Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 5

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 5

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Page 1

(Outside box) Stop the rampaging Aries!!

You’re having a hard fight

Sage King-dono

It must be fate that I stopped by this country…

I shall give you a hand.

That voice…

Impossible… It can’t be…!

You are Diina and Sufalu(*) !? *Note : Chapter 3; Introduced by Diina as Sufalu and not Lufasu

Oh, Gants, I’m glad you’re safe.


I’m going to ask Aries for forgiveness.

You’ll do well to follow me afterwards via teleportation.

Don’t tell me, you…



I will stop Aries alone.

Page 2

Wait, please.

There’s someone pulling the strings from behind.

That person instigated and used Aries’ desire for revenge.

… If you are

If you are the person I think you are, then I think I don’t need to say who though…

Be careful.

“Who are you talking about?”

is what I want to say but…

Page 3

I’ll gladly accept your warning.

(Black box) A strider skill which closes the distance between you and your enemy to 0.

(Outside box) Chapter 5 : Showdown

Page 4

When did I meet Aries for the first time, again?

At that time, I wasn’t at my max level.

It was when I had just started to be a tamer.

I was troubled because I didn’t know what to get for my first monster.

That’s when I met him by chance.

A rainbow sheep.

In the game, it’s a super super rare monster, with only one existing in the world

Somehow he wouldn’t flee,

and when I thought he was finally about to attack he had no power at all.

Honestly, a feeble sheep.

Still I… tried to capture him for some reason.

Page 5

A monster with a worrisome weakness, but he was my first one, so

I grew attached to him.

If you say you are a weak monster then,

I’ll make you into the strongest one.

As a result, he became strong enough that his weakness from before appeared to be a lie.

Even after I reached level 1000 he saved me many times over.

Now that I think about it, Aries is the one I’ve known the longest.

…That Aries is

… That crying sheep is…

Page 6

Crying sheep?

I don’t know about that kind of stuff.

It was the same when I arrived in this world the first day.

Unknown memories flowed in my mind the same way.


I do know.

Maybe this is…

This body… [Lufasu]’s memories.

Does it mean that Lufasu’s memories and mine are merging?

I don’t know about him, but Lufasu’s memories do.

Page 7

Then I don’t need to hesitate.

Mine and Lufasu’s intention are coinciding.

(Black box) Baa…!

Page 8

……Who are


Ah, he talked.

Oh, see Aries, you can properly talk.

… I shall answer your question.



This is [Overpowering]…

No way.

Page 9

You are…


Could you be…

Lufasu-sama… !?

Page 10



Lufasu-sama is


She is supposed to be…!

I won’t doubt at this point…!!

I am unmistakably Lufasu Mafaalu, herself.

…Shut up.

Page 11

Disappear, you damn phantom!!

Diina, stand back.

Yes! I wish you luck!

I am not a phantom nor a dream.

If you’re saying that you won’t believe it no matter what, then

…Let’s see.

What about testing it with our body?

Page 12

Come at me, Aries.

Page 13

How much did you grow these last 200 years? Test it against me.

At the same time, you’ll do well to understand the fact that

right now, in this place, I am unmistakably myself!

Page 14

Page 15

…This uplifting feeling

Page 16

Right now,

I’m clearly excited.

Finally, since coming to this world,

I can have a decent [Battle].

That hunch.

Page 17

It’s making my heart bounce.

Page 18

Page 19

Page 20


Page 21

You’re so cute

Take this!

Page 22

Page 23

Next, Aries

You don’t need to hold back.

Page 24

Come at me with your full power.

Page 25

…I see.

Those flames are at your maximum output.


Come at me Aries!

Your full power, I will block it all!

Page 26

Page 27

Page 28

Let’s see…

For the first time in a while I’m going to pat you.

200 years worth of patting!

Page 29

It’s not over!

Page 30

Page 31

Page 32

Even after all this, you still don’t believe me?



Page 33

Mine and Lufasu’s intention are coinciding.

I ended up losing control of myself and

knocking this idiot out.


In the same manner as that time.


Page 34

I just need to reach my hand out.

Page 35

come with me.

Page 36


Still not enough?

I might need to pet him a bit more…

Page 37


I’m sorryyy.

Wh- What!?


A girl is… from the sky?

Page 38


Her snot is on me!?

Aha, don’t cry, don’t cry.


Page 39



Rainbow shiny hair…

No way…

Page 40

Is this girl…



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