Yankee Wa Isekai De Seirei Ni Aisaremasu. Chapter 9

Yankee Wa Isekai De Seirei Ni Aisaremasu. Chapter 9

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 9
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Page 1:
P1b1a: After reincarnating into this world, I met the chibis and Gusu Ooyake

P1b1b: It’s been about 2 months-

P1b2: I’m fine with helping Gusu Ooyake with her quest but…

P2b1: As expected of the royal carriage, it doesn’t shake, and I don’t feel sick at all!

P3b1a: I just knew this was needed for your trip

P3b1b: It’s something that I prepared “exclusively

P4b1: No… this is just wrong

Page 2:
P1b1: We’re sticking out like a sore thumb!!

P1b2: What if we come across any enemies?
Page 3:
P1b1a: Geez you’re truly an idiot

P1b1b: This is a royal carriage you know?

P1b1c: It’s obvious that it would need to look like a symbol of authority

P2b1a: Besides, I as royalty, am going on this trip for the sake of my people

P2b1b: So there shouldn’t be any enemies lurking around right?

P3b1a: I agree with what onee-sama said!

P3b1b: Our country is a country of high integrity, we always think of our people

P3b1c: The people also know it, so there are no rebels!!

p4b1a: Hey pea brain, what is it actually like?

P4b1b: You have been on an escort mission before right?

Page 4:
p1b1a: If by some chance there are rebels out there

P1b1b: Then they would instantly spot this carriage…

P1b2a: There is no one like that!!

P1b2b: I don’t think there’s anyone like that!!

P2bb1: They just wouldn’t listen…

P2bb2: Thank you for coming along with me onee-sama

P2bb3: No problem

P2b1a: Because of these blockhead sisters, I feel like I’m about to be in a pinch

P2b1b: In more than one meaning…

P3b1: A… quest?

Page 5:
p1b1: Please let me explain

P2b1a: This is a good chance to test Grace-sama’s strength after making a contract with a spirit

P2b1b: By giving her a quest

P2b1c: We can determine her ability

P2b1d: Based on her progress and results

P3b1: Can you give me more detail about this quest…

P3b2a: Near a village east of here

P3b2b: A nest of lizard man was found

P4b1: For the safety of the people living there, your mission is to investigate and subjugate them

P4bb1: What is a lizardman?

P5b1: How many lizardmen…?

P5b2: For more details, please read this document

P6b1: What about the time limit?

P6b2: Please read this document

Page 6:

P1b1: The start of the trip was fine but

P2b1: As a member of the royal family, how can one just camp with no pr-pr-preparations at all!!

P2b2: I didn’t think she would come along!!

P2b3: Onee-sama, please calm down-

P3b1: That kusoama is good for nothing besides complaining

P4b1: bwah

Page 7:
p2b1: Why did you do that! You pea brain shitty maid!!

P2b2: Damn, why couldn’t you just die already

P2b3: What is this little bitch thinking!!

P3b1: Dimwit, follow me, I have something to say

P4b1a: You behaved yourself in front of the blockhead sisters

P4b1b: So it’ll be pretty interesting for you to talk like that to them

P4b2a: are you an “idiot”?

P4b2b: As a maid, of course I wouldn’t use vulgar words to those two who I’ve pledged my loyalty to

P5b1a: …anyways

P5b1b: As far as I know, there are people who would oppose the Royal family

Page 8:
p1b1: I just knew it

P1b2a: …so?

P1b2b: You’re saying there are enemy countries?

P2b1a: There is no need to worry about those

P2b1b: But the enemies are not only from the outside…

P3b1: Hah?

P4b1a: …you’re saying they are also inside this country

P4b1b: If so then this carriage is no good

P4b1c: You should have noticed that before me!

P5b1a: It doesn’t matter if I noticed or not, I would still obey the two of them

P5b1b: I can’t go up against them

P5bb1: How could I not notice, are you an idiot?

