Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 2

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 2
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Page 1

Lufasu-sama !

Aren’t you Lufasu Mafaalu-sama !?


are you ?

Page 2


You’re so cruel…

Did you forget about me !?

I am Diina your adviser !

I’ve always been here waiting for your return to this tower for 200 years!

An adviser? This girl, what is she saying ?

There was no Diina apart of my troops…

There was one!

Page 3

When I built this base, in the background there were various objects but

At some point, I had stationed an NPC girl

If I remember correctly, I got excited and I added a weird setting to her, something like “Lufasu’s adviser”

But I don’t have any memories of a humanoid object

To me she truly was just part of the “background”

But that girl was…

Page 4

The girl that I had forgotten actually had a will, a life and she spent all that time waiting for me ?

Page 5

…I must change the way I’m thinking

I need to be more assertive

Forgive me, Diina

To think I had forgotten someone like you, something must be wrong with me

Thank you for your services

Page 6

You did well in protecting this place while I was gone

I’m not worthy of such praise !

This world isn’t a game

Page 7

Lufasu-sama, how were you able to come back ?

The king of a country in the West wanted to summon a hero, but they made a mistake and ended up freeing me from hyperspace

That’s why I’m ignorant of the world in this age

Diina, could you tell me all about what happened after I left ?

As long as I can be useful to Lufasu-sama, you can ask me anything you want !

…First, about the obnoxious heroes who defeated you

Afterwards, each of the Seven Heroes, as they were called, decided to start their own country

Four of the Seven have already passed away from old age, but the other three have longer life spans and they’re still alive

The Seven Heroes…

In the game they were probably the seven players who, like me, were in the top rankings

… Could those heroes be players, like me ?

Efreet is still in good health even after

beating down those heroes

…Anything else ?

Page 8

The Twelve Stars of Heaven are all alive

It’s just that after your defeat… I was able to determine the location of only half of them

Eventually, two of them had joined Efreet to get revenge on the humans who defeated Lufasu-sama

Twelve Stars of Heaven

Their official name is the Supreme Ruler’s Twelve Stars of Heaven

The Twelve Stars of Heaven are NPCs that you could call friendly monsters

One of the classes that I mastered “Monster Tamer”

Has a skill that allows me to turn(fixed success rate) defeated monsters into allies

No matter how strong the monster is, you can take it in, however it’s an issue of life or death

I… was lucky

Page 9

Boss monsters that appeared only once in official events

High level monsters with an extremely low success rate to taming them

I, who had tamed them, got carried away and made the twelve especially strong ones generals under my direct supervision

Twelve Stars of Heaven wasn’t that the title I gave them during my chuunibyou(*Middle school second year syndrome) days

… Even if it’s my weak mind who brought this upon me

It’s quite a pathetic way to behave

I quickly need to scold them

To think those guys are causing troubles to this world… My stomach hurts

I thought that I wanted to look around the world but

finding an objective is just perfect

Page 10

I must find out if the three heroes are players like me

If the Twelve Stars of Heaven are acting stupid I will stop and recover them

For now, I will travel and use these steps as guidelines

From our position, the closest is the Suvell country

but inside is one of the seven heroes, Megrez

Then nearby inside the volcano is the Castle of the Dragon where one of the Twelve Stars of Heaven, [The Ram] Aries

Currently, Aries is continuously preparing the invasion of Suvell (After Suvell maybe ?)

In that case…

The next destination is decided

Page 11

I will depart now for Suvell

Please wait, Lufasu-sama !

If you want to recover all of the Twelve Stars of Heaven it will be a long journey

Are you saying you want to travel without any preparations ?

Lufasu-sama doesn’t have any money, right ?

Then don’t I just need to earn some ?

Honestly speaking, I must say it will be extremely difficult

Lufasu-sama, your face is too well-known

…We’re talking about 200 years ago

A world without photos, there shouldn’t be that many people who would remember me

Naive ! You’re too naive Lufasu-sama

Races like the Elves who have longer life spans even now, they still clearly remember Lufasu-sama

Especially those black wings !

Black wings are a taboo symbol among angels !

Oh right, that kind of story was in the original story

Even if one were to not know about you, you would stand out in a bad way !!

…Then what should I do ?

There is only one thing to do

Page 12

For someone like Lufasu-sama it will be an expeditious job

For that job, social status and background don’t matter



That’s right, Lufasu-sama

As adventurers, let’s complete requests to get rewards !

Page 13

Request : Orc extermination

Difficulty : ****

Reward : 1500 eru

Near the vicinity of the village, the orcs are building a nest, kidnapping young women, and taking our food. We are troubled because they are doing whatever they want. Please help us.

Page 14


In the game it was a very appreciated being, because upon killing one you had 3% chance to get [Orc meat] that increased your total HP


They’ve always had such an ugly appearance…

The Goddess must also be grieving for creating such failures

You have quite the sharp tongue…

Please, get rid of them quickly Lufasu-sama !

