Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 3

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 3

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 3
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Page 1

Diina, what is that light ?

It is mana

This ground has plenty of mana

It is also proof that we’re getting close to Suvell

By the way Lufasu-sama, are you ok ?

It’s no problem for me, actually It almost feels pleasant

The settings say that Angels hate mana after all



We can see it now!

Page 2

The country Suvell !!

Page 3

Chapter 3 : Interception

Suvell, the country built by one of the Seven Heroes, Megrez

Suvell is continually under invasion by one of the Twelve Stars of Heaven, Aries

Megrez, we hunted together a lot during the game…

To stop Aries and…

check if Megrez is a player like me

Those reasons are why I came here

Page 4

Major magic country, Suvell

Concentrating its efforts on magic and scholarship educations, aspiring Magicians and Scholars from all around the world gather here

About your future plans… where are we heading to first?

It’s obviously decided,

We are going to meet Megrez…

Is what I’d want to say but

Page 5

We will start heading there after gathering information

This country is popular among Scholars right ?

This world is the Midgard of 200 years later

There’s just that much I don’t know

Plus, there might be differences between the world out of the game and this one

Then, how about the library ?

I think that is the most suitable place in order to fill up Lufasu-sama’s lack of knowledge

Oh… That is convenient

Let’s look for the library then

The library ?

Is it your first time in this country ?

For the library you need to head in the direction of the East Area

The East area…?

Which means…?

Page 6

We are in the South Area so you’d need to go across the bridge on your right

I will guide you half-way there

Thank you very much

Let’s see…

Oh I forgot to introduce myself

I am Gants

I’m a mercenary protecting the borders

We are wandering merchants, my name is Diina

and this suspicious-looking person with a red mantle is my owner, Lufasu-sama

You have quite the weird appearance, huh…

I won’t pry into it any further but

Gants-san could you please tell us a bit more about this country ?

Oh, sure

Page 7

Suvell is a natural stronghold protected by a vast lake

First, this country is divided into 5 areas

Residential area

The second safest area where almost all the citizens live

(In the top left)Suvell’s map

(Middle)Royal Castle, Nobles’ area

Where nobles and royalty live

(Right)Scholars’ area

The core of this city where people, in pursuit of knowledge, are gathering

(Middle lower)Commerce area

The place you visited when you first entered the country

(Left)Industry area

Where artisans gather

Right now, we are in the south area, the Commerce area

The library you want to reach is in the east area, The Scholars’


A natural stronghold protected by a lake huh… but

What would you do if monsters that can fly and swim were to come  ?

That’s what you’d think but it’s not that easy to cross over the lake

Actually, you see…

Gants ! The break is over go back to your post !

Well, this it for me

Page 8

I hope our path will cross again !

What a frank man

A mercenary, huh…

Let’s see what he’s got

Skill : Observing eye

[Gants], level 82, Race: Human, Class level : Warrior 82, HP 6860, SP 476, STR 303, DEX 263, VIT 368, INT 99, AGI 245, MND 72, LUK 208

LOW !!!

Normally it’d be a novice warrior’s stats, you know !?

Diina, is he a novice mercenary ?

Page 9

Right now, compared to 200 years ago, the standard for fighting is much low


Just now, what…

I said, the standard for fighting is falling

For example, the Sword Saint… Who is said to be the most powerful swordsman, what level do you think he is ?

You’ll be surprised


There were a lot of high level players or even maxed levels like me in the game you know!?

You must be joking right ? There’s a limit to how low it can be !!

You see Lufasu-sama

The strange ones were the people from that generation


Think about it please

You only have one life

Being able to reach level 1000 without losing your life, that kind of monster usually doesn’t exist

The way to get there is by fighting every single day like a mad man

Without resting, to devote yourself to training, it’s barely enough to call it an act of madness…

It’s that generation of heroes who were doing things like rivaling warlords who were actually crazy


I understand…

As I thought, it’s very different from the world I know

It was achievable because it was a game

Even if the character dies we would resurrect without ourselves suffering even a single injury

Doing that kind of stuff, anybody in real life could do it

If it was this world…


It seems we have reached the library

Let’s go at once


Around here are books about me, huh


[History investigation, was Lufasu Mafaalu really evil ?][Lufasu Mafaalu the only supreme ruler in History who has managed to unite the entire world]

It might be perfect to learn about how I am perceived by the society

Esper’s telekinesis is very handy

[The Seven Heroes who cut down the black-winged Supreme Ruler]

[The glory and folly of the Seven Heroes]

Here are ones regarding the Seven Heroes indifferently

It looks like there’d be something here about the 200 years of history I’m looking for

[The climax and abasement of Humanity. Did Humanity make the wrong choice !?][Kill the Seven Heroes ! The historian William said it was Humanity’s biggest mistake]


Are these ok…?

