Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Chapter 1.1

Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaa-san wa Suki desu ka? Chapter 1.1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1.1
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Page 1:

I know this is sudden,

But I want all of you to take part an important survey~

What…I just want to go home…

It’s just like a questionnaire so you don’t need to write your name.

Just let us go home early-

C’mon settle down,                                         pass these down to the person behind you.

I don’t wanna.

This sucks…here you go Masato.

Oosuki Masato


What’s this…parents and child’s awareness survey?

Everybody got one? Then begin filling it-

Page 2:

Let’s just finish this quickly

Let’s see…?

Filling it out accordingly.


Question: If you go on an adventure with your mother, would your relationship with her get better?

What’s with this final question…?

I don’t see why not? … I’m not really sure though

Ok,                                             Looks like everyone is done.

You can go home now-

Collect them to the front.

But to think our school was selected for a survey…this is a great honor…

This looks like it’s going to be a long speech again, gotta get out quick…

Page 3:

Still…that survey’s beginning is pretty normal.

Until that final question, I just don’t get it…

Question: If you go on an adventure with your mother, would your relationship with her get better?

The person making this survey, is there something wrong with his head?

There must be…


There is one.

That space is not for inputting your name though,

And someone still wrote their name…

Wait…now that I think about it there is a blank space…

Nah who cares, let’s just think of a way to get through that part of the game once I get home.

Page 4:
A few days later.

Finally I’m getting a day off tomorrow…

Time to pull an all-nighter playing games…                                    huh?

A pair of shoes that I’ve never seen before.

Did mom’s friend come by?

I can hear voices coming from the living room…

Should I at least greet her?

Nah…it’s such a drag anyways, let’s just sneak to my room…


Maa-kun?                                             That must be his foot-steps!


She heard me-

I was right!

Welcome home!

Oosuki Mamako

Maa-kun, how was school?


…don’t get so close to me.


…by “normal”, do you mean something bad happened?

Not really.

Then how about lunch? Did you have any, I can make you some.

I’m fine.

You don’t need any?


…don’t we have a guest today?

She forgot…

That’s right, we have an important guest today…

It seems your son is back.

Page 6:


Shirase Masumi

My name is Shirase Masumi.

My visit today concerns the survey that was directly done                           by the cabinet office.

Cabinet office’s Director-General for Policy Planning of consignment survey.                              Shirase Masumi                                    Responsible for policy on cohesive society.

Such a long title…


-so an oshirase(notification) from Shirase


You’re suddenly telling a pun…

I went through a lot of hardship with my name since I was small                           so I decided to make fun of it on my own.

The type of people who misunderstand how to overcome a complex…

Which is what I want to inform you.

I see.

Page 7:

Listen Maa-kun!                                              The survey that Shirase-san was doing is…

Perhaps it’s the parents and child’s awareness survey?

Woah! That’s right!

But how did you know?

…It was being done at school.

Eh really?                                                       But you didn’t tell me anything about it.

I don’t have to tell you everything.

You’re too close again.

Umm Shirase-san.


Are you finished with the survey?

We were in the middle of it                                        until Mamako-san suddenly stood up and came out here.

…Mamako-san, you really love your son don’t you?

Of course!

Well I don’t.


Page 8:
Maa-kun also…

Loves his mom right…?                                             Mommy really loves Maa-kun…



What is it?

Sorry Maa-kun, I can’t hear you.

Just shut up already.

Stop calling me with that embarrassing name.

How many times have I told you that?

I’m sorry…


It’s just!

Maa-kun is always Maa-kun…

Mommy has always been.

Like I said,

You’re too close.

Calling you Maa-kun so,                                  it just became a habit to do so…

But I hate it, can’t you call me some other way…

Would you just stop that already!!

Shut your mouth!

Page 9:

I’ve gone a little over the line…


…Umm Shirase-san,                                                 please continue with your survey.

Ok, I will.

…but for this survey                                        we want to evaluate the opinions each parent and their kid alone that’s why…

This isn’t to inform parent and child of each other’s thoughts, so you don’t want me overhearing your conversation with my mom,                                                …am I right?

