Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 9

Tensei Kyuuketsukisan wa Ohirune ga Shitai Chapter 9

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Page 1
P1 Sfx1 Crunch バシュッ
P3 T1 The Super Popular Volume 1 Tankoubon & Volume 5 Novel is Now on Sale!!
P3 T2 Chapter 9
Page 2
P1 B1 Arge-neesan!?
Page 3
P1 B1 A…
P1 B2 Arge-neesan!?
Page 4
P1 Sfx1 Ke-clank!! ガシャ‼
P4 Sfx1 Smile
Page 5
P4 Sfx1 Ke-clank!! ガシャ‼
Page 6
P2 B1 A blood chain!? That was not just any blood then…
P2 B2 She did all of those just to give me this, that means…!!
P3 B1 Wind
P3 B2 I beg thee
Page 7
P1 B1 Bumoorrghhh!!
P1 Sfx1 Pull ぐいっ
P2 Sfx1 Drag バサ バサ バサ
P3 Sfx1 Struggle バタ バタ バタ
Page 8
P1 Sfx1 Struggle バサ バサ バサ
P2 Sfx1 Pull ぐっ‼
P3 Sfx1 Crack Crackle ガチャ ガチャ
P4 B1 Mu…
P4 B2 HNGH!!
P4 Sfx1 Pull ぐっ‼
P5 Sfx1 Drag バサ バサ バサ
Page 9
P2 Sfx1 Shiver ぐら…
P3 B1 Seems like…
P3 B2 I used too much blood…
P4 Sfx1 Fall ふわ
P5 Sfx1 Thud ドサッ‼
Page 10
P2 B1a Kh…
P2 B1b Pain, pain, fly away…
P2 Sfx1 Glow パアァ
P3 Sfx1 Drag バサ バサ バサ
P5 Sfx1 Flap Flap バタ バタ
P6 Sfx1 Swish
Page 11
P1 Sfx1 Shoot shoot shoot ビ ビ ビ
P2 Sfx1 Shoot shoot shoot ビ ビ ビ
P3 B1 Feathers!?
P4 B1 O… Oswald-kun!!
P4 Sfx1 Shoot shoot shoot ビ ビ ビ
Page 12
P2 B1 Guughhh
P2 Sfx1 Stab stab stab バシュ バシュ バシュ
P3 B1 … Kah
P3 Sfx1 Tighten ぐっ‼
P4 Sfx1 Pull ぐっ‼
P4 B1 I won’t let you!!
Page 13
P1 B1 Oswald-kun, let me heal…!!
P1 B2 I’m fine!! More importantly…
P2 B1 That guy is trying to break free…
P3 B1 Don’t force yourself, Oswald-kun…!!
P3 Sfx1 Waver くらっ
P4 B1 My condition…
P4 B2 My blood level is still too low…
P5 B1 … Tsk
P5 Sfx1 Bite ぐっ‼
Page 14
P1 B1 Blood Arms [Edge]
P1 Sfx1 Splurt ビシャ‼
P2 Box1 Speaking of blood consumption, creating arrowheads consumed less than making spears or swords
P2 B1 I also copied the enemy’s method of attack…
P3 Sfx1 Wooosshh ゴオオオ
Page 15
P1 B1 Wind, I beg thee…!!
P1 Sfx1 Blast off ドンッ!!
P2 Sfx1 Stab stab stab バサ バサ バサ バサ
P3 B1 Go on…
P3 Sfx1 Stab stab stab バシュ バシュ バシュ
P4 B1 … Wind
P4 B2 I beg thee once again There’s a kanji “tsuika” = additional; and “hachu” for oder. Any references?
Page 16
P1 B1 Bumoorrghhh!!
P3 B1 Blood Arms [Axe]
P4 Sfx1 Splatter バツ!!
Page 17
P1 B1 Oswald-kun, take this!!
P1 Sfx1 Throw びゃん!!
P2 Sfx1 Grip ガツ!!
P3 B1 Thanks, Arge-neesan!!
P3 Sfx1 Swing バツ!!
P4 B1 Bumooooorrrrggghhhhh!!
