Yuusha no mago to maou no musume Chapter 2

Yuusha no mago to maou no musume Chapter 2

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Now, let’s look at the scripts in chapter 2
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Page 1:

I’ll make this into something Jan can eat

But first I need to check

What kind of meat this is…

Page 2+3:

Page 4:
…you’ve finally eaten it

Since you’ve put that in your mouth, you have to help us exterminate monsters


You’re including me right?

I’ve eaten a lot

Of course                                                       you need to pay back for the right amount

(can’t see the text)

Page 5:
Fighting monsters, risking my life for eating this…                                           what kind of punishment game is this?                                    I wouldn’t eat this even if you give me money…

Thanks goodness my stomach is empty

What do you mean punishment game?

She was eating it happily


Is that true?

Well…for me…just feeling the love from the person who made it is enough…

You’re lying, how can one feel anything but malice from that

No more like killing intention to be exact

What are you saying?

Page 6:

You’re the one…who roasted this meat?                                     I don’t know what’s the relationship between you two but                                   that human just ate it because she didn’t want to upset you

I can tell that much

…is that true?

I was really happy that you made it!

So it really wasn’t…delicious at all….


Page 7:
what’s wrong with these frogs…?

Don’t bully the princess

Go somewhere else!

An insolent little girl huh


Did…the frogs just talk…?

No way right…

Look like you don’t even have the power to understand monsters

Page 8:
Do you think a low rank devil like you can just                                                 eat my meat and then ran away…?

So big!!

Ah                                                       ah…

I’m gonna be eaten…

Page 9:

It would help having more people to exterminate monsters with us…

…So…                                               my cooking…


Without knowing that, I kept making food for that man…

What’s wrong!? Are you okay?

I believed when he said it was delicious…

Page 10:
…now that I remembered, there was a recipe for kids who hate eating monster’s meat

Hey you!

Go find me some magical pumpkins                                             I’ll definitely make you admit that my food is good!


Page 11:

After that                                           we followed frog-san to look for ingredients

Human…                                           there was no need for you to come along too

That frog is in charge of leading the way right…?

Page 12:
what…what now?                                        You were with that woman so this isn’t the first time you’ve seen a devil right?

Korone-chan                                     please just call me Sakurako


For me, I was saved by her before I met you guys                                  don’t you think someone who would help you while ignoring how dangerous it is…a great person?

She is just like a yuusha (hero)

Page 13:
Now as a yuusha                                          I also want to help Korone-chan


Doesn’t a yuusha kill devils…                              guh

Be quiet!

Page 14:
Could that be…what we’re looking for?

Magical pumpkin                                         an ingredient that can get rid of the monster meats bad taste and make it tender-

Page 15:
but they’re also monsters…

I thought we’re looking for vegetable but aren’t those monsters?                               And they seem to be quite ferocious…                                         we got tricked by that woman, let’s head back

I mean it was so suspicious that we don’t even know her name

Page 16:
c’mon we’re going back

I didn’t get tricked…

I will bring a magical pumpkin back

Page 17:
idiot…just walk away                                             even if you did get one, it wouldn’t have any meaning

I bet even the effect they have is a lie…

Korone-chan! Just be quiet already!!

I don’t want to hear you badmouthing her

Sfx: Growl

At a time like this?

No                                                       I don’t want to get smaller again

Page 18:

Sfx: growl

What….                                             I can’t do anything about being hungry ok…

Page 19:



I’m gonna get their attention                                              so you should…

She’s gone!

Page 20:
don’t think badly of me human…                                     it’s your fault for trusting a devil

What should I do now…                                         at least eating that horrible meat is better than dying…                                                            but if only us return then that woman…will get angry for sure

You…you’re still okay!?

Hurry up! They’re catching up you know

Page 21:


They’re already behind me!?

You’re supposed to protect me right? Then become a shield and stop them

I’ve finished our objective so now let’s just run!

This is a pretty interesting view…

Page 22:
Korone, how long have I been out for?

You’ve finally woken up-


Look above you!!

I don’t really understand but…

Page 23:
I just need to get rid of these things right?


Page 24:


He’s not missing at all!

