Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 5

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 5

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 5
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Tondemo chap 5:

Page 1:

I want meat for lunch

But you ate all the meat last dinner

Can’t you use your skill to summon some food?

The “Online Supermarket” is for shopping, not summoning

I made quite a bit from the sale of salt and pepper, so it’s no problem buying a whole bunch of meat

But it’s still better going hunting…

Let’s go there first

Page 3:

An adventurers’ guild?


You can hire them to hunt down and get monsters’ meat

Or you can sign up to be an adventurer, which saves more money

That way, you can also sell your materials, one stone two birds, isn’t it?

…Although [Iron Will] gave me that advice but…

Page 4:

This job looks dangerous regardless of how you see it

But I have no other choice

Although I don’t really like it

Nhưng vì bữa ăn của Fel…

Still, it’s for Fel’s meals

*look at that



Too stand out…

Page 5:


If you want to register then fill this form

Leave it blank if you don’t know how to write it

Name and Weapon…

…Gotta buy that later, guess I should just put down short-sword for now

Own familiars… ah

Once you’re done, I need one drop of your blood on this card

The registration fee is 5 silver coins

This place is not too friendly, I guess…

*The lady at the merchant guild is way cuter



*it hurts

Page 6:

All done

Your rank would be G, the lowest rank

You can only accept G rank and F rank missions, pay attention to that

…Need anything else?

Khó chịu ra mặt luôn

She hates me

Erm, don’t you happen to have any introduction about the guild?

Like what’s rank G, or something like that…


She is at that time of the month for sure

Page 7

…adventurers’ guild is a continental organization

Adventurers are ranked from G to S

Their missions is also based on these ranks

From bottom up: Newbie – Mukoda – [Iron Will] – Pro

If you fail your mission, you have to compensate

Page 8:

The deadline of a mission will be determined base on the rank

If you achieve nothing when deadline comes, your name would be erased from the guild

You have to register and re-start on rank G

For your current rank, the deadline is in 1 month

(*Bảng登録抹消 bên trái )Deregistration

(*Dưới mũi tên) Name erased

SA rank (1 year)

BCD rank ( 6 months)

EF rank ( 3 months)

G rank (1 month)

(*Khung dưới bên phải)Reception Deadline

If you murder or rob someone, you will also be kicked out

However, the Guild is not responsible for your injuries or death

That’s it!

*chữ nhỏ: Happy now?

Ah, thanks a lot

So I have to take all the responsibilities for my own wounds…

Page 9:

Are you done?

Yeah, off to the mission board now

It’s quite different from the merchant guild, right?

Have to pay attention to the deadline

Lemme see, rank G…

Ah, these look easy

Page 10:

Gathering herbs

*chữ nhỏ: Seems easy

Hoa Keanu 5 bông 1 đồng bạc

Keanu flower, 1 silver coin for five

Mage flower, 1 silver 3 copper coins for five

Keanu flowers seem to be the closest from the town

Let’s take this one

You can also notify us when you are done with it

Come buy

New arrivals here

Page 11:

Ooh… this is cool

Short-Sword – 8 silver coins

Why did you even need a weapon? I can take care of them all myself

What if somebody attacks me when you are away hunting?

I don’t even know how to fight

It’s better to have a weapon for defense


Isn’t a barrier good enough?


Page 12:

A barrier?

You can use that kind of magic as well?

Of course

It’s my first time hearing that


Name : Fel

Age: 1014

Race: Fenrir

Level: 906

Stamina: 9843

Magic: 9481

Physical Attack: 9036

Defense: 9765

Agility: 9684


Wind magic – Fire magic – Aqua Magic – Earth Magic – Ice Magic – Thunder Magic – Holy Magic – Kết Barrier – Claw Slashing – physical enhancement – Damage Resist – Magic Resist – Reduced Mana Cost – Appraisal


Wind Goddess Ninrir

*chữ nhỏ: damn

Page 13:

What the heck are these crazy numbers?

He even had a goddess as a guardian, for god’s sake

He said he has lived for 1000 years

So that’s the truth?

He’s normally the final boss, isn’t he…?

Fel, you are goddamned powerful…

What? Why are you saying that fact out loud?

Page 14:

Ah, the breeze…

I’ll go gathering the herbs while you go hunting ok?


But if I’m not around then you might be in danger


Page 15:

Now you don’t have to worry about those mobs

Thank you, thank you

I’m going now

Don’t forget to make lunch

I swear he looked cool for one tiny moment and now he’s to his “pet mode”

Page 16:

Ok, back to work

Well, it’s simple just doing [Appraisal]

*chữ: weeds

All weeds…


*chữ: Keanu flower

This looks a lot like a thistle

Just four more to go

Page 17:

Yay, a Mage flower




All done!

Fel’s not back yet

Ok, then Imma buy some ground meat

Let’s see, the cheaper one

Page 18:

Still have some onions left, I think

1 kg of pork and beef

10 cans of other food

Boil some water first

I do miss those steam pots

Chop the onions and vegetables

Stir fry them a bit

Page 19

Add the meat

I should cook these a bit before add them in

Mix the soup base with water then add them in as well

Smells good

Page 20:

Whoa, a Rock Bird?

I’m dying for that teriyaki you made the other day so I caught this

There are still a few more of them, but it’s tiring bringing all back

So I left them in a barrier back at the forest

Come for them later then

Lunch’s almost done

Really? Awoofsome

Wait a sec, lemme boil the noodles

Page 21:

Yep, here you go

Spaghetti with pork and beef

What’s this? Veggie stew?


This is Spaghetti

It’s good

Lemme try

Page 22:

Smooth and a bit sweet


Not too much meat, but it ain’t too bad, right?

Eating food from my old world in a new world

Page 23:

Haven’t figured out a way back yet

I gotta try all the food of this world one day

Sounds expensive

This is too good

I can keep eating this for tomorrow’s lunch

Page 24:

Haahah, you’re all messy

What? What’s wrong?

Something funny?

This world isn’t too bad after all

Page 25:

Giant deer

Giant Dodo


Giant serpent

Killer bear

Just the names are enough to freak me out…

Are these things really edible?

No idea?

The bear and the snake are familiar but….

This thing is…

Page 26:

An Orc??

I’ve seen lots of these in Fantasy stories

Orc’s meat? Is it really edible?

All fine, don’t worry

Humans eat these all the times

But pigs walking on two legs are different…

This world is definitely not OK at all

Page 27:

All done

I’m finished with the herbs as well, let’s head back

Climb on my back then

You walk so slow

Is it ok? Pardon me then

I’m going now, stay still



Page 28:


Wait a…

Wait a bit you beast!!

I’m falling!!!!

To be continued

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