P4 Sfx1 SLASH ズン
Page 18
P2 Sfx1 Split Splat ビシャ ビシャ
P3 Sfx1 Thud ドサッ…
Page 19
P3 B2 … Geez
Page 20
P1 Box1 I can sleep now at last ―
P1 B1a Pain, pain fly a…
P1 B1b Way…
B3 Sfx1 Rustle rustle ザワ
Page 21
P1 Sfx1 Da ― ze… ぴょーんっっ
P1 Sfx2 Murmur murmur もさ もさ
P2 B1 Ah, I accept this gratefully
P2 T1 Thank you for protecting the forest
P2 T2 Thank you
P2 T3 Shank yuu A different spelling in kana, I purposely made that
P3 B1 Please keep in line-ssu!!
P3 B2 Just how many are there…
P3 Sfx1 Jam -packed ずらーり…
Page 22
P1 B1 I will cut the languange proficiency skill since this is getting troublesome
P1 Sfx1 Sigh… ふう…
P2 B1 Arge-neesan, thanks for your hard work-ssu!!
P3 B1 I can hear Oswald-kun speaking normally even though I have turned off the translation skill. Meaning he can use human language well enough…
P3 T1 Not like I can compare him with the other Minotaurs, but I’ll say he’s smart…
P3 Sfx1 Staaarreee じ-っ
P4 B1 You also did a great job, Oswald-kun
P4 B2 No no, what I did can’t be compared to what Arge-neesan did-ssu!!
P5 B1 You’re just exaggerating…
P5 B2 The one who has tried their best was…
Page 23
P1 B1 You, Oswald-kun…
P1 Box1 He fullfilled his job as the forest guardian perfectly…
P1 Box2 Entirely different from me, who can’t protect nor do anything to help my previous place
P2 Box1 Well, I don’t want to do anything in the first place though…
P3 B1 Hm? What’s the matter, Arge-neesan?
P3 B2 No, nothing…
Page 24
P1 B1 Fwaa…
P1 B2 At last, it’s finished…
P1 Sfx1 Tired…
P2 B1 So, I will sleep now seeing that there is no longer anyone with business with me, okay?
P2 B2 Ah…
P3 B1 Umm… Arge-neesan?
P3 B2 What is it?
P4 B1 You… Will you…
P4 B2 Leave this forest?
Page 25
P2 B1 Hmm probably. I am banned from living in this country so…
P2 Box1 With the commotion I did on Alresia, I really have to get out from this kingdom T/N: Written Aruresha on previous chapters
P3 Box1a With healing magic, I even somehow got labeled as “Saint”
P3 Box1b Not to mention before leaving Alresia, I had to stand out fighting that giant squid T/N: Mistranslation previous chapters, Japanese written “ika”
P3 B1 This otherworld has a lot of different country so I think I can live here and there…
P4 Box1 There has to be at least one kind person who wanted to keep me well-fed, right…
P4 B1 Zat so…
P5 B1 Um… How long… Will you probably still stay here…?
P5 B2 I think… The faster I go the better.
Page 26
P3 Box1 More or less I know what he wanted to say
P3 B1 Please be this forest’s guardian or something like that…
P3 B2 Or perhaps he is just fond of me
P4 Box1 Actually living in this forest is more or less an interesting idea
P4 T1 The air is delicious, and also the sun is so comfortable…
P4 Box2 But still, this forest is still a part of the kingdom
Page 27
P1 B1 Moreover, this place looks like got visited frequently by poachers
P1 T1 Poachers
P1 T2 Regular fights around here
P1 T3 My nap time will be disturbed
P2 B1a Zat so… I understand-ssu…
P2 B1b It’s okay for you to take as much spring water as you want!!
P2 B2 Really? Thanks for your understanding
P4 T1 I will try to find something from the poacher’s belongings-ssu!!
P5 Box1 … It’s not like I hate Oswald-kun or this forest you know
P5 B1 If only I can do something else for these guys…
Page 28
P1 Sfx1 Step ザッ…
P2 B1 I am really sorry that I can only bring second-handed goods from the poachers…
P2 B2 That’s an understatement! I’m really helped by you doing this
P3 B1 So, the border is in that way, am I right?
P3 B2 Yes-ssu!! Actually there is another way, by using the highway, you can get out from this country but…
P4 B1 There is an imigration procedure first…
P4 B2 For Arge-neesan, you want to get out unnoticeably right?
