Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 6

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 6

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Page 1

(Outside the panels) Damn Mizaal… !

It happened during a chat with one of the seven heroes

A player of Mizaal

(First panel start)

(First chat box) I got the personification skill.  Everyone, what kind of design do you do for a monster’s humanoid form ?

(Second chat box) I didn’t take tamer

(Black Box) Personification skill, give human form to a pet monster, a flavor type of skill

(Second Panel start)

(First box) Actually, it’s already a weak rainbow sheep, if you pressure it and use your personification skill…

(Second box) I have a good idea. Let’s make it into a beautiful girl

(Third Box) Mizaal-san, Aries is a boy

(Third panel start)

(Big box) We are at the age of traps !

(Middle box) What- hahaha

(Last box) I have seen a lot of traps recently, but in the end that’s quite wrong, isn’t it ?

(Last panel)

(Last box) Ok, I’ll try

Page 2

Thus, I ended up leading astray the gender of Aries’ personified form

Chapter 6 : One hit

One of my mistakes, from a long time ago

Page 3

Well now… did you settle down ? Aries



Observing Eye !

[The Twelve Stars of Heaven], Level 800, Race : Rainbow sheep, Attribute : fire

…His level is the same as in game, 800

Which means that the setting where pet monsters can’t be higher level than their master is still ongoing

…Compared to what I remember, her power has increased a bit

If I remember right, her HP was at 68000

Page 4

This just means that he has been working hard these 200 years, huh

Let’s keep it brief

I’m currently on a trip to take back the Twelve Stars of Heaven


You’re the first one

I’ll ask it again, come with me

I won’t accept any objections

Page 5


I’m the first one again !

I’m so happy !

Page 6

Yes !

With pleasure !

Twelve Stars of Heaven [The Ram], Aries (♂), became a companion !!

Page 7

Let’s work hard together once again,  Lufasu-sama !


(Outside box) Yes, Yes

The person over there that I don’t recognize, I’m looking forward to working with you too !

Page 8

Aries-sama ?

Do you really not remember me ?

Really ?

Eh ? Were you there ?

Look ! Look clooosely, please remember

At the tower, I was always standing back behind Lufasu-sama, right ?


Ah !

Page 9

Could you be the person with a low-profile who blended in with the background  !?

So cruel !?

I’m so surprised ! So you were able to move from that place !

Am I some furniture or what !?

(Outside box) →Low-profile

Rather, you can even talk !

Lufasu-sama ! This child is saying horrible things with a cute face without remorse, you know !?

I also ended up asking Diina who she was after all


Diina has supported me a lot since I came back to this world

Don’t tease her too much

There’s no way I’d tease her

I just said what I thought…

That’s even more horrible !

Page 10

Poor Diina

Aries, I have something to ask you

Why did you invade Suvell ?


because I couldn’t forgive the humans who betrayed Lufasu-sama…

Lufasu-sama was dreaming of a world where there’d be no fear of demons

And yet, those humans trampled on your ideals and ruined everything

If Lufasu-sama had been here, we wouldn’t be in this situation

That war criminal was idolized as a hero and is living comfortably

Page 11

I couldn’t stand it and I couldn’t forgive him

Besides… I am indebted to Lufasu-sama

If I hadn’t met Lufasu-sama, by now I would be…

As I thought, Aries’ motive was her loyalty towards me, towards Lufasu

Actually, to think I was so loved by someone

I was surprised but I’m happy

There’s someone pulling the strings,

behind Aries

…Is that really all ?

Page 12




I’m sorry but, I’m not looking for vengeance

Though, you wanted to avenge me and I’m really glad about those feelings

I’m a happy person

That’s exactly why I can’t leave those, who tried to abuse those feelings, be

Page 13



A Demon from the Seven Luminaries*, he called himself Mars (*Note : The seven luminaries—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, each one representing a day of the week)

He came to me a few hundred years ago

Every day, day after day, he would whisper those things to me

Let’s defeat Suvell together and take revenge for your master

Seven Luminaries ?

I never heard that name before

Page 14

Let’s explain !

