Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 1

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 1

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 1
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Page 1

You’re cornered, Lufasu !!

With this, your dominance comes to an end!

…You fools

It is YOUR end

…I was waiting for this

Eat this !!

Page 2

Now !!

Hyperspace Seal

Page 3


That was splendid, heroes

You did well in proving you could surpass me !

If it’s you, maybe you can win

Even against that Efreet !

Page 4

Aahhh ! I lost, I lost !

It will take some time before resurrecting

Damn… She held out till the end my Lufasu

That reversal skill at the end, so hax

Well then… Let’s see everyone’s reaction…


Crazy popular, huh

Me too, I got something out of that defeat

Page 5

Chapter 1 : Possession

Page 6



Page 7


A fantasy online game in another world called Midgard where there are swords and magic

Fighting with swords or magic, people blend in with each other due to the large diversity of races

A configuration of the world is easy enough to comprehend even for beginners

Started in 2027, this year will be its 6th anniversary

Page 8

The special feature of this game is  [War] system

A war needing consent of both parties

The defeated country will be absorbed by the winner

Which means the country… the powerful players are fighting and putting everything on the line

Another special feature

[Novel] system


I did that !




It’s a system where our actions are officially recognized and incorporated into History through short stories

Then the bigger events become turning points, and will officially change the story without any kind of payment

Page 9

Another charm of this game is the many options in character creation

This is what took me few hours to create, my avatar

Lufasu Mafaalu     Race : Angel

As I continued forging Lufasu on and on

The level of a variety of jobs kept raising up, I changed and tested out a lot of different jobs

Warrior 100, Sword Master 100 , Grappler 100, Monster Tamer 100, Alchemist 100, Ranger 100, Strider 100, Acolyte 100, Priest 50 …

I even bought items and took a side job in order to afford them

I would participate in every public special event

I always kept the top players rank

Soon after I created my country

Then by using the [War] system to my heart’s content, I invaded other countries

That’s right, I absorbed every powerful country thus creating a one country only era

Page 10

Being the first in History to manage the unification of Midgard, Lufasu

As I expected, I didn’t manage to become the subordinate of the official last boss Efreet but instead the free players aside, everyone became my citizens

It was greatly handled by the [Novel] system

There was no longer a player who didn’t know about my Lufasu

Lufasu-sama, you’re the best !

It’s fine if you’re the last boss

Wild last boss

Wild last boss hahaha


A wild Efreet-san ? LoL

Right now, Lufasu has raised to become a semi-official character

Page 11

But a problem occurred

Honestly, a one country era isn’t interesting at all, game wise

*Can’t use the [War] system anymore, *It’s hard for beginners to attain new power

Thus, I discussed with other high level players and it was decided that we will hold a big event

We created, with our hands, a turning point in History

We divided the forces in two, one side was the supreme ruler’s army lead by Lufasu and the other one was the army of the light, lead by the heroes

Leaving the official last boss behind, the greatest decisive battle with the supremacy of the game on the line took place

That was the outset leading to the battle

Page 12

As a result I lost

I mean, all the powerful players headed towards me

There’s no way I could win

That is the end of this event completing the story

It’s ok, let’s end this with that hahaha

It was a great last episode

Hey, don’t forget about that(lol) !

? Oh, the guy who Lufasu-san was talking about before dying

uhh… What was his name again ?

Obviously, the event was largely picked up by the novel system

Well then…

It’s quite late now, time to sleep

Page 13


If I remember correctly this is…

Why is she at the login screen ?

I shall offer you a new role

Do you accept ?

ID, Password, Login

Page 14

Goddess of creation, Arovinasu

A goddess of the world of Exgate who supposedly created the world, at least that’s the scenario

…This is an official message…?

As I thought that means that even the admins can’t ignore Lufasu, uh

Now Lufasu is in the same league as Efreet a great last boss character

Yesterday, after losing in such a dramatic way, simply logging in like nothing happened…

What are you doing ? Reviving like that !? I was thinking about that so it’s just perfect

I don’t know what kind of role I’ll have but

I’m up for it !

Page 15


Page 16



What’s that…?

I can hear voices…

Did the hero summoning succeed ?

No… it’s not…

That appearance…

that can’t be…

What are you talking about…

She was still alive…

We…made a terrible mistake…

The ritual of the hero’s descent…

Not only did we fail to summon a hero…

But we ended up releasing the seal of the supreme ruler… !!

Page 17

Page 18

That’s crazy

People I don’t know, are lowering their head to me

What is that… it startled me ?

What the hell is happening, how did this happen ?

My chest is awfully heavy

and my crotch is light…

and on my back something is…

…eh !?

Page 19

I… became Lufasu

No no no, that’s just wrong

I’m a man you know ?