That’s right…

Can you please leave the “inform” part to me…

Because it’s Shirase’s job to do the informing(*oshirase)

…Somehow I feel sorry for you.

To be honest, I am curious about what mom thinks of me?

Then I’ll be in my room.

Please stay in your room and wait for Shirase’s notification(*oshirase)

I understand.

Wait a minute Maa-kun!

Can mommy keep calling you Maa-kun from now on…?

Don’t know.

Page 10:
…me too…

I also want to understand somewhat.

Maa-kun is already a high schooler, it must be embarrassing                                 for him to be close with his mother.

Until now, we have received several similar results.                                   I want to inform you that it’s just a normal trend.

But,                                            I still want us to be close as mother and son.

You see…                                  We only have each other to rely on.

Of course as a mother, you would want things to go well with your son.

I also have a son myself,                                  so I understand how you feel.

Shirase-san also have a son?

Yes,                                 he’s 5.

He’s still at a troublesome age

Page 11:

Five years old…


He would just keep walking everywhere alone,

Keep asking a lot of questions,

Keep sticking to your leg…

I do want us to go back to those times…

But Maa-kun…my son doesn’t want that…

I bought him a computer when he entered high school

And since then it engrossed him…

Our conversations just became shorter and shorter.

I see…

“Normal”, “not really”, “I’m fine”.

He just kept trying to end our conversation briefly,

But that’s just what a typical son going through puberty does…

How about you try maintaining a certain distance with him?

Page 12:
I just…can’t do that…

I see…Hmm…

A typical family with a son going through puberty…

This could actually be just what I’ve been looking for.


Your son Oosuki-san is considered to be                                suitable for our project…


I will be going together with my son…                                  with Maa-kun on a great adventure!?

Yes,                                           you will be transported immediately inside the game.

So please get ready.

Oh ok!

Ah…but                                     I have to tell this to Maa-kun…

Just leave the informing of your son to me.

Because I am Shirase,                                                it’s my duty to inform someone.

Page 13:
…that is of course, but

Sometime things that need informing should be kept unknown.                                       As Shirase, I also want to have a fun side.

What is she saying after suddenly entering someone else room?

Couldn’t you have at least knocked?

I think it would be bad to interrupt while you’re concentrating ,                             so I tried to knock as quietly as possible.

That is completely meaningless.

Hmm…MMORPG huh?

…don’t look too much at it please.

The movement looks really smooth on 3D graphics…you seem to have quite a good graphics board.

The sound system is relaxing to the ears,                               your monitor is a low-input-lag one, someone did a good job picking all these.

Thank you…

But didn’t your mother buy you these…?

A kind person recommended them .                                       Shirase-san seems to be quite well-versed about these kind of things?

Page 14:
I picked it up while I was staying hikikomori from school because of my name…

You don’t have to inform me of those kind of depressed memories…

Informing things that I myself don’t want to remember, that is the quality of Shirase.

…straight to the point.

You’re here to inform me that the interview survey with my mom is finished?

Yes,                                           and to inform Masato-kun that I’m going to send you to a new life.


A chance!



What are you…                                     drooing!?

MMMMMORPG? What is that supposed to mean?

Only one question until this is done.

According to our survey with online game users,                                        the result show that most of them                           “want to actually try entering the game”

Does Masato-kun think so too?

Page 15:

If it possible then I do want to enter the game…                               but that is…

If I say I can fulfill that wish right now…                                        what would you do?


That is just…

Could this be it…!?

Yes!                                           This is exactly it…!

You can actually send me inside the game!?




I’m sorry,

I’m going…

Going on a great adventure, getting stronger…

If I can archive that, will I be able to face mom more honestly…?

That would be great…if it’s possible…

Page 16:
Oh                          oh



Page 17:

To think

That…                              I’m actually…

Inside a game…

I’m hereeeee!!

Page 18:
Today…from now on…I take one step closer to…

Maa-kun…your sudden scream surprised me.


I wanted to go together with you.                                          You leaving alone like that would really make mommy sad.



But still Maa-kun,

Let’s us go on lots of adventures together.


What…                                      is this…unbelievable…

Going with mom…

On parent-child adventures!?

What is going on!!


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