Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 6

Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi Chapter 6

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Tondemo chap 6:

Page 2:


Page 3:

Yo, we arrived.

I thought my heart has stopped for a moment…

You’re whining too much over such a tiny thing

Am I? If you are going with that speed in my old world, the cops are tailing you for sure

What if I fall off your back?

Don’t care! It’s your fault then!

How can you say such thing!

Hey, if anything happens to me…

Then you will no longer get to eat the food I cook!

Take that into consideration!

Page 4:

Gathering herbs, isn’t it?

40 Keanu flowers and 5 Mage flowers…

Oh, you just accepted the quest but you are finished with it already?

Oh well, I was just lucky

I actually used “Appraisal”

Is it? Then you are really lucky


Here’s your reward

8 silver coins for the Keanu flowers

And 1 silver 3 copper coins for the Mage flowers

Oh by the way, I have some Red Boar for sale, do you guys trade it here?

Eh? But you are a Rank G, how…

Oh no, it’s him who hunted it

Oh, I see!

Page 5:

They handle large monsters materials at the other stall

Oh! What do you have for me?

Well, quite a few things

5 Orges

2 Red Boars

A Giant Dodo and a Rock Bird

Also, there’s…

Page 6:

W…Wait a sec!

This place isn’t big enough

Let’s move to the warehouse

So you are the guy in recent rumors?


The guy who tamed the legendary monster Fenrir

Those rumors are quite accurate, it seems


Page 7

Fel was a tad too standing out, so…

So I’ll take all the monsters out, ok?


This is quite interesting…

Most of them are A and B rank monsters!

Of course, their names only are enough to freak people out

But still…

Are these edible at all…?


Of course, kid! They are all gourmet food!

Page 8:

That’s a relief. Then I can eat those as well.

Well then, pardon me

I’m selling all of them, except for their meat

Just the meat?

Someone is drooling over them

But with such amount…

It might take me the whole night to process them

Come back tomorrow

Oh, can you first butcher one of them for me today?

Oh, for your familiar isn’t it?

Page 9:

Gimme one sec, kid

Here you go, take it!

Page 10:


Hôm nay ăn gì ta

What should we eat today?


We’ve been eating meat only for the past few days

But meat is tasty

Lemme check on the veggies we have left

OK, let’s eat “that” today

Page 11:

Chop the meat and the vegetable on a not too big size

Stir fry the meat a bit first

Then add the veggies in a specific order

From top to bottom: Green veggies-bell peppers-onions-carrots

And the thing I just bought:

Page 12:

Chinese sweet and spicy Miso!

Adding this in and the dish will be irresistible

Seasonings are way too good these days

Imma fry them a bit more

Tada~ All done!

Stir fry sweet and spicy pork!

Page 13:

There’s barely any meat in this

All you can think of is meat

Let’s just try vegetable once in a while

Hmm, fine, it’s not a bad idea eating green stuffs once in a while…

But are these green things edible?

Humans have been eating them for thousands of years, just so you know

Page 14:

Psst, regardless of what kinda leaves,…

they will all taste bad

Yeah, yeah

But I gotta admit, these sweet and sour dishes all look quite delicious

Page 15:

Wait, if we have beer or rice

with this dish, then it’s unbeatable…

No more riceeeeeeee~

This would be too good with rice, but…

Just like the last time, I had to eat stir fry pork with ginger with bread…

Page 16:

Good morning

Oh, you’re done with it already?

This is the meat you asked for

This should last you the whole month I must say!

And here’s your money!

Take it!

Page 17:

Looks heavy… How much is it in total…?

Lemme see

For the higher rank monsters like these…

Minus the butchering fee of about 2 gold 4 silver coins,

The rest is

202 gold coins

Page 18


Two hundred…

Oh? So you don’t know the price on the market?

*Are you a newbie?

Regardless of how high the rank of the monster you hunted, if you don’t know the market price, then it’s meaningless

Got it?

Like the Orges’ balls

They are really good for enhancing your strength and might

5 of them would cost you 2 gold and 5 silver coins

It’s really effective. Wanna try?

Well, no thanks…

The horns and the Red Bear’s skin  can be used for crafting

Cockatrice feathers are used to make pillows

Page 19:

All the materials have their specific uses

Giant Deer -> used as a magical item

Giant Serpent -> used as an ingredient in medicine and poison

Killer Bear -> used as a medical ingredient or amor material

Chim bên trên: Rock Bird -> used to make arrows

Chim bên dưới: Giant Dodo -> used to make magical items or high-end comforters

There’re also these demonic stones,

Just like the name suggested, they are the stones containing magical power

Depending on their kinds, they each has a specific use

They are always sold for a really high price

If it’s a rank A stone, it also need to be appraised

The skins of the rank A Giant Serpent and the Killer Bear,

I haven’t seen them for a really long time

Page 20:

That’s about it

I will try to learn it…


With more than 200 coins…

I gotta tell Fel to hunt some more of them

Oh I almost forgot

I heard yesterday that

Your familiar is Fenrir, isn’t it?

Page 21:

Some guys came to ask about a Giant Wolf

It was chaotic the whole day yesterday

Giant Wolf?

Giant Wolf

.Rank A monster

.Can reach Fenrir’s level at one point

.Has white fur

“Somebody tamed Fenrir”

“How the hell can a legendary monster be tamed by a human?”

“No no, that was really Fenrir”

…And so, both groups had a big argument over your familiar

Nobody has ever seen the real Fenrir!

And with my experiences as an ex-adventurer,

Page 22:

That could only be the legendary Fenrir


There have been arguments over if Fel is Fenrir or Giant Wolf, it seems

If I tell them that Fel is a Giant Wolf,

Would they stop giving me those weird look?

Page 23:

It’s Fenrir…

No, it’s a Giant Wolf…

Mà cho dù là gì thì tin đồn vẫn cứ lan ra thôi *về cái đã

But no matter what they say, the rumor will keep spreading *let’s go back

If I stay here any longer, the rumor about Fel will finally reach Rayseer Kingdom

I should probably leave this place

*dấu chấm: current location

*Trên: Rayseer

*Dưới: Feenen

I have the Guild membership card already,

So we should leave as soon as possible

What do you think, Fel?

Page 24:

I’m fine with whatever

All I need is three meals a day

OK then, let’s so

An ex-office clerk and a legendary familiar

Their journey in the new world has just begun…


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