Page 29
P1 B1 Ah, subtly as possible
P1 B2 Then it is better if you cross over the mountain over there
P1 B3 If you do so, you will soon see a republic called Yotsuba-ssu!
P2 B1 Please be careful with the border’s guard-ssu!!
P2 B2 And also…
P2 Sfx1 Rummage ゴソ ゴソ
P3 B1 Please take this-ssu!!
P3 B2 A… sword?
P4 B1 Yes!! I think that at the least, Arge-neesan should has a weapon to…
P5 B1 Hm…
P5 Sfx1 Swing ヒュンッ!!
P5 B2 Woah!!
P5 Sfx2 Jolt ビクッ!!
Page 30
P1 B1 Oops
P1 T1 I tried to hold back though…
P2 B1 So sword also exist in otherworld…
P2 B2 Seems like an artifact-ssu. That sword.
P3 B1 Artifact?
P3 B2 It also appeared on Chrome-san’s status right…?
P4 B1 Regarding unique powered tool, by providing the tool with the user’s magic, it will establish a contract
P4 T1 Once bounded by contract, the tool’s ability can only be used by the user
P4 B2 And this sword’s ability is?
P5 B1 I don’t know-ssu… Looks like it was for sale
P5 T1 It’s only a normal sword unless you make a contract with it…
P5 B2 I see…
Page 31
P1 B1 Contract, eh…
P1 B2 Thank you very much, Arge-neesan!
P2 B1 I will also become stronger!! Strong enough so next time I can protect this forest by myself!
P2 B2 Is that so…
P3 B1 Then, as a gift before my departure
P3 Sfx1 Bite プッ…
P4 Sfx1 Splat ズッ!!
P4 B1 Ooohhh!?
P5 B1 Wh… My power…
P5 Sfx1 Ooze スウウ…
P5 B2 Is flowing in me…!?
Page 32
P1 Box1 Blood contract ― The partner (servant) which granted this contract can have a boost in their skills
P1 Box2 It’s not like the blood taker will become a vampire, but to put it simple, only to strengthen skills
P2 Box1 Also, as the master, I can force an order to the servant
P2 B1 Although this time was more of a simple thank you gift.
P3 B1 Arge-neesan… Thank you very much!!
P3 Sfx1 Scrub scrub ふさ ふさ
P3 B2 So soft…
P4 Box1 The partner of a blood contract doesn’t always need to be together
P4 Box2 Unless I give an explicit order, the partner can live freely
Page 33
P1 B1 Upsy daisy
P2 B1 Then please, Behaki-san
P2 B2 No need to use ‘-san’. Just call me Behaki
P3 B1 Really?
P3 B2 Ah… I wanted a change of pace
P4 B1 Then…
P5 B1 I’m counting on you, Behaki
P5 Sfx1 Dash ダッ!!
Page 34
P1 Sfx1 Step ザッ…
P2 B1 Akh.. Gah…
P2 Sfx1 Tighten ぐぐぐ…
P2 B2a P.. Please…
P2 B2b Next… Will be…
P3 B1 Ehh? You mean the thing about wanting to eat a Minotaur’s meat?
P4 B1 Isn’t it fine? I changed my mind after all
P4 Sfx1 Raise ス…
P5 B1a Hii…
P5 B1b N-noo!! Nonononono!! Forgive me…!!
P5 Sfx1 Tighten ぐぐぐ…
P5 B2 To think that my cute little chimera-chan that I lent won’t even return here again…
P6 B1 Now drown
Page 35
P1 Sfx1 Thud ドサ…
P2 B1 Blood reading
P2 Sfx1 Lick ぺろ
P3 Sfx1 Glow パアァ
P4 B1 Ara? Ara ara??
P4 B2 Don’t tell me… This girl…
P5 B1 The same as me ― to top it off, a daywalker vampire?
P5 B2 Ahhhhh…
Page 36
P1 B1 So cute… She’s so soo sooo cute…
P1 Sfx1 Squeee きゃうう
P1 B2 I want to know her… I really want to get her…
P2 B1 That’s it!
P2 B2 I’m going to make her my bride
P2 B3 For sure. Doubly sure. Absolutely sure!!
P2 T1 To be continued in the Feb. Issue


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