Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 8

Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 8

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 8
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Page 1
P1 B1 Pardon me, then.
P1 T1 Chapter 8
P3 B1 Nibble
Page 2
P2 B1 Nnh…
Page 3
P2 B1a Hyi
P2 B1b Hyaa…
P2 B2 Nnmm… Sluuurrp lick…
P3 B1 Aaa, Wha… This…
P4 B1a Fu-
P4 B1b Hyi…
P4 B2a Nn..
P4 B2b Mph…
Page 4
P1 B1 Sluurrpp
P1 B2 Hyaa!!
P2 B1 Higii!!
P2 B2 Aah..
P3 B1a Delish… ♪
P3 B1b Glomp
P3 B1c Nmm
P3 B2 Suuucckkkk… ♪
P4 B1a Hyi…
P4 B1b Ahh…
P4 B2 Hyahhn…
P5 T1 Her every bite makes my body burn up
P5 T2 It digs into my nerves with a tingling sensation, but there’s no pain
P6 T1 On the other hand
P6 T2 It feels so good―
Page 5
P1 B1a Suucckk…
P1 B1b Sluurrpp…
P1 B2a Fuee…
P1 B2b Hyahh…
P3 Sfx1 Slump… だらん…
P5 B1 Oops
P5 T1 Did I suck too much?
Page 6
P1 B1 Nn…
P1 Sfx1 Lick ぺろ
P1 T1 ※ Pain, pain, fly away
P1 B2 Fyain, fyain, fai awei
P2 B1 It will be bad if we leave any trace behind * bitemark
P2 B2 She’s a girl, and the mark is also in an eye-catching spot. Have to do it well…
P2 Sfx1 Glow パアァァ
P2 Sfx2 Daze- ぼ―っ…
P3 B1 You alright? Seems like I sucked too much
P3 T1 I’m sorry…
P3 B2a Fuee, m-more…
P3 B2b Hah!?
P4 B1a G…
P4 B1b GO AWAY!!
P4 B2 Funyaa!
Page 7
P1 B1 Ouch… What was that for…
P1 B2 S… S-s-s-Shut up!!
P2 B1 Y-y-you…
P2 B2 You………………
P2 Sfx1 Shiver ブル 3x
P3 B1 Ah, my name is Argento the Vampire, you know?
P3 B2 I still remember it!!
P4 B1a W… What is that
P4 B1b Just now…
P4 B2 U… Uuuuuuu!!
P4 Sfx1 Huff puff はあ 3x
Page 8
P1 B1 Vampire….
P1 B2 Argen is fine, you know?
P2 B2 Did she really need to say that again?
P2 O.left Since she said it twice…
P3 B1 Kill you… You…
P3 B2 To do T-H-A-T kind of thing to me…!!
P4 B1 “That” kind of thing…?
P4 T1 Umm…
P4 B2 Not really sure, but seems like she really is pissed at me…
P5 Box1 Is it possibly she became angry since I drank too much of her blood?
P5 Box2 Losing blood means a step closer to death. It’s natural to be consumed with rage
Page 9
P1 Box1 I should apologize
P1 B1 Well… Please forgive me, I took too much.
P1 B2a Haa!?
P1 B2b Doing that to a human is just…
P2 B1 “That”?
P2 B2 T-this girl… Unforgivable……
P3 B1 That humiliation… And also beating my speed…
P3 B2 Absolutely unforgivable!!
P4 Sfx1 Glare キッ!
P6 B1 Just you remember!! You haven’t won yet, you hear me!!!
P6 Sfx1 Dash ぴょんっっ
P6 B2 Ah…
P6 T1 She ran.
Page 10
P1 Box1 In the end, I still don’t know why she was so pissed
P1 B1a At least, it looked like she left the forest so it’s okay I guess?
P1 B1b Just in case, let’s look at her status.
P1 T1 Since I might see her again…
P1 B2 … Surprising.
P1 Bg Character profile. Please look at Sheet 2 to transcript it. <- Don’t write this on page
P2 Box1 Skills level 8, huh…
P2 B1 Even if it’s resistance, normally it’s only level 3…
P2 B2 Even Felnaute-san highest level is only 6…
P3 Box1 The name might pass through the road if that way…
P3 B1 Hm…?
Page 11
P1 B1a What does “artifact” mean, though?
P1 B1b So she wears a bracelet, huh…
P1 B2 But it could also be that the wind blade and curse she used came from another different factors too…
P3 Sfx1 Doze off… スヤア…
P4 B1 … Well, I don’t really care.
P4 Sfx1 Slu~ump ふいーすう…
P4 B2 Argento!!
P5 B1 Please come!!
P5 B2 Fue?
P5 T1 It’s Behaki-san…
Page 12
P1 B1 Something… I’ve never seen… Looks dangerous…
P2 B1 There!!
Page 13
Page 14
P2 B1 Venom Rain!!
P5 B1 F…
Page 15
P1 B1 For the time being, let’s call him ‘Slippery Flying Fish’ Fibase-san since it is a fish, bald and has a shell…
P1 Sfx1 Shock!! ガーンっ‼
P1 B2 If you can calmly give it a name, at least do something first!!
