Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 8

Yasei no last boss ga arawareta Chapter 8

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Without is Serebanana

Gray is Flameshin


Pg 1

Starting the count.




Please wait, warrior of the 12 stars.


We have not come to fight!





Humanity is cornered by the demon tribe these years!










So we need the Black Wing’s inheritance for the victory of humanity!




Elimination conditions met——-


Sfx: shine (paa)


Selecting Program


Pg 2





Pg 3

Chapter 8 Exploration


Pg 4



Level 200

Race: Artificial Lifeform

HP: 12000

SP: 0

STR (attack power): 555

DEX (dexterity): 120

VIT (vitality): 658

INT (intelligence): 9

AGI (agility): 1020

MND (force of will): 75

LUK (good luck): 100



The wind feels good, doesn’t it.


I am grateful to Lufasu-sama for making such a comfortable golem!

It is incredibly pleasant!


Rather than a golem, this is a camping car, isn’t it.


Two days ago


Lufasu-sama, I have a proposal!


Pg 5

How about making a golem that will transport us!?

And we should add things like beds and a bath so we won’t have to sleep outdoors anymore!


What kind of golem is that


Didn’t you have teleportation magic?

If I remember right, we went to Suvell without using a horse and carriage…


Teleportation magic is basically used for one person only.


In the case where you transfer a living being, they might lose their consciousness and if there is a feeling of denial they might not return into existence, and failure is scary.


And well, there are various limitations, and…


In other words, it’s troublesome.


Well, we can try it…

Sfx: training…


Then, I will simply move and prepare the necessary furniture!



We will soon arrive at the designated place.


Thanks for your work, Tanaka.


Our next destination is [The Black Winged Royal Tomb].


It’s where one of the Twelve Heavenly Stars, Libra of the [Scales] is.


Pg 6 + pg 7 (It should be one page on raw.. if not please merge)


…Why is there a village surrounding my grave?
(first bubble bottom right)


Well, you can also call it a tourism spot after all…

(second bubble bottom right)


Lufasu and the others are aiming for this top floor.


No matter how much you attack it from the outside, not even one hole will open.


The Black Winged King’s Tomb

The highest difficulty dungeon to Midgards

Up 108 levels


Adventurers aiming to capture this Tomb gather here,

And because of that, merchants that want to get extra earnings also gathered, and it became something like a village in the way.


A great person’s grave is only worth as a tourism spot for the next generations after all.


… though,


Visiting my own grave is really a surreal situation.


Lufasu-sama, please leave it to me!


Pg 8



I’ll kick around those fools and show them!


How outrageous of them to gather in order to raid Lufasu-sama’s grave!


Stop that, you idiot.


Stop, Aries.


As you can see, here I am alive, so that is definitely not my grave.
And of course, I don’t care if that place gets raided.


If Lufasu-sama says so…


Pg 9



That was dangerous…

This guy… when it involves me, he’s really reckless...


Could it be the all of The Twelve Heavenly Stars are that kind of bunch?




Shall we get going to the entrance of the King’s Tomb?




Wah~ so crowded!




Something is wrong.


Excuse me, did something happen?




Pg 10

2 months ago, a special scout party that was dispatched by the country went in, but…


Today, we haven’t received their regular report yet.


Maybe something happened that just delayed their report?


It’s already been 5 hours, ya know? Yesterday, they said they’ll reach near top level, and will send a message when they’re close to capturing it …

They’ll contact us through that magic circle.


Come to think of it, 4 adventurers entered the King’s Tomb just before.


4 people huh… they’re being reckless.


What do you think? Lufasu-sama.


It’s likely they were done in by Libra.

There’s no doubt that she is on the top level.


I also think so.


Pg 11

When they reach the highest level, they’ll probably simultaneously be fired at by Brachium.


Libra huh…

For humanity as it is now to encounter that guy means death.


One of the Twelve Heavenly Stars, Libra of the [Scales].

The strongest golem ever in Exgate Online.


The base material was the “Selection Scales”, of which only one exists in the game.


Mizaal (deceased)

Dwarf of the Seven Heroes

Called the “Smith King”


The level 200 alchemist Mizaal transferred this and pulled it up to level 700.