Lufasu is a woman ok ?

“Instead of watching some dude, if I play as a cute girl, I’ll feel more motivated right ?”

Was that the dumb reason I used to make my character into a beauty ?

Page 20

What can I do if I become my character

I can’t look at her this way !!

First, let’s assert the situation…

That’s it, I’m gonna try asking those people over there

Page 21


Page 22


I don’t quite understand the situation but


someone give me an explanation ?

… hey !!

I understand that my voice changed but what is this useless arrogance in my tone !!

Page 23

Isn’t this the tone I used when I was role playing with Lufasu !!

What he actually meant, [Excuse me, I don’t quite understand the situation so could I ask someone to explain it to me ?]

What’s wrong children of people ?

Is there something wrong ?

Raise your head

Please, raise your head

How long do you plan on prostrating yourself like that ?

We won’t make any progress if you keep doing this

Page 24

Or is that common

Could that be a common

stance to take…

stance to take amongst you ?

In that case, I shall apologize for my lack of knowledge

If that’s the case, I apologize for my unconventional attitude

Page 25

Whatever I say, I’ll pressure them due to my haughtiness

What should I do…

Angel race, race skill


High charisma, a talent allowing you to control other beasts

A race skill that will prevent others from moving if their level is too low

This is probably active at the moment

I apologize, I completely forgot about this

Calm down, calm down, my [Overpowering]!

[Overpowering] Off. I said OFF, please !

Page 26


Suddenly, the atmosphere is…

This aura of the absolute being…

There’s no room for mistake, it’s the real one !

I really ended up reviving the supreme ruler…

Those ears… so you’re an elf

It seems like you know who I am

Well then, I shall have you give me an explanation concerning this situation


Page 27

Listening to what the shaking Mr. Elf managed to tell me

I can sum it in 3 points

– Even after 200 years, Efreet is so frightening they still haven’t killed him,

– I know, let’s summon a hero in the city of Exgate

– Hey wait, it’s not a hero but the Last boss who appeared… <– We are here

That’s so short…

But it still took him a few dozen minutes

As I thought this is inside the game

Plus, it’s the Midgard I know but 200 years in the future

Moreover, only the name of the city of Exgate is still the same, I was simply moved

The origin of the name of this world comes from the game Exgate Online, in this world magic is like a source of life!

But first, I have to decide on what I should do about this

Since I’ve appeared, Mr. Elf and the person looking like king have been trembling

Obviously by now, I’m starting to feel bad for them

It seems like me being here will only frighten them

I should hurry and declare that I won’t do any harm then leave

I see… I understand the situation

So Efreet is still going strong

That guy is pretty tough

Page 28

By the way, you can be at peace, after such a long time I don’t plan on doing anything to this world

This body which already tasted defeat is a body that’s stopped dreaming

It’s too late to think about achieving something

Those words, are they sincere !?


I lost, but I was completely satisfied by that fight

I’m still bothered by the fact the people who won against me couldn’t beat Efreet but…

Now, I’d rather go out, watch this world and feel its love

While I don’t know if Efreet-san will come out or not, I decided to pass the task onto the heroes

A king without subordinates

A completely empty throne

With this don’t you think it’s ridiculous to insist on my reign ?

Page 29

The me right now, isn’t the supreme ruler Lufasu

I’m nothing more than a girl who got her dreams crushed

That’s why you don’t need to be that worried, it’ll be bad for your health

Just forget about me and keep summoning heroes or whatever

Well, I’ll take my leave now

Page 30

If there’s an opportunity, we’ll meet again



Page 31



I’m flying !

I even know how to use my wings in order to fly


ahahahah !

Page 32

I don’t know why I came to this world but

I wonder what’s this feeling

Actually, I’ve been kind of excited by this situation

Of course I’d be, right ?

Page 33

In the world of the game I love, Exgate Online

Page 34

I became Lufasu, the character I put my heart and soul to create from the start, and now I’m able to walk in her shoes!

Game wise, there’s nothing more enjoyable than this

I want to look around this world !

Page 35

Hey wait, I’ll still look for a way to get back home though…

Well, where should I go first ?


I see

It’s still there

Sky tower, [Mafaalu], Lufasu’s base

It seems the first destination is decided

Page 36

Page 37

…It’s strange

it should be my first time seeing it in real life but I feel like I missed this place

At that time, everyone was here

We would discuss over how to make our influence stronger

Promising to hunt together or having fun talking about trivial stuff

Until late at night, we would merrily drink sake like idiots…

Page 38


Those memories are…?

Is someone there ?

…It’s weird

Page 39

Besides me, nobody should be here…

You are…

Page 40


Page 41

You are Lufasu Mafaalu-sama, aren’t you !

Who is this girl ?

Why is she here ?

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