Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 3

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 3

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 3
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Page 2:

That is the Feenen kingdom

What’s going on?

There are so many guards lining up…

Because Feru-sama is with us

How about I go first and explain?

Page 3:
We’re almost at the border…

Is Wenner-san going to be okay?

Well our leader should be able to sweet talk them

Let’s follow him

I hope everything goes well…

Page 4:
I’m the captain of the fourth knight squad from the Feenen kingdom, Edgar Wolgold

I have talked with Wenner-dono

Is that Fenrir really your familiar?

Page 5:
even though he is just a glutton, he’s still a legendary beast…


I have formed a contract with this Fenrir

Page 6:

He’s still a legendary beast that can destroy a country

Is he really not going to do any harm to this kingdom and its people?

Feru, these people know your strength as a legendary beast                         so they’re worried something will happen if they let you in

But Feru definitely won’t do anything wrong right?

Don’t compare me to dumb monsters

If they don’t mean any harm to me                                        then I won’t do anything to them

Page 7:

Woah… the beast is talking normally…

Looks like it’s true that they can speak to humans…

That is what he said captain

You really did make a contract with this Fenrir right…?

I just can’t believe it despite seeing with my own eyes…

Yes, even I haven’t believed it yet

Okay then I’ll let you pass


But still please keep this beast in control for me okay?

Sfx: Ahem

Yes I understand


Hey Feru                                    please behave okay?

I know

I’ve already said before

If they don’t mean any harm then of course


You really mean it right?

If you do something, it will be my fault

Just stop it

Page 9:
Just remember this                                 if you cause problems to anyone then no food for you


To think Fenrir is getting tamed like this…

Well Feru-sama hasn’t done anything bad until now, it’ll be fine

Like our leader said                               Feru-sama was even ordered to hunt for our food!


Page 10:

Please show me your guild card


Next one, okay

Next one

Those with no guild card have to pay 5 silver coins for each person                       and also 2 silver coins for the beast

That’s 7 silver coins…                                     I didn’t think even Feru would need money to enter

Okay go on

Page 11:

We’re in~!

It was really scary when we were surrounded

Being able to safely reach here                                   was all thanks to you guys

…but it seems Mukoda-san is going to get busy from now on

Eh? What do you mean?

Page 12:

Fenrir and his master have entered the kingdom                               this of course will get to the ears of the Marquess of this area

(the text in the back ground:

The border

Marquess Rindel

The king of Feenen)

Sooner or later even the king will know

That captain looked like he’s thinking about writing a report for this


I just knew it-!

Even so I don’t plan on staying here too long

When the time comes, I will talk with Feru about it

You don’t plan on staying…?                                     So you’re gonna go on a trip again?

Yeah                                I was thinking about going around lots of places

I came from a different world so I want to see what this world is like

I can just make profits on selling the stuffs from the “online supermarket” while sightseeing, now that’s a life

Page 13:
then Mukoda-san, I think you should register at the adventurer guild

Just an image in his head

The adventurer guild?

Ah before you need to pay the fee to enter the kingdom right?


If you can prove that you’re from ether the adventurer guild or the merchant guild, you won’t have to pay that fee                           this is really necessary for traveling

I see so you just need to show that card

But compared to being an adventurer, I’m more suited to be a merchant right?

I mean I can see myself running a food stand

While advertising new products or something…

Page 14:
But still…

Mukoda-san is having Feru-sama hunt for his own food right?

(text in the back:

Make me



Then what about dismantling the beast for its meat?


Oh yeah there was that rock bird from before

If he keeps on catching high ranked monsters like that then…

And also you can sell the parts that you can’t eat

(text in the back:

Just leave it to me

Adventurer guild


Being an adventurer brings more merits right?


Page 15:
but still I’m gonna become an adventurer huh…

(in his head)

If you’re still unsure of which one to become, then why don’t you register for both?

Huh…? Is that allowed?

There’s not that many but it’s not like it’s never been done before                          for example: wandering merchant or ingredient store owner


I hunted this myself…)

You should decide after we reach the town

Yeah both have branches there

Let us hurry up!

Page 16:
the town near the border, Fariell

We finally made it-!

Even entering a town costs money…

(3 silver coin)

I should really register for a guild

Mukoda-san look

They’re pretty fast

Page 17:

You are Mukoda-sama right?

I am the Marquess Rindel’s servant Edmon

Pleased to be your acquaintance

Actually the marquess Rindel-sama has been waiting                       to meet with Mukoda-sama!

I’ve heard that you’ve tamed a legendary beast!

I could just see your bright aura coming from far away…

You’re trying way too hard to sweet talk me

But I don’t even want to meet you

I should just politely refuse…

No no a common traveler like me shouldn’t be meeting with the Marquess

No no the Marquess insisted

Page 18:

No no no

No no I insist that we should

No no no

Hey you

You still don’t get it, do you? My master doesn’t want to meet you

This                        this is


Fenrir-sama, please go with us to…

That’s pretty cunning but                                           I also don’t have any intention on meeting this marquess

In the end you’re all aiming to make use of my power                                I’ve met such foolish humans like that in the past

No no no no

That is not…

Don’t lie

Do you know what happens to humans who tried to take advantage of me?



Page 20:

Feru, that was a bit too much

Idiots like that can’t understand if you don’t do that much

Is that even okay?                                            Those nobles are really uptight about keeping their appearance

I haven’t thought about that yet…

You don’t have to worry                                           I’ll take on anything they can throw at you

(That’s what make me worry)

I don’t think the noble’s private soldiers can go up against Feru-sama to begin with

Well if you’re talking about a worthy foe then it should be an ancient dragon

Page 21:

Well it’s not a fantasy world if there are no dragons

But I really don’t want to meet that

An ancient dragon huh?

Yeah that is the only enemy that can match my power

Feru-sama have you fought with an ancient dragon before?

We had a draw 400 years ago, but the next time I won’t lose

Woah awesome! A fight between legendary beasts!

Please tell me, I really want to know the details-!

Hey you two, calm down                                  we’re going to the guild after getting Mukoda-san’s signature

Page 22:
I can write the letter here…?

Ok now the escorting mission is completed

We’re going to go turn in the report about this

Guess that means we’re parting way here

Please keep the meat left from the red boar

And if you feel your split on the parts from the rock bird is not enough then…

No, I have already troubled you guys too much

Thank you for escorting me here

Page 23:
No we’ve also gained valuable experience

I mean we even got to go on a trip with the legendary beast

I’ll go brag to everyone about it

Me too! I’ll tell them that the tale was real!

Thank you for treating us delicious food

I’m just gonna say that was a fun trip

Thank you everyone

Page 24:

Then everyone please stay healthy

You too Mukoda-san


What should I do next?

I’ve managed to get out of the Rayseer kingdom

(Rayseer kingdom


Their current location

Feenen kingdom)

But I don’t plan on staying in the town for long

Let’s just register at the guild first

Page 25:
Feru                                           let’s go to the merchant guild

You’re becoming a merchant?

That’s what I wanted at first                                       but now I also want to register at the adventurer guild

Feru, even if you can hunt for your own food                                   I just can’t dismantle it

And also a monster skin and claw can sell for quite a lot                             so we’re gonna sell everything except the meat okay?

(the rock bird’s feather)

Those are not necessary to me so I don’t care

More importantly

Page 26:

I only want to eat delicious meals

Yes, I understand

What kind of legendary beast drools whenever he thinks of food?

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