Page 9:
p1b1: but tomorrow when we get closer to the village, we would need some camouflage…

P2b1: Should I just…leave this to the chibis?

P2bb1: They seems to be pretty confident…

P3b1: Ok, just leave the carriage to me! I’ll do something about it

P3b2: What? What can you even do…

P4b1a: C’mon

P4b1b: I have some really powerful allies with me

P4b2a: well

P4b2b: I’ll leave that to you

P5bb1: onee-sama-

Page 10:
p1bb1: I’ll prepare the meal right now so please wait a little

P1bb2: ok…

P1bb3: let me help you

P2b1a: now…

P2b1b: I’ll leave this to you guys ok?

Page 11:
p1b1: Unbelievable…

P1b2: This is just not right

P3b1: This is just not something one can do overnight!!

Page 12:

P1bb1: It’s physically impossible…

P1b1: …yeah

P2b1: Weren’t you the one making it!

P3b1a: Well it’s not really that hard

P3b1b: It seems that they also like it

P3bb1: It feels somewhat nicer than before…

P3bb2: You think so too, onee-sama?

P4b1a: Oh?

P4b1b: I can see the village

Page 13:
p1b1a: …even after talking to the village chief

P1b1b: It looks like we’re not able to gain anything outside of the document

P2b1a: In a cave on the mountain 1 hour away from here

P2b1b: There’s a nest of lizardmen

P3b1: Well first…

P3b2a: to get a better grasp on the situation

P3b2b: Shouldn’t we try heading there?

P3bb1: That document proves no use at all

P4b1: WAIT

P4bb1: huh?

Page 14:
p1b1a: Why aren’t you listening to the leader, me?

P1b1b: I mean I’m the one with the most experience right?

P2b1: What?

P2b2a: Even though she’s just a good for nothing blockhead

P2b2b: Now she’s fussing over being the leader?

P2bb1: I wanna punch that smug face!

P2bb2: Yes, first we need to carefully make a plan…

P3b1a: Amaris-sama

P3b1b: This quest was entrusted to Grace-sama so

P3b1c: I think Grace-sama should be the leader…

P4bb1: ez…

P4bb2: hmm

P4b1: um…that is true

P4b2: then…

Page 15:
p1b1: First let’s just head to the cave!

P2b1: …is that it?

P3b1a: There’s a bonfire there but

P3b1b: We don’t know how big that cave is or how many lizard man there are

Page 16:
p2b1a: !?

P2b1b: …wait wait!!

P3b1a: Huh? What is it?

P3b1b: You’re already scared?

P3b2: No no… What are you even doing?

P4b1a: What do you mean? We’re going to subjugate the lizard man?

P4b1b: Even Zero-san said in a fight the winner is the one who strikes first!!

P4b2: …you…

Page 17:
p1b1: Use your head a little!!

P2b1a: Striking first or not, you don’t even know how many enemies there are!

P2b1b: What does the document say!!

P2b2: It did say that…there are at least ten

P3b1: It’s just a light exercise

P3b2: I’ll take down 5, while you three deal with the remaining 4(*)

(*)TLN: I know 5+4=9 but she clearly said that line in the raw lol

Page 18:
p1b1: It’s a perfect plan!
p1bb1: What’s wrong with these people?

P1bb2: That’s a plan…?

P2b1a: These guys are truly all lost causes

P2b1b: How can you win by striking first if you don’t even know how big that cave is or how many enemies there are?

P2b2: Why are you talking to yourself?

P3b1a: This girl is just so dumb that I forgot

P3b1b: These three can’t see the chibis…

P4b1a: Huh?

P4b1b: They can’t see…?

Page 19:
p1b1: That’s right!!

P2b1: Hey, let’s just head back to the village and form a plan!

P3b1a: Hah?

P3b1b: Ok!

P4bb1: I’ll do as Grace-sama wants

P4b1: Why do I have to listen to you…

Page 20:

P1b1: What?

P2b1: It’s fine right? Let’s head back

P2b2: …ok


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