The Seven Luminaries, this is the name given to the 7 demon generals and

it started 80 years ago

Geil Volcano, A dormant volcano at the north of Suvell

If not counting Efreet and his son,

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that they are the strongest demons !

Page 15

Fufufu… Levia has drastically weakened

With this, Suvell will finally fall

Page 16

Rejoice, Efreet-sama

With this, one of those foolish heroes who rose against you will disappear

Demon     Seven Luminaries, Mars of [Fire]

Page 17

Finally… Finally, we have arrived to this point !

Thinking back on it, Megrez and Levia were too troublesome

I was lucky to find Aries while I was looking for a way to destroy them

The wavering Aries, after spending months and years, I finally managed to convince him and instigate his desire for revenge

It required much effort to urge him to fight against Suvell

That hardship will also finally be rewarded…!

Considering the all-out attack from the elites that I gathered and now Aries, then definitely

We’ll be able to force Suvell to fall and defeat one of the Seven Heroes

With that achievement, Efreet-sama should trust me more than anyone else from the Seven Luminaries

that’s how it was supposed to go but…

Aries…is late, huh

What is he doing…?

Page 18

What !?

What happened…!?

A human…!? No way…

Those are elite monsters,  you know !?

Page 19

Who are you…!?


You are one of the Seven Luminaries ?

Oh, there he is

Blue skin, plus the white and black in his eyes are reverse

There’s no doubt, he’s a demon

Rainbow hair…

Are you Aries !?

Page 20


What do you think you’re doing ?

Why are you together with a human ?

What about your grudge against them !?

Weren’t you going to defeat Suvell and avenge your master !?

Mars…Don’t misunderstand me

Even now, I can’t forgive the humans and I hate the Seven Heroes to the point that I want to kill them

Page 21

But who do you think will rejoice after I took my revenge ?

It won’t be Lufasu-sama, it will be you… the Demons

This is not Lufasu-sama’s ideal

Lufasu-sama doesn’t want that

Even though I knew that from the beginning, I got misled by you…

I won’t hesitate anymore

I won’t lend a hand to the Demons anymore ! I will stop you, here and now !

Page 22

Is that so…

I knew that it would come to this at some point

I knew from the beginning that you had doubts

If you had wanted it, you could have taken Suvell really quickly, but you’ve been hesitating for a few years now

One of the Twelve Stars of Heaven, Aries was my trump card against Levia so I patiently waited but

Now that it has come to this, you have no more use for me

Thanks for your work


Page 23

It’s regrettable but, it’d be best not to believe that you could survive after making yourself an enemy of the Demons

You’re turning against Efreet-sama after all !

Even if you’re one of the Twelve Stars of Heaven, you’re wounded due to your fight against Levia

Even I have a more than enough chance at winning !

I will personally dispose of both of you !

Leave this to m-…

Page 24

It looks like your wounds haven’t healed yet

I-…I’m fine

I’ll take responsibility for Mars and beat him !

Please, stand behind me


It’s cool to worry about your friend but

Can you win against me…

One of the Seven Luminaries ?

Page 25

Gaze at me and watch closely !

The secret ceremony of one of the Seven Luminaries

The Demon of ice and fire, Mars !

Page 26

Heaven’s Ice and Hell’s Fire fantasy

Flash Demon Sword !!!

Page 27

Those twin swords are my emblem

My limbs

My secrets

Behold, in my right hand is the sword of Hell

Its edge will cut through any flesh, its flame even burns out the soul


in my left hand is the sword of Ice

Coming from its swordsmanship, a cold from which nobody can run away, it sends back all hope to naught

Page 28

Combining the power of these two swords,  every enemy will turn to dust !

Page 29

Get caught by my special move and watch your dying moment ! I will beautifully rob your life… One attack from the God of Death… Your freedom was stolen…* (*Note : I can’t see all the words so I can’t translate it properly)

The fire of the God of Death will burn up everything mercilessly, but you don’t need to lament, suffering will only last one moment

You should thank me right ? “Aah, thank you for freeing me from this pain”, you should feel honored for getting killed by me

It’s time to open ! Well, now is the time for your punishment, Demons’ party, it’s curtain call for your life !

Page 30

Shut up

Page 31


Page 32






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