Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 7

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 7

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Page 1

This is one of the Seven Luminaries… Someone of his level is a general ?

From what I saw, he should be around level 300 though…

Which means that the quality of the demons also dropped


Humanity undoubtedly lost against the demons, although, they too had casualties…

On their side, they lost almost all of their powerful demons

Otherwise, the world would have fallen to ruin a while ago

Lufasu’s group

Place where Mars was sent flying to

Chapter 7 : Meeting

Page 2

One of my doubts has been cleared

Before, I thought [how are they even maintaining an equilibrium ?]

Now that I think about it, it was weird to think the demons’ military power stayed the same as before

If it was a battle where a large group of high level players were annihilated

Obviously, it would be weird if their side didn’t take heavy blows as well

…Hm ?

Could it mean that…?

Currently in this world…

Page 3

Only someone like Efreet-san can fight against me?

Page 4

So, I safely beat Aries

While I was at it, there was a guy hanging around, Mars from the Seven Luminaries was it ? He was irritating so I knocked him down.

So you can feel at ease


Our suffering from these last few years…

…I want to talk with you

Would you come to my residence?

Of course, the girl over there with the rainbow hair can come too


It’s fine, I won’t kill him but

I absolutely don’t want to apologize to a guy who betrayed Lufasu-sama

Page 5

Ooh, Megrez-sama !

We were worried, you know !

When you left on your own, we were worried about what could have happened…

We’re glad to see that you’re fine !



Page 6

Although Megrez-sama, pardon my saying but shouldn’t you be a bit more careful ?

Even if you’re retired, you and Levia are the assets of our country, you know

Sure enough, orcs in clothes have appeared ! Or so it feels like…

I agree

You are dozens of times more important than the people from the Commerce area

Really, we’re so glad you’re fine !

(Outside box) Ha Ha Ha Ha-

Indeed, this country still has a long way to go now

What do you think ? Pretty shocking right ?

Those are the top brass who’re supposed to protect the people

They can only think about their own safety and try to gain their superior’s favor

…Was it what you wanted to show me ?

Page 7


I wanted you to look at the proof of my error

After coming this far, it should be fine

Nobody is here besides me and no one is observing us

…would you show me your face ?

Page 8


As I thought, it was you…

Page 9


…Well then

This means that one of my objectives is achieved

(Outside box)Ba-dum Ba-dum

(Outside box) Ba-dum

(Outside box)Ba-dum


(Outside box) Ba-dum

It’s been a while

Now, to check whether or not he is the same as me, a player…

Please…! Be a fellow with the same circumstances… !

Megrez, my old friend

Page 10

Page 11

Page 12


This guy is different

I see… You are a resident of this world, huh


…I see, you too. You look at me with such eyes

That’s why you look at me with those eyes full of regret and fear

Page 13

If he was a player like me, he would know

The fight between Lufasu and the Seven Heroes happened under a mutual agreement

In conclusion, it wasn’t a betrayal

If he was like me in the inside, he wouldn’t look at me with such eyes

Only the residents of this world would look at me like that

…You’re not the Megrez I know, hah

This is a bit… No

Pretty depressing

Page 14


Why were you resuscitated in this world, now after so long ?

Was it to sneer at us, who fell so low ?

What’s going on ? This world’s Megrez is…

Your sworn enemy from the past was resuscitated you know ? It’s natural that you would feel hostility towards me

And yet…

Page 15

The books in the library which were criticizing the Seven Heroes

The people who were under your control didn’t need to fear the demons

… For that reason they are reconsidering their opinion

If Lufasu-sama had been here, we wouldn’t be in this situation

That war criminal was idolized as a hero and is living comfortably

Aries’ words

The nobles from before

Those are the top brass who are supposed to protect the people

I wanted you to look at the proof of my error

I see…

This is troublesome…

The reason you are looking at me with those eyes full of regret is…

This country’s library has gathered an awful lot of books criticizing the Seven Heroes

You’re the one who made them do that, right ?


Instead of praise, it seems to me that you’re looking for abusive words

Could it be that…

Page 16

You’re feeling responsible for allowing the demons’ invasion by defeating me ?


Your troublesome side hasn’t changed

It seems

It’s fine to feel proud if you win

However, you’re ashamed, scared, and regretful of your victory

Even though, you’re getting crushed by your guilty conscience, you can’t afford to express your regrets due to your position

Respect is nothing more than sharp blades

…Though, you know

Page 17

You should follow the path you think is right

At least, that’s the kind of man Megrez I know is

Moreover, even if I lost that battle and felt ashamed about it, I don’t have any regrets


Say, Lufasu…

Don’t you… have any grudge against us ?

At that time, you definitely had everything in your hands, the ideal situation

What ruined that, was our betrayal

…Don’t you think that’s detestable ?