In succession, I hammered in a quantity restriction level up item, and with good luck, 210 levels were added.


In other words, Libra is a super golem boasting a level of 910 made from a collaboration between me and Mizaal.


Boss (Scales of the Goddess)

The gatekeeper of the sanctuary where the Creation God Alovenus sits (the setting of the super difficult dungeon)


(From this point it’s Flameshin’s, editor do not print this note)

And if we talk about its fire power, it is the weakest between the Twelve Heavenly Stars…

Or that’s how it should be, like when it was a unique skill from a boss character where I obtained [Selection Scales]…



Unique Skill [Brachium]


Guard Skill Break, 100% Hit, Fixed 9999 Area Damage



It’s better than Aries who keeps attacking other nations, but…

I was a fool to even consider that…


I don’t know how difficult this dungeon is, but if that scout party was able to get into the top floor, they must be pretty good…


But with Libra standing alert in the top floor, I’m sure they won’t stand a chance…


Those excellent adventurers will only end up as new victims for Libra…


Then humanity’s minuscule strength will only decreased more!


So I will…


No, I need to stop Libra myself…



Okay, let’s go, girls!




Taking out Libra is impossible, but you can count on me to sweep the creeps!


W-wait a minute, lady!
Are you planning to go inside!? That’s suicidal!!


The scout party consisted of 50 people whose skill was highly recognized by the country, you know!?


And those guys didn’t even stand a chance!!


Thanks for your concern…


But you don’t need to worry…



So you can use Mesarthim like this
TLN: Prev TL used Mesaltim, when the twelve heavenly star skill should be based on the star’s name in 12 constellation, like brachium for libra





A golem, eh..?


And incidentally, this is one of the mass produced golems made by Lufasu-sama at the final battle with the 7 heroes


Those golems that remained after that final battle were kept in this Royal Tomb


I see, so this is my golem…
No wonder I didn’t feel any hostility toward us…


Even after 200 years have passed, you still hold me as your master, huh…


All golem’s AI was programed to see me, Aries and her peers as allies…



So this journey to the top floor will be fun I be…





W-w-wait a minute!


Timeout please..!!


Why only me!?


Save me, Lufasu-sama..!


I was suspicious back then when we faced Aries, but seriously…



Your presence is so weak that…


Don’t just stand there, please saaave meee..!!


Even a golem forgets about you, Diina..!?


Oh well…


I’ll save you now…



And you think I will let you do that, you lump of dirt!?


Are you okay?


Leave him to us, [The Hawk Eyes]!


We’ll beat that golem ourselves!
Let’s go, boys!!


4 men…
Are they the group they were talking about outside?





Level 35

Race: Human

Class Level

Light Warrior 35


HP: 2100

SP: 145

STR (attack power): 110

DEX (dexterity): 101

VIT (vitality): 90

INT (intelligence): 72

AGI (agility): 102

MND (force of will): 50

LUK (good luck): 62




Level 35

Race: Human

Class Level

Heavy Warrior 35


HP: 3090

SP: 130

STR (attack power): 142

DEX (dexterity): 80

VIT (vitality): 150

INT (intelligence): 50

AGI (agility): 72

MND (force of will): 42

LUK (good luck): 44




Level 38

Race: Human

Class Level

Light Warrior 38


HP: 2747

SP: 110

STR (attack power): 135

DEX (dexterity): 90

VIT (vitality): 95

INT (intelligence): 70

AGI (agility): 85

MND (force of will): 72

LUK (good luck): 31




Level 36

Race: Human

Class Level

Light Warrior 36


HP: 2110

SP: 156

STR (attack power): 120

DEX (dexterity): 115

VIT (vitality): 80

INT (intelligence): 82

AGI (agility): 70

MND (force of will): 45

LUK (good luck): 108



Mass Produced Type Golem

Level 150

Race: Artificial Lifeform

HP: 9100





Is shit…


With attacks like that, it’ll be faster for the golem to crush them with its fist before they actually beat it…






Leave this to me!







So amaaaaaaziiing!!
Little miss, how you did you do that!?


Calm down adventurer! Can’t you see you’re scaring Aries?