P2 B1 It is the perfect combination between bald and shell though…
P2 T1 Fully satisfied face
P2 B2 Look at the time and place!!
P2 Sfx1 Sparkly つるつる
P4 B1 Behaki-san, could you please take the other animals away from this place
Page 16
P1 B1 I beg thee, wind!
P1 Sfx1 Woooossshhh ぶわっ!
P3 B1 Flick
Page 17
P1 T1 Since Behaki-san has never seen it, I bet that thing never came here before
P1 B1 … Is it possible it was brought by the poachers from before?
P2 Box1 Since it was a product, they tried not to hurt it at all, huh?
P2 B1 But I don’t have the time to care about that right now
P3 B1 Plants also have lives right?
P3 B2 I’m sure the poison affected them too
P4 B1 Pain, pain, fly away
Page 18
P1 Sfx1 Glooowww パアァァ
P3 B1 Everyone, please evacuate now
P3 B2 For the ones who can move, please help carry the disabled ones
Page 19
P1 B1 Hurry ―
P3 T1 Even for the ones who were left behind… as in too late in healing
P3 B1 … Have… To stop it soon…
Page 20
P1 B1 BumooOrghh!!
P3 B1 Is that…
P3 B2 Oswald, isn’t it!!
P4 B1 … Kh
P4 Sfx1 Dash バッ‼
P5 B1 Hey!! Oswald!!
P5 B2 Argento-neesan!!
Page 21
P1 B1 As expected, the one who threw the spit poison up was you, nee-san!!
P1 B2 Yes
P1 B3 Oswald, are you okay with the poison?
P2 B1 Minotaurus is strong with poison-ssu, all okay-ssu.
P2 T1 No injuries either.
P2 B2 Is that so? That’s a relief.
P3 B1 Do you know where it came from?
P3 B2 Those damn poachers…
P3 B3 They released that monster just when I almost caught them-ssu…
P4 B1 The poachers?
P4 B2 They ran with the carriage…
P5 B1 Even though I thought that the carriage was big, I never thought that the monster was in there…
P5 B2 Oswald…
Page 22
P1 B1 Let’s do something against that ‘Slippery Flying Fish’, okay?
P1 T1 I will help
P1 B2 Slippery Flying Fish’!?
P2 B1 Yup. That thing’s name
P2 T1 ^ “that thing”
P2 B2 Is.. Is that so…
P3 B1 Nope, probably wrong…
P3 T1 Why are you confused…
P4 B1 Anyway, we have to do something fast. Help me.
P4 B2 … Roger-ssu!!
Page 23
P1 B1 But what will you do, Arge-neesan?
P1 B1 That damn thing is flying so my attack can’t reach at all…
P2 B2 I have tried throwing dead trees and boulders…
P2 B2 Then, Oswald-kun
P3 B3 How about you throw me up there?
P3 B3 What!?
P5 B4 Oops, I beg thee, Wind!!
P5 B4 Geez, I’m in the middle of talking…
P5 B4 Woooossshhh ゴオオオ
Page 24
P1 B1 Err… I want to be thrown like a ball to that ‘Slippery Flying Fish’
P1 B1 A ball!?
P1 B1 That’s ridiculous!!
P2 Box1 It’s a pain to transform into a bat
P2 B1 It’s fine.
P2 T1 (Serious)
P3 B1 Please throw me
P3 T1 Go ahead
P3 B2 N-no… But…
P3 B3 If you don’t do it fast, the forest will be destroyed you know
P4 Box1 This is getting really troublesome so I want to finish this soon
P4 B1 Just do it!!
P4 T1 (Deadly Serious) Or (Serious v2). pick the best
P5 B1 … I understand
P5 T1 The forest being destroyed is a little bit…
Page 25
P1 Sfx1 Pick up ちょこんっ
P2 Box1 Ah…….
P2 B1 It’s warm…
P2 Sfx1 Daze… とろ…
P2 B2 This might be a nice place to sleep
P3 B1 Arge-neesan, is something the matter?
P3 B2 No, it’s nothing.
P4 B1 Anytime now
P4 Sfx1 Yawnn… ふわあ…
P4 B2 … I am gonna throw you now, okay?
Page 26
P1 B1 BumooOrghh!!
P2 Sfx1 Jump びゃんっっ‼
Page 27
P1 B1 Koaakkk
P3 Sfx1 Open バシ‼
P4 Sfx1 Slash!! ぶんっ‼
Page 28
P3 B1 Woahh…
P3 Box1 No matter how tough a vampire’s body is…
P4 Box1 It’s impossible to take that head on
P4 B1 Definitely will make a mess…
Page 29
P1 Box1 I don’t want this to be painful or tiring
P1 Box2a If possible, I want to do this quick
P1 Box2b Since I’m sleepy
P2 B1 I beg thee, wind!
P2 Sfx1 Fall ふわっ
P3 Sfx1 Jump びゃんっっ‼
P4 Sfx1 Fall ふわっ
Page 30
P4 Sfx1 CRUNCH バシュッ…
P4 T1 To be continued in the January Update


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