Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 4

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 4

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 4
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Page 1

Oh…a rainbow sheep, how unusual

… are you crying ?

What’s the point of those tears ?

Instead of lamenting over your fleeting self, repay your opponent with an arrow or something

Instead of using this time to sorrow about being robbed, you should give your best to steal back !

Page 2

…That’s right, sheep

As long as you’re alive, fight back with all of your strength

Come with me

I’m also inexperienced… to crunch everything, we’ll need more power

Then… let’s become stronger

Let’s dye this world with our colors under my rule

Become strong, Aries… together with me

Page 3

This was the first meeting of “The Twelve Stars of Heaven” Aries and the Black-winged Supreme Ruler

Chapter 4 : Clash

No matter how much time passes by, the colors of those important souvenirs will never fade

Page 4

The main army isn’t here yet !?

Page 5

If this goes on we won’t hold out!

Gants-san, known as the strongest mercenary, is…

It’s understandable, there are just too many monsters !

But, Captain if this goes on…!

If this goes on, we’ll be annihilated before the main army arrives !


My leg is…

Page 6

I’m done for… !!


Water …!?

Page 7

No way…

Did the guardian deity, Levia, move ?


I commend you for resisting so long

Page 8

Sage King, Megrez-sama !

Page 9

Megrez-sama personally came !

We’re saved !!

Page 10



Page 11

Exterminate all the monsters

Page 12

Page 13

Page 14

Megrez’s no joke

This isn’t of your doing, right ? Lufasu-sama

Indeed, it’s nothing other than splendid

Did he transmute an entire lake into a golem !?

In the game, It wasn’t possible to use the field in a transmutation

Observing Eye !

Level 500 and 180000 HP, is that a boss

[Guardian Deity Levia], Level 500, Race :  Artificial Life form

Against that, even if Aries shows up, unexpectedly Levia might end up winning

Aries’ attribute is fire

Page 15

On the other hand, Levia’s attribute is water

Even with the difference in levels, the superiority of the water attribute is huge

Moreover, another level 1000 like me, Megrez, came to hold him back

The issue of the battle has already been decided, huh

Just in case, I guess I’ll try to look at Megrez’s stats

But same level and above won’t be displayed

[Megrez], Level 500, Race : Elf, Class level,  Mage 100, Sorcerer 100,  Acolyte 100, Seeker 100, Alchemist 100, [BAD STATUS] Lower body paralysis, [BAD STATUS] Loser’s stigma

…Uh, it displayed

Actually, Megrez’s body has been weakened a lot

Half of his levels and his stats were reduced, plus several classes were deleted

Lower body paralysis, Loser’s stigma

He even has some weird debuffs ?

Page 16

Megrez has a weird debuff called [Loser’s stigma] but…

He has that kind of debuff ?

There was a rumor that he got cursed, so it was true

A curse ?

There was a rumor that after being defeated by Efreet, the Seven Heroes were cursed

I heard because of that, they’re in a state where they can only manifest half of their original strength

There wasn’t any troublesome curses like that in the game

…Which means that Levia really is the last line of defense

The current Megrez probably doesn’t have the strength to transmute Levia anymore

In other words, he needs to win against Aries without losing Levia, huh…

Please look, Lufasu-sama

Looks like he’s making his appearance

Page 17


Those flames are…

Don’t get hit by its vapor

Everyone, get behind me

That damn Aries… Does it want to vaporize the country with its people

Page 18

MESALTIM, just by touching it, it will inflict continuous damage, a skill received by Lufasu

Such a nuisance…

Tidal wave !!

Page 19


Even with that gigantic body, It jumped !?

Does it want to crash into Suvell

Levia !

Page 20

Page 21



It’s looking good…

Page 22

It’s looking good, Levia !

You can win!

You can win this fight !

Long live the Sage King !

Long live Levia the guardian deity !

It’s bad…

The water composing its body is getting vaporized

It can’t recover because of this…!

Page 23

That was its objective from the beginning !

Still, there’s no way we can pull out now

There’s something I must protect

That’s why the current powerless me has to keep relying on the strength of Levia, there’s no other way…

Forgive me… Levia…!

What do you think about this battle ? Lufasu-sama

…Concerning the attributes, Levia has the advantage

If we talk about this battle… then it’s Levia’s win

But right now, under the effect of Mesaltim, Levia’s max HP is being reduced

That’s probably Aries’ real objective

In the end, Levia will be the one to lose…

Page 24

In other words , this is a tactic focusing on the next battle

Weakening Levia to be superior afterwards

The plan is to allow the opponent to win this battle, in order to be the winner in the end

Aries most likely took how much he can fight into account before retreating

And Megrez can’t chase very far

[What if he’s luring me in, and while I’m gone other monsters come]

Wise Megrez will probably think that and be unable to move rashly

…It seems that Aries has become quite crafty

Lufasu-sama was the one to teach him how to fight like that right ?

That’s right in the game, I was the one who made him fight so cunningly

…game, huh

Page 25

Tamed monster would always stay and walk behind you

There were no conversations or a personality

Even though I’m his master, I didn’t understand anything about him

Rainbow sheep are supposed to like peace, monsters who wouldn’t even harm a human or an animal

But that Aries kept on invading repeatedly

Because I…

Because Lufasu was beaten by the Heroes

He is thinking about taking down my enemies for me

I at least understand that

That’s why…

Page 26

That’s exactly why

I have to stop him

Let’s go Diina

Hold onto me tightly

eh ?

No way… Do we jump down from here ?

You see any other way ?

Hyoeeeeeee !?

Page 27

I’m sorry Aries !

Unfortunately, it’s not my will to look for vengeance

and I don’t remember asking you to do anything of the sort

Page 28

Go cool your head down for a bit

Page 29

You dummy !

Page 30

Warrior’s skill,  Back Sword Strike, a skill made to go easy on someone, Hp cannot reach 0.

Page 31


Page 32

You’re having a hard fight

Sage King-dono


It must be fate that I stopped by this country

I shall give you a hand

Next time, the curtain will rise, Lufasu vs Aries the showdown…!!


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