Ah… Sorry…




Aries is not a little miss, he is a BOY


I thought he was a cute little girl!


Ah, well, even if you didn’t exactly save us back there…
Thank you


I’m glad with just your good will…



Ah, We never introduced ourselves, right?

I’m Jean, and my adventurer’s class is warrior


I’m Richard


A Heavy Warrior, nice to meet you


I’m Nick the light warrior…
Sorry that our leader is bothering you…


Shuu the archer


If I look closely, they are mostly vanguard, eh…


I’m Sufalu, a wandering merchant
My class is… ranger


My name is Diina, a wandering merchant and a ranger too!


S-same here, Aries the wandering merchant…
A r-renjer..?*
*TLN: He has problem with saying ranger


What a badly balanced party you’ve got there…


Are you really okay?


A leader from a badly balanced full blown vanguard party just took pity on me…



Don’t worry, our levels are pretty high


Forcing things with levels, eh…


So in other words, a muscle brained party, despite your gorgeous appearance…


I don’t know why, but now I have the urge to throw an extra sized boomerang to that idiotic face of his…


Just worry about your party first, dude…


Seriously, did you show up here just to hinder us and increase my stress?


Then you must have difficulties with fighting from now on!


But don’t worry, because we’re going to accompany you from this point on!


Let’s stay together until the goal line, okay!


Uwaaaah, talk about unwanted help…



I don’t…


Pleased to work with you!


Me too!
Then, shall we go to the next floor?


Isn’t it okay, Lufasu-sama..? Let’s have some fun until we get to Libra-sama’s place!


Let’s just use what we can use. After all, it’s he himself that said he wanted to be with us…


You really are shrewd sometimes…



So basically you’re telling me to let them be a “tank”, huh…


Not a bad strategy, but it sure hurts my good conscience…
Let’s just pretend to beat monsters by cooperating with them, while I and Aries do all the actual work…



The Black Winged Royal Tomb
Floor 106


Wow, I didn’t expect to get here in just a few days!


Or maybe we are just that strong!?


Jean, don’t let your guard down


Okay okay…





Aren’t these… The scout party that we lost contact to a while ago..!?


Seems like they fought with that golem there…
And ended in a double KO…


Double KO..?

Don’t make me laugh.


Because what they faced was…


The highest level golem I’ve ever made…



Gate Keeper

Level 600

Race: Artificial Lifeform

HP: 0/45000
SP: 0


I bet they sacrificed their own lives so their friends can go to the highest floor …


But then, why is the golem dead too..?


I could only think of one possibility…

Golems have no way to recover their HP…



200 years of damage must have been accumulated inside him…

Humans… No, not just human, there must have been demon tribe attacks too…


He was protecting this empty grave, just like Libra…


For these guys’ sake too, we should hurry and reach the top floor!


You’re right… Let’s beat Libra and bring back the treasure to avenge their death!


I agree, this next battle will be a tribute for them!





I want you to stay here




Are you planning to go there yourself? That’s reckless, miss!


That’s the best solution…

No one here aside me can take Libra’s first attack and come out alive…


With her Brachium, even after blasting you guys 30 times, I’m sure she’ll still have energy to spare…


You… Just what are you..?


I know that I’m an idiot…


But I’m smart enough to see that your party has incredible power…


You crushed golems so they won’t fight us…
And you talked as though you know Libra personally… Just who are you really..?



And why should I answer you?




Stop it, Jean…


Let’s leave it to her…


Because our HP is not 10.000 either, we’ll wait here with them…
I wish you luck, Sufalu-sama


It’s really unfortunate that we can’t accompany Sufalu-sama…


I’ll be back soon…









Intruder confirmed…
Issuing warning…


So you’ve come…


You are advised to leave this area in 10 seconds…


Light brown hair adorned with hairband…


Refusing to obey…


A maid’s clothes that already torn here and there…


Or showing any hostile action…


Joints that have been exposed…


There’s no doubt…


P36 + P37 (in the raw it should one page if not please merge)

She is Libra..!!


The Twelve Heavenly Stars…
Libra of the [Scales]…


Will use force…



To remove Intruder


Next Chapter, a fight with Libra has started..!!


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