created here

According to your agreement

An inviolable territory

Now begin!

What’s that?

A barrier, it’s an elven magic

Page 8:
My turn


Page 9:
As expected of Sarona!

Come on! Don’t lose to someone like Gazuna!
It’s always you…

Page 10:
It’s always Sarona this… or Sarona that

What are you talking about?

If it weren’t for you, things wouldn’t have become like this

What’s going to happen next is all you fault Sarona

…What do you mean by that?

Page 11:
What’s he talking about?

Now I’m going to show every elf in this village who didn’t accept me

The wrath of my vengeance!!


You will never understand what I felt…

Filling my heart right now

Is the gospel of darkness getting louder

Page 12:
This power will help me fulfill my wish

Is that also elven magic?

No it’s not… somehow it’s giving me a really bad feeling

The ground is shaking…?

Page 13:
Gazuna, what did you do?

Something is coming closer


Monsters carrying my grudge

Page 14:

Page 15:
Rampage all you want


That many monsters!?

Do you have any idea what you’ve done!?


Page 16:



Where are you looking at Sarona?



We should also hide somewhere

Let’s head to somewhere higher Wazu!

Page 17:
Hahaha, will you kill me or let everyone else die

What will you do Sarona!
So this is what you’re aiming for?

That’s right! There is no other way to stop this without killing me!

But it’s impossible right? Cause I’m also an elf of this village!                                                  So unsightly of you Sarona. That useless kindness toward elves is your weak point


Page 18:
Are you okay?


How did you…

Page 19:


How can just a human… dare to…


Was I talking to you?

I don’t have any intention of talking to you though

Page 20:
Sarona-san try your best! I believe in you

I will deal with all the monsters outside so you can just focus all your attention on beating that guy!
Gazuna…                                   isn’t it time to stop?

Page 21:
Kukuku… at least just killing you…

Is fine…

A red sphere?


This place will be your grave

Page 22:


Page 23:

Kukuku… I’m overflowing with power

I will just kill everyone on my own

Ok then


He actually broke it…

Page 24:
I can’t just keep watching this any longer


Don’t interfereeee

Of course I would stop you

Page 25:
Move asideeee!

You were trying to kill Sarona-san

What… what’s wrong with that!

It has nothing to do with you!
It does have something to do with me

Page 26:

Because I happen to

Like Sarona-san!!

Page 27:

What should I do?

I just said I like her out loud

What face should I make when I turn back…                                   Well what’s done has already been done…!



About what you’ve just said…

Page 28:
I’m happy that

You feel that way


But I’m sorry!


I am a guardian, I have to protect this village

That’s why I can’t leave this village…

Then I just have to stay here…


Page 29:
Wazu-san isn’t someone who would end up in this village…


She’s making a really painful face…

I don’t want to make this person make that kind of face…                                              a man should be able protect the smile of the woman he loves!
Is that so! Then there is no other way

Oh… I’ll be going now!

I really want to show Mear more about this world

Stay healthy! Sarona-san

Page 30:
Let’s just go somewhere far away…

As far away from here as possible…


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