This is the country built by one of the Seven Heroes

Won’t they be tried for putting a book criticizing them in such a place ?


Are you surprised ?

Actually , Lufasu-sama isn’t hated that much

True, it’s strange

I thought, I was treated as an evil ruler but

There actually are books which would treat me like this

That’s why as time flies by, the fear from that time will dilute

The people who were under control didn’t need to fear the demons

For that reason they are reconsidering their opinions

It wasn’t tyranny

That change of mind…

is definitely how the people think towards Lufasu…!

They are treating her like Napoleon or Oda Nobunaga


If you look into the history of Oda Nobunaga, he did some scary stuff but now people think he’s cool and became popular… this change of mind…

The author of this book definitely wasn’t an Elf


For now, I guess I will read this one

I think I’ll end up secluding myself for a while, what about you ?

Of course, I will accompany you

There are books I also want to read


Lufasu Mafaalu

The Angel who made her sudden apparition 200 years ago and in a blink of an eye united the entire world

The reason she decided to control the world is still a complete mystery

But as a matter of fact, we, humans, rejected her

Freeing ourselves from that control

Ironically, as a result we ended up pleasing the demons

The demon clan being rid of their biggest threat didn’t miss the opportunity and attacked


To fight against them, the Seven Heroes rose an army of novice warriors

But they had lost their union from when they fought against Lufasu and the battle ended up being a total defeat

60% of the world became the Demons’ territory. Humanity’s habitable zones were drastically reduced.

Right now, it equals to about 30% of the world, they are being cornered little by little

The Seven Heroes were reduced to 3, those 3 are narrowly maintaining an equilibrium but it wouldn’t be surprising if it were to crumble

A temporary peace

A peace on the surface of the ice

This world we’re living in, it wouldn’t be strange if it were to collapse

And even now we still haven’t found a way to break free from this situation



I understood that the situation was bad enough for them to want to summon a hero since Efreet is going strong

But normally you wouldn’t think the situation is this bad

Actually, how are they even maintaining an equilibrium ?

In the game we did it for fun but…


To think it would roll to such a super seriously bad direction…

Hmm an earthquake ?

Lufasu-sama, you sure are calm

It’s a common event for Japanese


Do you know how frequently earthquakes happen in this country ?


It rarely happens…

I gave the power to intentionally create earthquakes to him…

It might be a coincidence…

but if it isn’t, it means that he is coming

Lufasu-sama, you are probably right

In that direction…

I feel disturbances in the mana around the Commerce area


The place where Gants is…

Order ! All the mercenaries on standby…

Urgently arm yourselves and gather in front of the border

Captain !

Oh you came, Gants !

It seems this time the enemy is going all out, even “he” personally came

This is an impressive number

Are they telling us to push them back till the main army arrives from the castle ?

We don’t have any other choice, he even went to the trouble of greeting us and gave us time to prepare

That earthquake was meant to be a war declaration ?

You’re talking about the deceased Lufasu, who would always do a declaration of war when invading and never attacked by surprise, right ?

He only imitates his master in weird ways


ARIES…… !!


While the levels dropped considerably

They did well in enduring Aries’ invasions until now

One of the Supreme Ruler’s Twelve Stars of Heaven, [The Ram] Aries

If he kept his stats from the game then his level is…



Megrez-sama !

Megrez-sama ! It’s urgent !

Aries is personally leading the monsters for a general offensive, he came to wage war !

I beg of you, protect the country and us please!

He finally came…


Well then I will attack him with [Revia]

Alright, this method’s going to be a little rough…


Lufasu-sama, this is…?

Get on


I’ll launch this with psychokinesis

Huh, I think I might fall

Then, hold on to me


Let’s go !


Wait please, Lufasu-samaaa !!



Please, be in time …!

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