Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Chapter 0

Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Chapter 0

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 0
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Page 1

“MMMMMORPG (temp)”

Scheduled to be delivered by the Japanese government

An “Online game”


in this full dive game, participation by a parent-child team

is necessary

a new series

Do you love your mother

Whose normal attack

is a 2-hit all-attack combo ?

… Ok

Page 2

This concludes the explanation of the synopsis

I will have you check the details with this and…

This is your registration form. Take good care of it…

(Small writings) Now, to inform you

The requirements for Oosuki-san’s participation, parent and child…

were considered to have been met so…


Oh !!

That means !!

Page 3

From now on, I’m going on a great adventure

with my son… with Maa-kun, right !!

Well then…

You will be transferred quickly into the game after this so

I know it is sudden, but please prepare yourself

Ha- sure

I understand

(outside box, left side) oh, tasty

Page 4


Preparations in order to join a game… what kind of preparations should I do ?

If you imagine it as a long term trip, you should be mostly fine I’d think…

Concerning your bags, there’s no limit so take everything you think is necessary

Gather everything in something like a travel bag and please bring it

Something that could be necessary inside a game…


I am going to explain the situation to your son

Page 5

After your preparations

Come to your son’s room please

Because you will be departing via your son’s computer

Don’t forget to lock the doors please



Stuff I’ll be taking in the game

First is…

Changes of clothes !!

My favorite one piece

Let’s say, I’ll take them all

Page 6

Then, I might as well

Take this too

Should I?  I haven’t used it yet after all

Next is… ah ! A stamp and a notebook

I need to take these since we’re out for a long period


I wonder how much the commission rate is for the ATM in the game…

Oh, that’s right !!

My treasure… the album recording the growth of Maa-kun… because it might be useful

The certificate of eligibility, let’s take it too

After that… oh right

Page 7

If I remember correctly… It should be on the shelf in the living room


There it is !!

For when push comes to shove, a med kit, containing medicaments and more, is obviously necessary !

Oh right

A world in a game means it’s a fantasy world so

If it’s a western language world…

There are most likely not many shops that’ll handle Japanese foods and seasonings !

Let’s take a large variety !!


We left some senbei (Rice cracker) on the shelf

Page 8

…if we leave them, they’ll just collect moisture

Snacks are necessary too and while I’m at it, let’s take some chocolate and candies too

This should be enough I think…

Yo… heave-ho


It’s a bit heavy

If I take it like this… It seems manageable

Well then, let’s go…

But before leaving…

I mustn’t forget to check everything

It’s a mother’s important job

Main tap for the gas… check, OK

Turn the water tap off properly…

Door lock… check, also OK !!

Page 9

Oh yeah, I must make sure to not forget our shoes

Let’s put them in a paper bag


I forgot about the detergent and softener for the laundry

Even in a game, they might be there but

It doesn’t mean that…

they would have the same aroma

Well… let’s get going now

Oh no !

Good lord, I still have my at-home clothes !

Page 10



Dear me, putting all the clothes I wanted to wear there in one bag…

I’m such a klutz

It’s here !!



Eeh !?

Already !?

Page 11

It’s already time to depart, alright

I need to hurry

a new series

Do you love your mother

whose normal attack

is a 2-hit

all-attack combo ?

Still though… hum hum

Together with my beloved son

A great adventure in the world of a game, I can’t help but feel excited !

It’s time, Maa-kun ! Mom will come really soon, look forward to it and wait for me, ok !


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