If we’re talking about a gun fight, no one can beat Jan…                                 he is a really reliable man

Page 25:
Korone-chan showed a very prideful face when talking about Jan-san

Jan-san is looking for the maou’s heritage as an adventurer with Korone-chan

He has a habit of dropping stuff, so he lost the bag with all his money and food

After 2 days of searching for food inside the forest, with an empty stomach having drawn by the smell of roast meat, he met us for the first time


Save me…


Are you okay…

(sfx: boing)(TLN: this is so funny, just gotta put it in)

Page 26:
Why are you in such a hurry?



You’ve come to help us!!

Stop hugging me…


Page 27:
they stopped moving…?

The same smell as the maou…

She’s the maou’s descendant…

Look they’re running away

Don’t tell me those eerie monsters are…

Page 28:
yes, they’re magical pumpkins

Oh it’s a great honor for me to be able to meet                           the maou’s descendant…

Are…are you okay?

Page 29:

Let’s start a fire


Dakuneria-sama                                           I’m sorry for my rudeness

Because I took a deadly hit from that human, I can’t live for long

At first I thought it was just a preference of the person who cooked it but to think it was a monster…

If I’m gonna be eaten by the princess then I have no regret but                                               before I die, can I ask for a favor from your highness…?

If it’s something I can do then…

Page 30:

Close your eyes…


What is it…?

Page 31:
is that enough…

To think someone like me would get to taste the princess                                it was moist and so soft

Eh                               what?                                      What just happened?

Hey the fire’s ready, what’s next?

To think a low rank devil like you will get to eat me, you should show some gratitude toward the princess

Ah                                           princess please just put me down there

Like this


Page 32:
first cut my forehead

Cut his forehead


Sfx: cut

It hurts…it hurts…                                       Stop…that is where…

Princeeess, are you looking at my bravery…!

Stop struggling

(mấy cái chữ nhỏ là “gya”, “maa”, nhưng t k đọc đc chữ kanji)

I’m holding it so please continue

To think hearing ingredients talk would ruin my mood this much…

Wah…                                                it’s so sticky

Next…put me on the campfire…

Put him on the campfire…

Page 33:



Prin…cess…                                     now

Please…put…the…meat in…

It’s boiling, I’ll put the meat in


Rest in peace…

Page 34:
Oh it’s pretty good

It smells great

What should we do if your stomach growls again?

Ah I want a cute little sister like this-

It hurt…

Let me just say this                                                  but I’m a lot older than you

Eh really?

…and                                                 this is for Jan and me, you’re not getting any


Surely an older sister can do that much for her younger sister?

I’m sorry                                            please give me some onee-chan!

Page 35:
To think she can make a face like that to another human besides me…                                             I’ve heard that the yuusha lineage…is scary but

You can say rumors aren’t always right

…What are you hinting at?

No, it’s just…                                                           when you go around here and there, you’ll hear lots of rumors

Jan, it’s finished

Page 36:
This sweet smell of soup and meat…

I’m looking forward to this

You’re really not gonna eat?

I’m fine…

After hearing him screaming in agony, I lost my appetite…

This looks delicious


Page 37:
Then I’ll try it now…

Thanks for the food

I’ve tried the soup but I’m still too scared to try out the meat…

Did it really get rid of that horrible taste from the meat?

How does it taste?

Page 38:
This…this is…

My body is getting hotter…                                   how should I explain it…


I…I can’t explain it…but it’s…really good…

She looks pretty erotic…

Page 39:
Let’s just try a bite                                                   at least I won’t die…

What is this…I can’t understand but I can’t stop

Yes no matter how much you eat

Is monster’s meat really that delicious?

Page 40:
the two girls have been charmed by the mana inside the meat

It’s not bad but also not good…

The magical pumpkin has helped a lot in making it easier to eat

They’re eating a lot…

Beings with mana who eat our meat can temporarily increase their power

This is the first time they’ve experience this so they’re just surprised                                               and to be honest they haven’t even noticed it yet

Page 41:
Hm~ it feel like I’m stuffed from the inside                                            this…might become a bad habit-

I would say now is the time to subjugate monsters

Just head east from here, you’ll see a ghost town                                               a lot of my kids have headed there to play but none of them have returned

It’s a town with no one in it but my kids have gone missing, so it can only be the work of monsters

Page 42:
please don’t let the meat I gave you be a waste

Ever since we entered this town…

Every time I thought I saw someone… but

They’re all puppets

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