…Well then, I guess I’ll promptly destroy them

Since I was able to use the skill (Overpowering), I thought that maybe…

Then after checking it, I still had my stats and level

Page 15

[Lufasu Mafaalu]

Level : 1000, Race : Angel

Class level

Warrior, Sword master, Grappler, Champion, Monster tamer, Alchemist, Ranger, Strider, Acolyte, Priest, Esper


Head, Right arm, Left arm,

Torso :  Queen of Heaven’s dress – Nullification of any negative effects

– HP automatically regenerates

Legs : Swift horse’s boots – Increases your speed while moving on the field

Other : Cloak of the seven days – Reduce the damage by half of any attribute

Lufasu’s stats are at maximum like in the game

The problem is me

Will I be able to withstand the sight of blood ?

Can I kill monsters ?


Page 16

Alchemist skill                       +                     Esper Skill

Item creation                                                     Psychokinesis

Item creation, as the name suggests, is a skill that creates objects out of raw materials

The esper’s psychokinesis is a supernatural power

The compatibility of those two skills are extremely good


Page 17

I can even reproduce the [Item throwing] from an old and nationally popular RPG game

Page 18

Uwaa… That’s gross

This is definitely an +18 game

I was wondering how I would feel but it’s weird

The emotions within me aren’t really stirred one way or another…

Page 19

Ah no… They really are ugly…

They’re coming Lufasu-sama !

Lufasu-sama you should focus only on exterminating the orcs

Let me take care of all the cleanup !

I’m counting on you, Diina


I was cautious about what kind of attack would come at me but

in an instant I felt relieved



Way too slow

What the… are these lazy ass movements…

This moment, It was like the flies stopped moving

Those guys, are they messing around ?

Are they looking down on me ?

Page 22

Page 23

Page 24


Yo, I only slightly poked him !?

Hey, you went overboard, Lufasu-sama

Please restrain yourself a bit !

Forgive me Diina

It seems that after 200 years, my attacks were akin to bringing a gun to a knife fight…

This sensation

I mistook the dosage

Unbelievable… instantly…

what the heck happ…

Page 25

Just now, I understood…

What happened earlier was an overwhelming cheat of the time axis

What is this woman !?

I can’t see her m…

It’s not that the orcs are fragile and slow

it’s just I’m too strong and fast

page 26


Who are y…

Orc A and B appeared !

This isn’t even a fight anymore

In- Intruder…

A spy from that village…

Corpse candidates : Orc H, Orc I, Orc J appeared !

It’s just a guaranteed victory, a throwaway match

Page 27

You did well in reaching this place !

Me, the fourth emperor, the strongest…

Orc, The fourth emperor appeared


Even though it’s my first battle with this body



Spare my life…

Orc Lord appeared !

Page 28

I still haven’t carried out a [battle] with this body yet

Page 29

Were these the last Orcs ?

Most likely

Plus, the kidnapped women are deep inside the jail

They are all fine, they didn’t do anything to them

Page 30

Looks like this orc is a win

Orc fillets hold an effect that increases ones vitality

It is said that killing it without receiving any injuries gives you 3% of getting one

That’s what they meant by 3% in the game

I’ll prepare them so that Lufasu-sama can eat them later

Alright, wait a second please

This is…

My specialty, teleportation magic

Page 31

I will teleport all orc corpses to the tower

I’ll process them into meat and store them for later usage

I will dry the left over’s and sell them at the market as a way to make money

This adviser is capable to a stupendous degree

Page 32

Diina’s teleportation magic…

Lufasu-sama, let’s quickly go back to the village

…she left ?

That woman is a monster…

Black wings…

N…No way…

Stop your bad jokes

She was sealed 200 years ago you know !?

Leaving that aside, let’s call for reinforc…

um… ?


Furungnill’s arm

Page 33

This completes the request

But was there really the need to go that far ?

The orcs’ scent left behind would have called other orcs

That’s why I had to smash the cave

Page 34

This should be enough for a cleanup

Let’s head to the village Diina

Yes, Lufasu-sama

Thank you very much, for saving our village

Then, here is the reward of 1500 eru

Yes, certainly

We were able to exterminate them this time but…

It’s pointless if other monsters come

Hey ! You’re in front of our savior

But it’s true right ?

This village is poor, can we afford another request…

Page 35



This is impressive…

What a splendid golem !

I’m feeling a great power… !!

…A farewell gift

It’s my master’s kindness. Just use it as a divine protector please

Well, we will take our leave


Wait please !

From what I heard, you defeated the nest alone

You even made such a splendid golem

It’s not something an average adventurer could do !!

Page 36

Who are you…!?

With this, everything’s ready

Next stop, the country Suvell

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