Page 18

I don’t feel any hate nor do I feel anything

To me, that battle was in a game

So I didn’t actually experience it

What would Lufasu say ?

Here, surprisingly without thinking…

I’ll try to reply in my own way

The reason the people have revolted, is simply that I wasn’t worthy enough to be the leader

If you and the others were dissatisfied with me and stood up against me, it means that my abilities were lacking

I don’t have even a single reason to hate you

Page 19

Therefore, quit blaming yourself

Honestly, you’re so pitiful, I can’t look anymore

For the people of this country, you’re a hero

Page 20

Be straightforward

As you were 200 years ago

I think that

Elves are way too shut-in

They should look more at the world

They should turn their eyes towards the exterior

Page 21

That’s why, someday, I want to build a country where Elves can live proudly

Not deep inside a cramped forest,  but a more glorious and metropolitan country, I want to prove that the Elves can do it too if they try !!

Ohh ! You’re talking big !

You’re naive, Megrez !

If your dream is to build a country then my dream is to conquer the world !

I’ll build you an ideal country where there’s no need to fear the demons !

(Outside box) AHAHAHAHA


What’s so funny !?

No matter how you look at it, the conquest of the world is too big of a dream !

If you manage to do it, I’ll eat pasta in one go with my nose !

You said it Aliot ! It’s a promise, ok !

After conquering the world, I’ll definitely make you eat pasta with your nose !

Ah, hey !

Even you Megrez, don’t laugh !

Page 22

Page 23

I’ll try my best to follow your advice

…Thank you

Page 24

…As long as I have the material water, it’s an easy transmutation for me.

The Levia that Aries weakened should be all good now

I thank you

The current me can’t heal it back to full HP after all, even though it was reduced

Lufasu…what are you going to do now ?

Obviously, I’m going to take back all the Twelve Stars of Heaven


Then… What was it again ?

Next destination is the [Royal Tomb of the Black-wings]

The distance between here and there is around 500km

Twelve Stars of Heaven [The Scales] Libra is guarding it

…Judging from the name, it looks like my grave though

Page 25

It doesn’t look like it. It actually is Lufasu-sama’s grave

It was built around 190 years ago by the people who adored Lufasu-sama. It’s the largest building in the world with 108 layers.

Libra-sama is at the top, protecting relentlessly the weapons and the fortune you had before your death.

Oh…Libra is ? Hah

I heard rumors about her too

I heard she is disposing of anyone coming close to the top, no question asked

Is there a reason to plunder my grave ?

There is, that’s why it’s troublesome

The legendary weapons stored in your tomb veil the possibility of humanity’s comeback.

…It’s a shameless demand but

I’d like you to leave the weapons you think you won’t use in the tomb

…Well, if it’s that, I don’t mind

I’d like to give you something as an apology

Your present appearance makes it hard to move right ?

Page 26

Disguise set : Equipment ; – elegant glasses, -white tunic, -black slacks, -red cloak

Camouflage item(bandage) : Stealth magic, the rolled part becomes invisible, Lufasu hid her wings

What do you think, Megrez ? Does it suit me ?

(Outside box) Woww

…I’m thankful


Page 27

Thanks to Megrez, I’ve unexpectedly escaped from the self-restraining play

To be honest I didn’t think he would do so much for me

(Outside box) Thank you ! Megrez

Well then, it’s time for us to leave

Then, let me accompany you to the exit

Megrez… He seems very earnest so I guess he’ll still worry about it

But I want to think he feels a bit better now

If the winner’s like that then what am I, the loser, supposed to do…



Page 28

Have a good trip…

Page 29

That goes without saying

Eeh !?

You are that Sufalu !? The one with the suspicious red mantle !?

You were actually such a beauty !?

Don’t praise me, don’t praise me

I’m leaving this country so I thought I’d give you my regards

I see, you’re already leaving

Take care you two and that little girl over there too…

He’s a boy, you know

Seriously !?

Well goodbye then, Gants

If there’s an opportunity somewhere, let’s meet again !

Wait please !


Page 30


Nevermind, stay well !

Take care, ok !

Page 31

My goal is…

To gather the Twelve Stars of Heaven and ascertain whether or not the Seven Heroes are players like me

I managed to take back Aries, although, Megrez was… not a player

Two of the Seven Heroes are still alive

There’s still the possibility that those two come from my world

Now, the next destination is the [Royal Tomb of the Black-wings]

That’s right

My journey has just started

Page 32







Lufasu Mafaalu is…

The only person the demons fear has…

come back…

Page 33

Nigh-… It’s a nightmare…

Such a… Such a thing is…


You’re still alive,  I see

That’s bad you know

An actor has to properly leave the stage when their role is done

A declared dead chess piece, coming back alive in the future…

That kind of filler, nobody would profit from it


You are…!

Once your role is done, you leave

That’s the rule of the game

Page 34



Pitiful NPC


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